AMC Update Thursday 11/21/02

All My Children Update Thursday 11/21/02

By Liz
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Kendall and Aidan are still at The Pit. Kendall is harassing the bartender into getting her another drink. She makes the comment that when Ryan worked at SOS she never had to wait for her drinks. She stops mid sentence and apologizes to Aidan for bringing Ryan up. Aidan tells her itís no big deal and then makes a comment about how Chris sometimes talks to Ryan from the worksites through contacts he has. Kendall then asks Aidan to take her to Ericaís new penthouse and show her around.

Erica and Chris are at her penthouse. A magazine is there taking pictures of it. Erica tells them that Chris built it and he should get credit too. After the magazine people leave, Erica thanks Chris for giving her a new home and how he helped her see that she could move on after the fire. Chris suggests they go out dancing and tells Erica that he got reservations for them at LaMere. Erica wants to stay home and cook but Chris tells her that the stove isnít working yet. Erica finally agrees to go out with him.

Kendall is still bugging Aidan about taking her to Ericaís penthouse when Chris calls him. Chris asks the other man to come and fix the stove so he can make a nice dessert for Erica when they get home. Aidan agrees and Kendall sees it as a chance to go to Ericaís penthouse.

Adam, Mia and Colby are having their pictures taken at the ball. Liza sees it and accidentally bumps into the photographer. She apologizes but Adam says they were done. Liza them walks over to Marion and asks if she got all of Colbyís things packed. Her mother tells her that she doesnít think itís a good idea for Liza to leave with Colby. Liza doesnít listen to her. Adam makes a toast to Brooke and thanks everyone for coming. Brooke thanks everyone also. Jake shows up and Adam sends Colby off to look at the auction items. Adam approaches Tad and Brooke and Brooke thanks him for use of his house. Tad makes a comment that he only did it out of guilt. Brooke goes on to say that Adam should be proud of his home and family. Adam tells her that he use to as Liza overhears. Liza watches as Adam, Mia and Jake talk among themselves. It turns out that Adam is telling Jake about how his lawyers are going to protect Mia and her child from Frank.

Jaime walks out into the foyer and drinks a glass of champagne. Joonie arrives and the two talk about what like was like in the 18th century without computers and playstations. Jamie promises Joonie a dance later and she kisses him on the cheek. She smells the champagne on him and calls him out about it. He explains to her that itís not a big deal.

JR and Laurie are still up in the attic. Laurie explains to him that she doesnít want his money. She goes on to explain that she wants to work for her money. JR thinks that she thinks heís a jerk. Laurie tells him that she doesnít feel that way. The two kiss and Laurie tells him that she has to get back to work.

Bianca and Maggie show up at the party. Maggie acts like she doesnít want to be there. They look out the door and start to laugh. They go into the party, still laughing. Opal and Petey walk in wearing space costumes. Palmer asks them what is up and Opal tells him that she thought the party was about Venus. Palmer and Petey decide to bet people to see if they can figure out what he are. Later, Tad approaches Opal and laughs at her. He tells her that itís the funniest thing she has ever done. Brooke then comes up and tells her that she feels uncomfortable being there.

Adam is on his cell phone discussing getting custody of Miaís child as Liza listens.

Jake takes Mia out to the garden. He gets down on one knee and a shocked Mia knows what he is going to do. She asks him to get up but he tells her no. He then proposes to her and tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and have children with her. Mia starts to cry and tells him yes. Jake realizes he needs to go to the ER. He tells Mia that sheís free to tell anyone about their engagement but she wants to tell everyone with him there. After Jake leaves, Liza walks up and asks Mia whom she is waiting for. Mia tells her that Jake just left. She goes on to tell her sister that she will never be alone again. Liza wants to know why but Mia leaves. Liza then says to herself, ďYou will never be a mother to Colby.Ē

Maggie, Bianca and Simone stand on the stairs and discuss how they are wished they were somewhere else. Frank walks in and Simone goes to him. Frank tells Simone that he hasnít been honest with her and has something to tell her.

Erica and Chris are walking outside her penthouse when she twists her ankle. Chris carries her back upstairs to find Kendall and Aidan in there. Kendall thinks the two have eloped. Chris explains that Erica hurt herself and demands to know why Kendall is there. Aidan explains that he brought her with. Erica tells Aidan that if he is dating Kendall, he should get out as soon as possible. Chris blasts Aidan for breaking Ericaís trust especially after she gave him a job. Erica then threatens to call Jackson and press stalking charges against Kendall. She then goes on to ask a stunned Kendall when she is finally going to leave her alone and stop bugging her. An angry Kendall tells Erica that no matter what she will always be her daughter. Aidan and Kendall are about to leave when Chris stops them.

Joonie catches Jamie drinking. She gets upset with him and leaves the party. Jamie walks back in and bumps into Tad. His father asks him why Joonie is leaving. Jamie tells his dad that it wasnít her type of party. Later, Brooke is thanking and Adam touches her arms. An angry Jamie grabs Adam and pushes him back, telling him to keep his hands off his mother.

Liza spies Mia walking upstairs and decides to follow her. Marion tries to stop her but Liza wonít hear of it. Mia is up in the attic, talking with Jake over the phone when Liza walks in. An upset Liza hears Mia tell Jake that she canít wait to tell everyone that they are together. Mia continues by saying Liza already is catching on. Jake suggests that Mia tell her sister but Mia wants to do it together so they can see the look on her face. Mia then goes on to talk about the children they are going to have. Liza softly calls out her sisterís name but Mia doesnít hear it. She becomes more upset and approaches Mia and pushes her out the attic window.

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