AMC Update Tuesday 12/3/02

All My Children Update Tuesday 12/3/02

By Shana
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall strikes out when Bianca walks in on her and JR. She uses Bianca's sexuality against her, and tells her she is jealous. Bianca calls Kendall a cradle robber and tells her it isn't right that she sleeps with every man in town. When she leaves, JR asks Kendall why she didn't tell Bianca that they didn't sleep together. Kendall tells him it was none of her business, and Bianca should stay out of her life. JR turns to leave when Kendall makes a rude comment, but she convinces him to stay. She tells him that Bianca is just jealous and she didn't say they did or didn't sleep together...and they know the truth. That's all that counts.

JR tells Kendall about how Bianca walked in on him and Frankie fooling around the night Frankie died. Kendall reassured him that the only thing that Bianca was upset about at that time was that they were together. JR tells Kendall how much he cares about her, and that it doesn't matter though that he is still her friend. Kendall tells him it does matter and he matters more to her then he knows. But they shouldn't make anything out of the two of them. She doesn't know what to call them, but she says they should just be friends.

Jake sadly watches over a non-responding Mia. He walks out, telling Liza and the others how she is getting worse. David goes off to find more Information, and Jake hesitates to speak when asked if Mia will make it through. Later, he goes to work on her tests. Liza talks with her mother about how badly she wants to confess, and how awful she felt about assuming Mia and Adam were having an affair. Her mother keeps telling her that she tripped and fell against Mia and it wasn't her fault. Liza wont listen. She wants to confess, but her mother keeps bringing up Colby being taken away in those circumstances.

Later, Jake asks to be alone with Liza. He tells her that Mia's white blood cell count is very low, that the infection is an aggressive infection, and he just doesn't know what could happen...anything could happen. Jake tells Liza he wants to find out why Mia fell. Liza tells him he should blame her and rambles on. But Jake blames the seamstress who made the dress, or even Brooke. Liza goes in and sits with Mia and tells her how much she loves her and how sorry she is. Adam walks in and has found out nothing. Liza asks if Mia can come home with them when she is ready, so Liza can take care of her. Adam says he doesn't mind. It will be great. They will get her all the help she needs. Liza cries and Adam leaves.

David tells Maria he can help her with her memory, that his drug could help, if she backs off and stops helping the authorities. Edmund pushes David and says he should kill him right then for saying that he could help when he is the one who caused it. David keeps persisting, but Maria won't budge. She tells him she would rather die than be played by him again. David Leaves, feeling defeated. When he leaves, Edmund asks what Maria wants. She says she wants her memory back. But trusting David, and maybe getting hurt again, and forgetting everything again, isn't worth it.

As Anna is getting ready to leave, Jackson comes in, wanting to talk. He says it's personal, not about David. He tells Anna he has feelings for her. And she has more options then David. He wants her child to be happy and safe.

Anna thanks him for his kind thoughts but tells him she is with David and is trying to give him her everything and that Jackson is the best father she has ever met, but she can't leave David. Jackson is slightly hurt, but he leaves the welcome mat out for her and tells her she has a place to go to if she leaves David. David walks in. "What? What what what what what?!" are his words. Jackson informs him that nothing is wrong, he just came by to visit Anna.

When Jackson leaves Anna tells David the doctor called. The baby is Perfect, and it's a girl.

Bianca is in the boathouse letting off steam when Maggie comes up. She asks what's wrong. Bianca tells her the whole deal about JR and Kendall and wanting the confession from Trey, so Erica might move on and be happy.

Bianca says that Kendall is right. She is jealous--jealous of everyone who can feel what they want, and she feels as if someone is standing on her throat to keep her from feeling happy. Bianca asks what she is so afraid of. Maggie tells her its getting close to people and being burned. Bianca says that is too easy, but Maggie changes her mind by bringing up how she knows Bianca can't stand to look at her or hear her without thinking of Frankie. Bianca says she misses Frankie so much it hurts. Maggie agrees.

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