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Maria meets Tad in a small diner in Baltimore. Maria tells of her adventure with a human resource person from John Hopkins. She nicknames the man “horny pants comb-over.” She then goes on to say that he wouldn’t let her see any of David’s files. Tad tells her that he went to the university library and found an article about David. He pulls it out, but Maria doesn’t see how the article can help them, since it’s nothing but a vanity piece. Tad encourages her to read on. The article states that the mayor honored David for his work with homeless people at a free clinic. Tad and Maria conclude that this would have been the perfect opportunity for David to do his research because homeless people tend not to have families or social security numbers. The partners decide to go to the free clinic to see what they can dig up.

Kendall, who is in Greenlee’s office, leaves yet another message for Greenlee at her penthouse. Kendall begs for Greenlee to answer the phone, saying, “I don’t want your job, I could have it if I wanted it, but I don’t.” She encourages Greenlee to call her back as soon as possible, as Aidan walks in. He talks Kendall into going on a picnic with him, saying that the new chef at The Pine Valley Inn is from Bristol, and he has promised to make Aidan a meal like he is used to having back home. Kendall doesn’t know if she wants to go or not. Aidan tells Kendall what’s on the menu, including a dessert called “spotted dick. “Kendall is both amused and intrigued by the name and agrees to go.

Greenlee arrives at Leo's and her Paris apartment. The woman from downstairs greets her. She asks about Leo, and Greenlee sadly tells her that he died. The woman gives Greenlee her condolences and offers to get Greenlee a light dinner from the café below. Then she tells Greenlee that a package has come for her. Greenlee opens it, and it’s a golden plaque with a French saying on it. The card inside says, “In case you forget, honey, you’re home. Love, Leo.” Greenlee starts to cry and goes to stand on the balcony and dream of Leo. In her dream, she has set up a candlelight dinner when Leo comes walking in with bread and cheese. The two kiss, and it is revealed that they have lived in Paris for a year now. Leo asks Greenlee if she is truly happy, and Greenlee tells him "yes" and asks him to promise that he will come home to her every night. Greenlee’s dream is interrupted when she hears someone unlocking the apartment door. She cries out Leo’s name, but it turns out to be just Trey. She asks him how he knew where the apartment was, and he tells her that Leo gave him the address because he wanted him to visit. Trey goes on to say that while Leo and Greenlee were in the process of packing, Leo asked him to bring a gift to the apartment. He brings out a case of Champagne. The case holds 12 bottles, one bottle for each month of their first year there. Trey then hands Greenlee two glasses and tells her that she has to break them in the fireplace. An angry and upset Greenlee wants to know why Trey is really there.

Liza is standing in her study when Adam returns from his trip to NYC. He hands Liza a small box and she hesitates before she takes it. She opens it up and finds a card in there that says, “You are free.” Adam explains that he has gotten all the charges against her dropped. Liza is speechless at first but then demands to know how he did it. Adam doesn’t want to tell her and she asks, “Who did you sleep with?” just as Winifred and Brooke walk in. Adam and Brooke look at each other with stunned looks on their faces. Then Adam angrily demands to know why Brooke is there, saying he is too tired for visitors. Liza says that she invited Brooke over to discuss something. She then goes on to say that between Colby’s Thanksgiving pageant and other things, she doesn’t have time for this affair. Adam and Brooke look at each other, mouths hanging open, thinking they’ve been caught.

Tad and Maria arrive at the free clinic and are greeted by the doctor in charge. The doctor recognizes Tad from his days on the Cutting Edge and asks what ever happened to the show. Tad tells him that he has moved on to documentaries. Maria adds her two cents by saying Tad recently won a Cable Ace Award for one on fashion. Tad takes over the charade and tells the doctor they are doing a piece on doctors that go beyond the call of duty and that they want to know more about David Hayward. The doctor tells them that David was the best doctor he had ever seen. Maria asks to see some of files of patients that David has worked on, but the doctor tells her no because all of them are confidential. Maria tries to butter up the doctor by telling him that they are developing a new reality show called "Hot Doctors" and that he would be perfect for it. The doctor catches on and tells them both to leave or he’ll call the police. Maria and Tad leave; the doctor calls David and leaves a message, saying that two people were asking about him. He is shocked when Tad and Maria walk back in after hearing everything. Tad tells him that he either lets them see the files, or the DA from Pine Valley will be called.

Trey tells Greenlee that he’s there because he wants to keep a piece of Leo close to him. He goes on to tell Greenlee that Leo loved her deeply. Greenlee sadly agrees and then goes quiet. Trey takes her silence as a sign that she doesn’t want him there. He decides to leave and offers to have breakfast with her in the morning. The street musicians start to play again, and Greenlee wanders over to the balcony to listen. Trey stops at the door, then goes over to her and asks if she is ok. She says she is and tells him that he can stay the night in the spare bedroom. Trey walks away and then looks up and asks Leo for help in getting Greenlee through all of this.

Liza doesn’t see the stunned looks on Brooke and Adam’s faces as she continues to talk. She tells Brooke that she can use whatever she wants in the manor, since she used to be the lady of the house. Brooke and Adam try to stop her, but she keeps on talking until she says she will do anything to help Brooke raise money. Brooke and Adam are relieved when Liza says she was talking about the Costume Ball that Brooke wants to have for her shelter. Adam and Brooke both suggest that maybe the Country Club would be better. Liza won’t hear of it, and then Winifred comes in to announce Colby is home. Liza leaves, saying she wants to see how Colby did on her spelling test. Adam and Brooke joke about how they thought they had been caught. Adam makes a comment that Hayley is the only other person that knows about their dark secret. Brooke admits that Tad knows, too. Adam is shocked and upset at the news. He starts to bad-mouth Tad when Brooke slaps him, saying that Tad has been a good friend to her. Liza walks back in, bragging about Colby’s perfect spelling test score.  She senses the tension between Adam and Brooke. Adam quickly excuses himself and leaves the room, leaving the two women to talk.

The free clinic doctor agrees to let Tad and Maria look through the files. They feverishly look through them until Maria finds a file about a man with cardiac problems. They conclude that he was the man that David buried.  They then rush out of the clinic, file in hand.

After Adam leaves the room, Liza asks what happened. Brooke tells Liza that Adam was bad-mouthing Tad and it upset her. Liza agrees that Tad has been a good friend to the both of them over the past year. She then apologizes to Brooke for not being there for her in her time of need. Brooke tells Liza she has to go as Adam walks back in. Adam asks Liza what they talked about, but Liza doesn’t answer and leaves the study so she can start planning the ball. Brooke is outside the Chandler Manor when Adam calls her from inside on her cell phone. He wants to know if Liza suspects they are having an affair and Brooke says no. Liza walks back to her study to hear Adam say “Liza can never know about this affair.”

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