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All My Children Update Monday 11/18/02

By Lori
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Mia and Jake are awaiting the results of her pregnancy test. Mia tells Jake that he told her everything she wanted to hear, but she is not going to make him stick to his promises to be there for her and the baby, if she is pregnant. She doesn't want him to feel trapped. Jake tells her he is not going anywhere. He is going to stick to the promises he's made. He says he's always wanted his own family. She realizes that, but she knows it's important to wait for the right time. He says the time is right when he can share it with someone he loves and respects. He says having a family with her would be fantastic. A nurse brings them the test results. Mia is scared and can't look at them. She hands the envelope to Jake, who opens it and shows it to Mia without looking at it. She looks at it, smiles meekly and tells him it is a false alarm. She tells him it's kind of a relief. Jake says maybe this will get them to look at the bigger picture. He tells her he loves her. He is paged and needs to leave. She tells him she'll wait for him to get off at his place. He smiles and hands her his keys.

Simone goes to the hospital to greet Frank, who is busy doing some paperwork. He barely looks away from his work as Simone tries to get him to spend some time with her. She suggests he come over for a pizza. She says she's been thinking about what he told her about finding a young overdose victim. She realizes that he feels he's done something he regrets, but she says everyone makes mistakes. Frank tells her she doesn't know the entire story. She says she feels like she knows everything she needs to know about him. Frank has a flashback about the young overdose victim. He agrees to have pizza with her after he gets off. Simone goes home and prepares a romantic setting with candlelight and champagne. When she sees someone arriving, she assumes it's Frank, but it's Mia. Mia sees the romantic setting and says she's come at a bad time. Simone tells her it's not a bad time, and quizzes her about why she's there. Before she can answer Frank walks in. Mia, who apparently wanted to tell Frank about his baby that she gave away, changes her mind. She asks them if they would be interested in going on a double date with her and Jake. They say that would be great. Mia walks out, and Simone and Frank agree she was acting a little strange. Frank seems caught off guard with the surprise Simone has planned for him. She puts her arms around his neck and starts to come onto him, but he is not interested. He tells her thanks for the thought, but he needs to crash. He goes upstairs, leaving her bewildered.

Maria is on the witness stand at David's preliminary hearing. She says she remembers David injecting her with a drug and after that she lost her memory. David stands up and shouts that there is no way she could remember that. Edmund is outside the courtroom trying to get back in when he collapses. Brooke rushes in to tell Maria that Edmund has collapsed. Maria runs from the witness stand to see Edmund. David also gets up to tend to Edmund. When the judge objects, David tells him that as a doctor, he might be able to help. The judge relents and takes a five-minute break. David tries to look at Edmund, but he pushes him away. David says he should at least take his pulse. Edmund agrees and David says he should be home resting. Maria and Edmund leave together. Maria says she doesn't need to be there because she knows David will get what's coming to him. When court reconvenes, the judge tells Jack that the evidence against David isn't sufficient to charge him with a crime. He dismisses the case. As people file out of the courtroom, Tad tells Jack that David is getting away with it once again. Doesn't Maria's testimony count for anything, he asks Jack? Jack tells Tad that he still intends to bring David to trial on the evidence from one witness. He says he's not giving up on Anna.

Anna and David remain in the courtroom. David admits to her that he was aware the drug he gave to Maria would erase her memory. He says the man he experimented on lost his memory as well. But he says he had no choice. It was a matter of life and death. He says he didn't inject her with the drug to keep her quiet, but rather to save her life. He tells Anna he didn't want to reveal his drug because he wanted full credit for it. He says he was about to assume god-like status and would not let a mortal stand in his way, so he put Maria in Nevada and stashed her away. Anna asked if he ever considered telling her the truth. He says he is just now learning how to share. He says everything he feared is now happening, but with Anna on his side it doesn't matter. He says he loves her more than the Nobel Prize. Anna tells him he knows how to sweep a girl off her feet. Maggie walks in and asks if they're ready to leave. They leave together, arm in arm.

Edmund is taken back to the hospital, where Maria tells him that she's going to take a page from David's book. She is going to lie to get him put away. Edmund shuffles her to the chapel, where he tells her she can't do that. Maria says she can't let him get away with what he's done to her. He made her think she was a murderer for five years. All she has to do is say she remembers him giving her the drug and her lies will put him in jail. Edmund tells her that Maria would not lie about such a thing. She says Maureen Gorman doesn't mind lying for a greater good. Edmund tells her that if she lies, he would reveal her dishonesty. She says she wants justice. He says he does to, but he wants her more. He says they need to move on. She needs to let the justice system deal with David, he says.

Jamie and JR are at Brooke's house. Jamie is still fretting over his mom's affair with Adam. JR tells him to let it go. There is a knock on the door. It is Adam, who is looking for Brooke. Jamie tells Adam that Brooke is not there and he doesn't know where she is. Adam tells the boys he is there to talk to Brooke about details of the charity ball. He says he'll wait for her. Brooke walks in, and JR says he and Jamie are on their way out. They are going to meet Laurie and Joanie, who JR says has the hots for Jamie. After they walk out, Adam asks Brooke if she's going to shut the door. She says she will as soon as he's outside. Adam does not leave, but instead asks Brooke why she told Tad they are having an affair. Brooke corrects him: had an affair, she says. It wasn't even an affair. It was a fling, a mistake, she says. Nevertheless, Adam says he is scared to death that Tad will tell Liza. Brooke assures him that Tad will not spill the beans. Adam tells her Tad isn't to be trusted. Tad, who has walked in the house, overhears the conversation. He says Adam is right to be "shaking in his handmade Italian loafers." As Adam and Tad bicker, Brooke tells them to stop. She has had a bad day and she doesn't need to have them locking horns in her living room. Tad tells Adam he can relax because he intends on keeping their secret. But he's doing it for Brooke and Jamie, not him. But he says if he hears that Adam is being less than the ideal husband to Liza, he will reveal what he knows. Adam tells Brooke that after the charity ball, it might be best if they try to avoid each other. Tad asks them about the ball. Brooke says it's a masquerade ball to benefit the shelter that she, Adam and Liza are working on. What could go wrong with that, Brooke asks.

At the boathouse, JR tells Jamie that Adam and Brooke will do whatever they're going to do. Jamie, who is still clearly bothered by his mother's involvement with Adam, asks JR if he has any joints on him. JR pushes Jamie and tells him if he ever hears that he's using drugs he'll kill him before the drugs do.

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