AMC Update Friday 11/15/02

All My Children Update Friday 11/15/02

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

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Greenlee is sitting alone in her Paris living room, pouring bottles of champagne into a bed of flowers. She says she'll never drink this stuff again. Trey walks in and sees her, commenting that her dumping of the champagne must be a release. He tells her he wants to be here for her, and says he'll help her pack her things so they can go home. Greenlee says everything in the apartment is staying right where it is because she's staying in Paris. She says this is exactly what Leo would want for her eating French pastries and listening to the music outside her window. "Wherever Leo is he's happy I'm staying in Paris," she tells Trey. Suddenly a strong wind blows through the room and a banging noise is heard. "It looks like he disagrees with you, big time," Trey says. Greenlee says the stupid wind blowing doesn't mean anything. But Trey asks her what Leo would say to her right now. Greenlee doesn't answer. Trey says if Greenlee says in Paris, Vanessa has won and she is defeated. Greenlee says Vanessa hasn't won. She is only honoring Leo's memory. Leo says throwing away her life isn't honoring Leo's memory. He says Vanessa is laughing at her from her reserved spot in hell. Greenlee slaps him across the face. "That is the Greenlee that my brother fell in love with," Trey tells her. He tells her she needs to be in Pine Valley to make sure people there remember Leo. Greenlee tells him he's right. She doesn't want people to forget Leo. She turns her attention to Trey, realizing that Leo was right when he said she can trust him. She wants to help him so he doesn't go to jail for his arson and other crimes. She pulls out a box that belonged to Leo that contained fake passports. She offers one to him, telling he can start a new life. Trey says he can't do it because that would be taking the easy way out. Besides, he tells Greenlee that Jack Montgomery is going easy on him. The only crime filed against him is a misdemeanor forgery. Greenlee tells him she's ready to leave tonight. She goes to pack. Trey looks at a phony passport with a picture of Leo, saying "don't worry Leo, I'll take care of her." As they prepare to leave, Greenlee tells Trey she'll be a few minutes. As he waits for her outside, Greenlee takes one last look around the home that wasn't meant to be. She looks at the bronze plaque with Leo's name on it. "This was supposed to be the start of our dream come true," Greenlee says, tears rolling down her face. "I'll always remember what life might have been. I love you Leo." She grabs a bottle of champagne, "to celebrate," she says. She turns out the light and walks out.

Edmund tells Frank he is ready to leave the hospital, but Frank has doubts he is ready. Brooke walks up to them and Edmund tells Brooke he is ready to leave. He says he needs to go to court because Maria is testifying today against David. Frank tells Edmund he's afraid he'll overdo it if he leaves now. Brooke tells Frank that she'll see to it that Edmund takes it easy. They leave for the courthouse. Jake approaches Frank and asks him why Edmund is leaving now. Frank tells him he'll tell him later. Just then Mia walks in and greets Jake. Jake is happy to see her. He picks her up, hugs her and twirls her in the air. Mia tells Jake that Adam's lawyers were amazing in New York. She knows what she needs to do now. First, she has to tell Frank about their baby. Then she needs to call William's adoptive parents and tell them about Frank. She is worried about William losing the only parents he's ever known. She says he probably doesn't even know he's adopted. Suddenly, she turns sad. Jake asks her what's wrong but she won't say. He urges her to tell him what's going on. She admits she might be pregnant. She says she's a few days late. Jake wonders how that could be because they've used protection. Mia says it could be a false alarm, but if it isn't she wants the raise the baby. She tells Jake he'll be under no obligation to her. Jake tells her he loves her. Tears roll down Mia's face as she gives him a big hug. She says she didn't know how he would respond to the news. Jake is elated that they may be parents. Mia says she doesn't even know for sure yet. Jake suggests they find out, and they leave to get a pregnancy test.

Tad and Maria are on a plane coming home to Pine Valley. Tad realizes she's upset about what she's found in the medical file, but tells her at least she now has answers. Maria says she is sick when she thinks about what David did to her and the homeless man. She is angry that she let David off the hook. She says he didn't save her life, he was just trying to extend his research.

David, Anna and Maggie walk into court. David's defense attorney Adler says the charges will not hold up in court. David is accused of misuse of a corpse, criminal mischief and criminal trespassing. David says he is not worried because the charges are trumped up. Jack walks in with the assistant district attorney. They are wondering where Maria is because they need her testimony. The judge calls for the hearing to start. Adler motions the judge to dismiss the charges, but the judge refuses. Jack is told to call his first witness. After looking around and seeing Maria has not yet arrived, he calls Anna to the stand. Adler again objects because Anna wasn't on the witness list, but the judge overrules the objection. Jack asks Anna about her knowledge of David's activities. She says all she knows is that David buried a cadaver he used for research that had been dead for months. Jack asks her why she's defending her ex-husband. "Because I love him," she says. Anna leaves the stand and Adler again moves to have the charges dismissed. "David Hayward is no murderer," he tells the judge. Just then, Maria walks into the courtroom and says "yes he is. He may not have taken the life of the man on the beach, but he took the life of Maria Grey." The judge asks her if she has information about David, and she says she does. Jack calls her to the stand and asks her why she's there. Maria explains that David found her after her plane crash and nursed her back to health. She says she had memory flashes while laying on the beach of seeing David burying something. She decided to investigate. She says she went to Baltimore and got the medical records of the homeless man found on the beach. She says this man also lost his memory after David gave him the experimental drug. She says David gave her this drug, knowing that its side affect was memory loss. She thought she lost her memory because of the plane crash, but now she knows it's because of the drug David gave her. "This man stole my entire life from me," she says. She says it makes her stomach turn to think about the times that she let him kiss her. This brings Edmund out of his seat. He grabs David and tries to punch him. Edmund is hauled out of the courtroom, and Brooke follows him out. The judge calls a recess to calm the court. Maggie asks Anna if she's OK. Anna says she doesn't know how she's feeling right now. As the court is called back into session, Edmund wants to go back inside. When Brooke tries to stop him, he yells at her to leave him alone. He immediately apologizes. But Brooke tells him that she should have come because he belongs with Maria. Inside the courtroom, Adler again asks for dismissal of the charges. The judge admits that the new evidence is compelling, but it doesn't support the charges against David. He says there's not enough evidence to proceed so he's dismissing the case. Maria stands up and tells him he can't do that. She says she has more information because now she remembers everything.

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