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All My Children Update Monday 11/25/02

By Lori
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David and Anna are having a quiet night at the cabin. She is heating up some food and he is working at his computer. He tells her he is preparing his research to present it. Anna tells him she's glad he's doing something he loves. Anna gets a call from the police commissioner, who tells her he has accepted her resignation with regret. After she hangs up, David asks her if she regrets resigning as police chief. Anna says this is what she wanted. Her only regret is that it came tonight. She wanted tonight to be a special evening. David tells her he doesn't think being a full-time mother is what she wants. She says she plans to look for a job after some time off. She is considering private detective work. She mentions that Tad once did that. Maybe she can beat him to the punch, or maybe they could even be partners, she says. David tells her they don't have to stay in Pine Valley. They could go to where a new job takes them. Trey and Maggie arrive at the cabin. Trey tells David he needs to talk to him about legal representation. He knows David needs a vigorous defense, and he has found some loopholes. They leave the room to call David's attorney to tell him about what Trey found. Maggie tells Anna about the party at the Chandler Mansion about how Jamie Martin revealed his mother's affair and how Mia fell from a window. Maggie asks if police would have to investigate that. Anna says that's not her call anymore. David and Trey return to the room. David says his attorney was interested in the information Trey found. Anna asks Maggie and Trey to stay for dinner, and they agree. Trey tells David he has one more piece of legal advice. He and Anna should remarry. "No way. That's not going to happen," David says. Anna looks disconcerted. During dinner, Trey comments about how he didn't know Leo very long, but he feels like he's known him his whole life. They prepare to leave, and Trey says he hopes he wasn't out of line when he commented about David and Anna's relationship. Trey proposes that they have Thanksgiving dinner at his place. He and Maggie leave, and Anna asks David "why are you not making an honest woman of me." David tells her he doesn't want to saddle her and the baby with anything negative as long as he is still under criminal investigation. He says if he is cleared, they can get married if he wants. He asks her if she will "not marry me." She smiles and agrees.

Maria and Edmund arrive at the hospital and ask what is going on. Adam tells them that Mia took a serious fall at Brooke's party. Maria asks if Brooke is OK. Adam says yes, she is OK. A reporter walks in and asks Edmund if he has a response to the revelation made at the party. Edmund comments that it must be a slow news day. The reporter concludes that Edmund doesn't know what happened. He tells him that it was revealed that his former wife, Brooke, is having an affair with Adam Chandler. Edmund later confronts Adam with this news, and Adam admits that it is true. He says it was brief and it is over. He says Brooke needed someone to comfort her, and he did to. Maria and Edmund return to Wildwind, and Edmund is quiet. Maria asks him what he's thinking but he doesn't want to talk about it. Maria tells him he should care about Brooke that makes her care more about him. She says she'll be spending the night there. They can talk or they can watch TV all night, she says. Suddenly she stops the conversation. She says she remembers sitting right here talking to Edmund about how he was going to New York and she had to stay and testify against Erica Kane. "I remember," she says.

Simone asks Frank about why he called Mia "Rocky." Frank admits that he and Mia once had a relationship. Simone says when she saw Frank respond to Mia right after the fall, she saw something she has never seen in him. She says she knows he is a born doctor. Frank asks Simone not to reveal his past with Mia because she would not want it. Later, Simone tells Frank that it doesn't matter if he and Mia were more than friends. She asks if that is what he was going to tell her at the costume ball. He has a flashback, remembering seeing Simone's brother Anthony after his overdose. Yes, he says, that is what he was going to tell her.

Liza talks to Mia, who is awaiting surgery following her tumble out the window. She is having difficulty talking. Liza tells her she should be resting, not talking. Mia continues, saying she wants to ask Liza a question. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," Liza tells her. Mia asks her why she thinks this is her fault. Is it because it happened at her house? Mia says Liza has always made her feel at home there. She has been so happy, thanks to her, she says. Mia says she wanted to tell Liza about Jake's proposal. She says they were talking on the phone in the attic when ... She doesn't finish the sentence. "You don't know what happened? Liza asks her. Mia remembers that before Liza underwent brain surgery, she asked her to watch over Colby. Mia wants the same favor. She says if she doesn't make it, she wants Liza to watch over William. She wants Liza to make sure William knows his mother loved him very much. Mia also reveals that Frank is William's father, and she did not get the chance to tell Frank. She asks that when Frank finds out, William be protected. Liza says she can do this, but she won't have to because Mia will be able to do it herself. Suddenly, Mia is unconscious and her heart stops. Liza panics, crying "no, no, no!" Jake rushes in and begins CPR. Electrical shock is used. Jake is crying, saying "Mia, come back to me." Jake is able to restore Mia's heartbeat. Frank goes out to tell Liza and her family. "Thank God," Liza exclaims, pulling Adam into a hug. When she realizes what she's doing, Liza pulls away. Adam tells her not to pull back. He says he knows he cannot make it up to her, but he wants to help her. Liza says it's too late. It is their fault that Mia is in this situation. Adam asks her what she means. "It was an accident, wasn't it?"

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