AMC Update Wednesday 12/4/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 12/4/02

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Trey visits Kendall; he is angry at her for messing around with J.R.  She is annoyed that he found out from Bianca's blabbing.

J.R. meets with Laurie and apologizes for offending her.  He gives her a gift: an MP3 player with all of her favorite songs.

Bianca visits Greenlee.  Greenlee asks if Leo sent her, too, so Bianca doesn't know what she means.  Greenlee explains that David and Trey have been bugging her to get up out of bed and go on with her life.  Bianca says she didn't come by to check up on her but to offer her a job.

Chris has been showing Erica around his favorite places in New York.  He brings her to a bridal shop; he is very close to the women who run it.  He wants her to buy a wedding gown there.

Dr. Rodriguez tells Jake that Mia is not responding well to the drugs.  

Liza talks to Mia, who is sleeping in bed.  Mia has a nightmare and yells, "Don't push me!", which upsets Liza.

Stuart and Marian chat at the Chandler mansion.  He doesn't understand what happened to Mia that night; why she was in the attic.  He says he was outside and driving up when he heard the crash and looked up, and there was a woman there.  Marian tries to tell him that he was mistaken.  He sees the dresses that Marian is going to take back to the costume shop and recognizes the one Liza was wearing.  He says she's the one that was in the window.

Mia asks Liza how she could have pushed her.  She's drugged and not very coherent.  Liza tells her that she's going to be okay.

Jake doesn't understand why Dr. Rodriguez is telling him that Mia's not okay because he thought she was in the clear.  They discuss the medical details of her case.  They decide to wait and see what happens with her before they decide whether she should have another operation or not.

Mia's monitor beeps and Jake comes rushing in.  Liza asks fearfully what's going on.

Trey tells Kendall that it was Maggie that told him about J.R., not Bianca.  They argue.  Kendall finally admits that nothing happened and Bianca misunderstood what she saw.  He believes her.  He says he's worried about her because things have not been going well for her lately.  She is defensive so he reminds her that they agreed to watch out for each other.  She assures him that her life is fine.

Bianca offers Greenlee a job in the "youth marketing division".  Greenlee is suspicious of the offer.  Bianca needs her because she has a lot of responsibility resting on her shoulders because of Erica.  Greenlee wonders if they can work together but then accepts the job.  Bianca is happy about it.  Greenlee can't believe that Erica would rehire her.  Bianca says she hasn't asked her yet but she is sure that she will agree.  Greenlee suspiciously asks if she's just being nice to her because of Leo.  Bianca protests that she really needs her, but Greenlee doesn't buy it.  She says she's nobody's charity case.

Kendall and Trey continue to argue about how messed up her life is.  Trey wonders if Kendall will end up sleeping with J.R., even though she doesn't plan to.  She looks guilty.

Laurie is impressed that J.R. put so much work into inputting her songs and making her a playlist, but she can't accept his expensive gift.  She tells him that he has to learn not buy his friends.

Chris' friends Loretta and Fran are thrilled that Erica is in their store.  They get together to get some dresses for Erica to try on.  Fran mentions sequins, much to Erica's dismay.  After the two women leave the room, Erica tells Chris that this is not going to work out.

Jake tells Liza that the infection is serious and spreading.  They worry about Mia and discuss her case.  Jake woefully says that just yesterday they were planning their life together.  He doesn't understand why she fell out of the window.  Liza looks guilty.

Stuart questions Marian about whether Liza was in the attice; she is reluctant to give him details but finally admits that she accidentally pushed Mia out of the window.  Stuart can't understand why Liza didn't admit it, if it was an accident.

Jake blames himself for not being at the party as Liza consoles him.  He gets paged away and she beats herself up some more.

Erica reminds Chris that she's already working with Pascal, the designer.  Chris knows that if she gets a dress from him, it will be six months before they walk down the aisle.  Erica says maybe they should move it to June.  Chris thinks she's stalling because she doesn't want to marry him.

Greenlee won't hear Bianca explain that she isn't just trying to hire her out of pity.  Greenlee insults her and then throws her out.  Greenlee then gets an idea.

Trey changes tactics and suggests Kendall get a job, like working with Greenlee.  She says no way and calls Greenlee a "skank".  He tells her they'd make a great team but she doesn't agree.  She thanks him for caring, though, and agrees to keep her hands off of J.R.  They make plans to meet later for lunch and he leaves.

Laurie says she couldn't explain this gift to her father.  They bicker some more. 

Erica can't imagine why Chris would think she doesn't want to marry him.  He knows that she's made other plans for Christmas and hasn't bothered to tell him.  She was just waiting for the right moment.  She was afraid he's think she was overdoing the whole wedding. He thought that if they came there, he could talk her into stopping at  Justice of the Peace on the way home.  She wants a big wedding, she explains, so that she can share with the whole world how much she loves him.  He understands.  Then he asks how he's going to break it to his friends.  She says it's okay, she will enjoy playing dressup there.  He's happy to hear it.

Liza talks to Mia, telling her how much she had wanted a little sister.  She apologizes for all the pain she causes her.  Mia, delirious, asks for help and says, "mama".

Marian explains to Stuart that Liza thought Mia and Adam were having an affair.  Stuart chastises Marian for telling Liza to lie about what happened.  She fears that Adam could use this against her and get custody of Colby.  She begs him to keep the secret but he wants to talk to Liza first.

Trey visits Greenlee, who had left him a message.  She is excited about her new idea and wants his help.  She asks if he's ever handled a commercial real estate deal.  He reminds her that he's on suspension.  She says they'll work around that.  He wants to know what her idea is.  Greenlee says she has an idea that will put Erica and "Binky" out of business.

Kendall runs into J.R., who is depressed, and asks if he shouldn't be in school.

Liza pleads with Mia to get better and says they all love her and need her.  She begs her not to leave.

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