AMC Update Thursday 11/28/02

All My Children Update Thursday 11/28/02

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita


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Just a short update from memory.  Kendall tells Trey and Aidan that she's really happy to be spending Thanksgiving with family this year.  Trey knows that her happiness stems from Erica being in jail.  Anna, Maggie, and Mary (Greenlee's mom) also arrive. Everyone wonders where David and Greenlee are. 

David tracks down Greenlee at the boat house to talk her into getting on with her life.  They have a deep discussion about life after Leo and then she finally agrees to go home.  When Greenlee and David go back to her place, they find the whole gang there waiting for them.  Greenlee looks touched.

Erica is in jail for breaking into Kendall's place.  Jack tells her that she is stuck in there until morning because the judges are all having Thanksgiving with their families.  Chris tries to get one but to no avail.  Erica meets a woman in the next cell who is there because she tried to steal a turkey for her family.  Erica feels really bad for her.  The woman doesn't want to phone home because she doesn't want her children to know that she's in jail.  She is thrilled to meet Erica and knows all about her life.

Bianca, Opal and Myrtle get themselves arrested on minor charges so they can share a cell with Erica and keep her company.  Chris brings in a holiday feast but Erica insists that it be taken to the woman's family instead.  The woman thanks her with a hug.  Jack brings them the jail's standard Thanksgiving dinner and they all sit down and talk about how lucky they are.

At Edmund's house, Maria and the whole Santos family arrive for dinner.  The children are happy to have her there.  Isabella acts very tentatively to Maria, but Maria insists that she call her "Maria" and not "Maureen".  Hayley and Mateo have a big secret.  They each talk to Edmund separately about the fact that Hayley has been offered to syndicate her show, but it would mean moving away.  She wants to go for it but Mateo doesn't want to leave his family.  But each wants to give the other what they want.  Edmund convinces them to go for the job offer.

At dinner, Maddie points out that the special turkey forks are missing, so Maria, agreeing, goes right to the drawer where they are all kept.  Everyone is excited that she remembers where the forks are.

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