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All My Children Update Friday 11/22/02

By Lori
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Kendall, wanting to leave Erica's penthouse, tells Chris that she has already apologized for being there. Chris still stands in her way. Erica tells Chris to let it go. Chris says he won't let Kendall go anywhere until she forks it over. Kendall reluctantly pulls a letter from her pocket. Erica sees that it is a letter from Ryan to Chris. Kendall says she was going to give it back. When, Erica asks the next time she breaks in? Aidan reminds Erica that she didn't break in, he let her in. He apologizes and tells Chris he'll give him back Erica's key. Chris says he can keep it because he's going to get the locks changed. Aidan turns to Kendall and tells her he knows why she wanted to go to Erica's penthouse. She wanted to try to track Ryan down. Erica tells Aidan that he seems like a decent man who should be able to tell Kendall has used him. Kendall explains she just wanted to see how Ryan is doing. She says she's not trying to stalk him. She tells Chris that if he talks to Ryan, please tell him how sorry she is. She and Aidan leave. Chris reads his letter from Ryan and tells Erica that it does not mention Kendall. He sits down on the couch where Erica is nursing her sore ankle. He tells her he wanted that night to be special. Erica says it was a perfect night, except for one thing. She asks him to retrieve a photo of her mother. She looks at the photo longingly, telling Chris that it and Bianca's baby shoes are the only things that were spared in the fire that destroyed her home. Chris says Jack told him that he doesn't have enough evidence against Trey to prosecute him for setting the fire. Chris asks Erica if she'll be able to accept the fact that Trey will likely not be punished for the arson. Erica tells him that she would be a fool to look back when she has so much to look forward to. She says their conversation is getting pretty dark for being such a happy time. They just moved into their new home, and they should christen it in style in bed, she says. Chris goes to the other room to get some champagne and Erica gets out her cell phone.

Kendall and Aidan have gone to the Pit, where Aidan again brings up the issue of her trying to track down Ryan. He tells her if that's what she really wants, he can help her find him. He says he can find Ryan's location by tracking credit card slips and ATM withdrawals. Kendall tells him that if he finds Ryan, he can explain that the scene he saw between her and Aidan wasn't real. Aidan tells Kendall he knows she's still in love with Ryan. Kendall asks him why he's still hanging around her. He tells her he cares about her. He wants to hang around until she looks at him like she looked at Ryan. What if that doesn't happen, she asks him. Aidan says he'll take his chances. Kendall remarks that he sounds awfully sure of himself. Aidan reminds her that they made love. Kendall says it was just a wild romp in the sack. He puts his arm around her and tells her that they can be friends for now, but he wants more. Kendall tells him to not hold his breath. He gets up to buy her a drink. Her phone rings. It is Erica, saying she has a proposition for her. Erica tells Kendall to come to her penthouse first thing in the morning.

A drunk and angry Jamie is making a scene at the costume ball. He announces to all that Adam has his hands on his mother. "Why mom, why are you sleeping with him?" Jamie asks loudly. The scene is interrupted by a loud noise. It is Mia falling to the ground after being pushed out the window by Liza. Everyone rushes outside to see Mia on the ground, her face bloodied. Frank rushes to her, announces she is in arrest and gives her CPR. Liza, who tearfully realizes what she has done, calls 911. In the next room, Brooke and Adam are talking about how Jamie found out about their affair. They turn and see Liza staring at them from the next room. After Mia is taken to the hospital, Liza, still wearing her costume, sits staring into space. Marian tells Liza that Frank got Mia's heart started. Liza says she'll go change and go to the hospital. Marian sees Brooke and glares at her hatefully.

Tad asks Jamie about how much he drank. He chastises him for getting drunk and mouthing off in front of the party guests. Jamie tells him that his family is "whacked." Brooke tells Tad she doesn't want the two of them fighting. Jamie asks his mom why she keeps going out with men who treat her like trash. Tad defends Brooke, but Brooke tells him that their son has the guts to confront her about something that she's known for years. She apologizes to Jamie. Jamie says he doesn't want an apology, he just wants a normal life. Brooke says she's had several chances but she keeps blowing them. She needs to get her life in order, she says. She suggests Jamie move in with Tad for awhile. Jamie accuses her of trying to kick him out. Tad tells them they should talk about this later when they are calmer. Jamie says he's sick of talking about it. "You both can go to hell," he tells them as he goes to an outside balcony. Tad follows him and talks to him calmly. He says he loves him and they need to stick together as a family.

Mia is rushed inside the hospital. Frank sees Jake and tells him about Mia's condition. She is moved to a room and prepared for surgery. Inside the room, she opens her eyes and moves her fingers at the request of Frank. Jake tells her that they're going to fix her up. Outside the room, Liza tells her mother that she was so wrong in thinking that Adam and Mia were having an affair. Adam approaches them and tells them that Mia is conscious and is moving her fingers. He whispers to Liza that he didn't mean to hurt her with Brooke. "It just happened, but it's over," he says. Liza walks away from him without saying a word. Marian sits down with Liza and tells her that she saw Mia go upstairs and Liza followed. After Mia fell, she saw Liza run downstairs looking white as a sheet. Marian asks if things got out of control upstairs. "Did you ... ?" Marian's question is interrupted by Jake, who sees Liza and hugs her. He tells her Mia wants to see her. Marian asks if Jake knows what happened. Jake says he was hoping they would be able to tell him. He says he doesn't understand. Just before he was talking on the phone to Mia about their engagement and about having a baby. Liza goes into Mia's room and they stare at each other.

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