AMC Update Monday 12/2/02

All My Children Update Monday 12/2/02

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita


JR sees Laurie at school and sneaks up behind her and kisses her. Laurie is not happy and tells him to leave her alone. He doesn't understand what's wrong. She tells him that because of him, she was fired from her job. She is angry that he didn't call her after the party to see how she was doing. JR explains the trouble at the party, how Jamie got drunk and exposed his mother's affair and how Mia fell out the window. He says he didn't feel like talking to anyone after that. Laurie asks if that's why he's been skipping school. JR says he didn't want to hear talk. So he ditched school because he was afraid of gossip, she asks him? She tells him sarcastically that he doesn't have to worry about his grades because his father will get him into any school he wants. She tells him he doesn't live in the real world. JR says he just wants to help her. And he wants them to get close again. He starts to kiss her when she sees a janitor walk by. Flustered, she walks off. Later, Laurie is looking at a picture of her and JR inside her locker. Joanie approaches her and tells her what a hottie JR is. Joanie tells Laurie that her parents won't let her see Jamie, and she really misses him. The janitor approaches them and tells Laurie that he can put that young man in his place. Laurie tells the man to leave him alone. Joanie asks Laurie who this man is who is talking to her like that. Laurie won't answer, just saying she wants to get out of there. 

Kendall is in her room making her bed when Aidan comes to the door and invites her to lunch. They talk about the nice time they had on Thanksgiving. Kendall goes to get ready for lunch when the phone rings. She asks Aidan to take a message. He tells her the caller wants her to know that the charges she filed against Erica have been dropped. Aidan can't understand why Kendall had Erica arrested. Kendall explains that Erica broke into her room. Aidan asks her why she had the charges dropped. What's in it for her? They argue about her involvement with Erica and her continued interest in Ryan. Kendall tells Aidan that she did not take Erica up on her offer to lead her to Ryan if she turned in her brother. Aidan says he suspects it's just because she didn't want to give Erica the satisfaction of going along with her. Aidan is disgusted and starts to leave. Kendall dares him to leave. She tells him he is judging her just like Ryan did. He walks out and she starts to cry. She becomes hysterical, crying that everyone keeps walking out on her. There is a knock on the door. It is JR. He asks why she is crying, but Kendall doesn't want to say. He says he went to the Pine Cone looking for Ryan to talk to him about his troubles, then remembered Ryan left town. He says he came looking for Kendall because she is the closest thing to Ryan he could find. Kendall asks him what he wanted to talk about. He says it's trouble with a girl. He says he doesn't understand why this girl keeps pushing him away. Kendall says it's because the girl is an idiot. She says no one in their right mind would push him away. JR reminds her that she did after they kissed. He asks her if she ever thinks about their kiss. Kendall says she has, but they must remain friends only. JR asks if it's because he's underage, and Kendall says she doesn't want to go to jail. She tries to steer the topic back toward his girl problems, but JR says he doesn't even remember the name of the girl now that he's with her. He gets close to her and kisses her. Soon, they are kissing passionately. 

Erica and Chris arrive home from the jail. Erica is still upset with Kendall for filing charges against her. She says she's going to find Kendall and make her life miserable. Chris tries to calm her down, but she won't listen. Frustrated, he says they might as well cancel their wedding so she can plan Kendall's funeral. Erica is taken aback by his remark. Chris says thoughts of revenge keep filling Erica's mind and he wants her to forget about Kendall. After everything Kendall's done to her? How can she forget, she asks him. Does he also want her to forget about Trey, who burned her house down? Chris says he does want that. Erica says she wants the signed confession that Trey made. Chris says even if Erica found it in Kendall's apartment, it would not be admissible in court because it would have been obtained illegally. He tells her if she doesn't trust him and give up on her revenge, their relationship won't make it. Bianca, who has entered the room, also encourages Erica to forget about Kendall. Erica tells Bianca that if she forgot Kendall and Kendall did anything to hurt her, she would never forgive herself. Bianca says Kendall is out of her thoughts and she wants the same for Erica. Erica promises to forget about Kendall. Chris asks Erica to dinner. Erica asks Bianca to join them, but Bianca says she has to go to a study group and leaves. As Erica and Chris leave for dinner, Erica says she will never seek revenge against Kendall again. The next minute, she is talking about getting even with Kendall. When Chris slams the door on her, Erica opens it and promises to zip her lip. 

Bianca calls Kendall's room, but there is no answer, so she decides it's safe to go there. When she arrives, she manages to unlock the door with a credit card. Once inside, she sees Kendall sitting on a couch with her blouse unbuttoned. JR walks out of the next room with his shirt off. 

Edmund makes a call to delay the printing of the invitations for the Crystal Ball. He's not sure if he's even going to have the ball. Maria comes in after taking a ride on a horse. She says she was hoping the ride would spark her memory, but it did not. Maddie approaches and jumps into Maria's arms. She is so happy she was there for Thanksgiving. She now wants her to stay till Christmas, and then the Crystal Ball. Edmund angrily tells Maddie to be quiet. Maria chastises Edmund for his comment to Maddie. They quickly apologize to each other, and Edmund explains to Maddie that her mother may not be ready for all of this. Maria tells Maddie that her father is being a gentleman. He doesn't want to push her into remembering things when she cannot. She asks Maddie to tell her about the Crystal Ball. Maddie describes the ball, and asks her mother to attend. She says this year will be different, because no one will miss her anymore. Maria says she will be at the ball with bells on. After Maddie leaves the room, Edmund tells her he is considering canceling the ball, but Maria says he should not do that. She says maybe it will help her remember things. She says she wants to get those old feelings back and she will never forgive David for ripping them from her life. Just then, David comes to the door. He is greeted coldly by Edmund and Maria, but he says he has come to help Maria. They reluctantly let him in. He tells them that if his drug caused her memory loss, further research may allow him to help her get her memory back. "There's a chance I could give you back your life," he says.

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