AMC Update Tuesday 11/19/02

All My Children Update Tuesday 11/19/02

By Liz
Pictures by Juanita

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Inside the Chandler Mansion, Adam and Winifred are decorating for the costume ball. Adam insists that Winifred go check on the caviar as Liza and Marion walk in. Marion comments about how nice the house looks and Adam proudly says, ďAnything for the Brooke English House.Ē As Adam and Marion converse, Liza looks on, wondering what Adam is really up to. Adam excuses himself and Marion asks Liza if things between Adam and her are ok. Liza tells her mother no because Mia and Adam are having an affair. A shocked Marion doesnít want to believe it at first but Liza convinces her. Marion gets upset that Mia would do that to her sister and asks Liza what she is planning to do. Liza tells her mother that she is taking Colby to London after the party and filing for divorce.

Jake and Mia walk into the hospital chapel as they discuss her almost being pregnant. They both decide that their relationship as became more stable. A grateful Mia tells Jake that she is the person she is today because of him. Jake tells her that sheís always been a great person. Mia says that she has to go and get her costume ready for the ball that night. Later, Jake is standing by the nursesí station with a small ring box in his hand, talking to his father on the phone. He wants Joe and Ruth to come to the ball but they decline. Jake hangs up the phone and bumps into Stuart. Stuart notices the ring box and asks to see the ring. He figures out that Jake is going to ask Mia to marry him and becomes excited. He tells Jake how much he loves weddings. Jake makes Stuart promise not to tell a soul since he is going to propose at the party. Stuart agrees and gives Jake a hug.

Kendall is about to leave Greenleeís office to go to a meeting. She calls out to someone in the hallway that they are going to love her presentation. Greenlee sneaks up on a shocked Kendall and says, ďThatís my presentation.Ē Kendall tries to cover herself by saying that she was going to show it for Greenlee but she doesnít believe her. Kendall leaves to go get Casey. While Kendall is gone, Greenlee defaces the ad campaign. Casey is upset when she sees it and blasts Greenlee. Casey then tells Greenlee to leave but she says that itís her office. Casey tells her that it isnít anymore. Greenlee says that she didnít mean to quit and Kendall stick up for her. An angry Casey tells Greenlee that she quit and tells Kendall that sheís fired. When the two women try and argue their points with Casey, she tells them to leave or she will call the cops. Greenlee and Kendall trade barbs as they pack up their things. Greenlee gets upset with Kendall and storms out of the office. Kendall cries out that she didnít mean it and runs after Greenlee.

Frank is on the phone at the boarding house with his friend Bryce trying to find out information about Anthony and if he was ever at St. Vincentís. Bryce tells him that he will check into it and get back to him. Frank leaves the room and Simone comes in. She looks around for a yellow receipt so she can pick up their costumes. The phone rings and Simone answers it. Itís Bryve and he is looking for Frank. Simone canít find him and offers to take a message. Frank runs into the room and grabs the phone from Simone. Simone gets upset and leaves the room. Bryce tells Frank that Anthony was never at St. Vincentís. A happy Frank makes up with Simone and the two make love. Later, Simoneís father shows up and asks if Simone is going to spend the day with him. Simone tells her dad that she forgot what day it was. Her father is disappointed and leaves. Frank asks Simone what day it is and she tells him itís Anthonyís birthday. The two discuss Anthony and Frank asks to see a picture of him. Simone proudly shows Frank the picture as Frank flashbacks to the night he watched a man overdose. He determines that Anthony was the man he saw and whispers, ďOh my god.Ē

Mia shows up at the Chandler Mansion and bumps into Liza and Marion. Marion excuses herself as Mia starts to thank Liza for everything she has done for her. Liza blows her sister off by saying it wasnít a big deal. Adam walks in on the two sisters and asks Mia to come and help him with something. Adam and Mia walk out of the room as Marion is walking about in. Liza tells Marion that she wanted to strangle Mia. In another room Adam is telling Mia that he talked to his lawyer Barry and that he is prepared to fight if Frank tries to stop the adoption. A grateful Mia thanks Adam for all his help. Mia excuses herself and Adam takes out his phone and calls Barry. He tells his lawyer that Liza is up to something so he needs to be ready. Later, Adam and Mia meet again and discuss the decorations. Liza and Colby walk in and Colby tells them that her dress is pretty. Adam hugs his daughter and leaves the room. Colby asks Mia to help her get dressed and Mia agrees. She then asks the young girl to grab her purse. Colby picks it up and finds a pregnancy test inside. Colby asks what it is as Liza looks on, having flashbacks of all the times she caught Adam and Mia together.

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