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All My Children Update Wednesday 11/13/02

By Liz
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A stressed out Kendall is sitting in Greenlee’s office taking call after call. She gets a call from Legend Magazine and they want to know where the samples are. Kendall gets an extension from them. Greenlee’s assistant walks in and Kendall tells her that they need to get some new samples to Legend and not to tell Casey what happened. Unknown to Kendall, Casey is in the doorway smiling. A stunned Kendall swears that everything is under control. Casey tells Kendall “You’re not Greenlee. You never have been and you never will be.”

Trey shows up at Greenlee’s penthouse and bangs on the door. He yells that he won’t stop knocking until she answers. Greenlee wanders out of her bedroom and opens the door. Trey demands to know what she’s been doing. Greenlee doesn’t want to hear it asks Trey, “Didn’t I kick you out once already today?” Trey explains to Greenlee that she kicked him out yesterday and that she’s been in bed for two days. Greenlee doesn’t seem to care but Trey tells her that Leo wouldn’t want to see her like that and that she should live her life like Leo would have wanted her to. Greenlee starts to cry and tells Trey that she doesn’t know how to live her life without Leo.

Maria sits on the beach near the site where they found the body. Tad startles her when he walks up. He sits down beside her and asks if she remembers anything. Maria says that only thing she remembers is that for 5 years she thought she had murdered someone. She then asks Tad why he’s there. Tad tells her because he wants David to pay for everything he has ever done. Maria starts to discuss what it’s like not remembering anything. Tad shares with her the time he lost his memory and how he hated it. Maria gets a little encouraged because Tad regained his memory. Tad asks Maria if she will consider teaming up with him. She smiles and nods her head. The two stand up and head off to the police department.

Anna stands in the police department, deep in thought as David sits, waiting to be processed. David starts to explain to Anna what happened with the body but she stops him. She reminds David that they are no longer married and that she could be called to testify against him if she knows too much. David asks her if she would testify against him. Anna shrugs her shoulders and tells him that she won’t have to if he doesn’t tell her anything. A young lawyer by the name of Kenny shows up at the police station. Anna has hired him to defend David. David can’t believe how young he looks and asks how long he’s been out of law school. Kenny tells him 2 years. David makes a few cracks about how young he looks but Kenny stops him by saying, “We can either get you out of here or sit around and talk about my baby face all day.” David smiles and sits down and tells Kenny that the body was just a cadaver. Jackson walks into the police department and tells Anna that they have the medical report back as a surprised David looks on.

Kendall, who is stunned by Casey, tells the woman that she is only helping out until Greenlee comes back. The two find out that the samples for Legend were left in the lobby and not sent to them. Just then Aidan walks in and Kendall tells Casey that he’s their new carrier. Aidan is amused and doesn’t know what to say. Kendall goes on to say that she stole Aidan from Enchantment, which earns her brownie points with Casey. Casey leaves the room and Kendall asks Aidan to take the box to Legend. Aidan tells her that she is going to owe him a big lunch for him doing it and Kendall agrees. Later, Casey shows back up and Kendall and her have words. Kendall proclaims she’s in charge just has Greenlee walks in. Greenlee is upset and amused at the same time. She jumps to the wrong conclusion and thinks Casey and Kendall is after her job. The two try and tell her that they aren’t. Greenlee gets upset and spats out, “I’m in mourning, not stupid.” She then tells the two that she doesn’t need the job and storms out leaving them speechless.

Jackson opens up the envelope and starts to read the result has Tad and Maria walk in. It seems that the man died of heart failure and was dead for six months before an autopsy was preformed on him. David explains the man had donated his body to science and that it wasn’t murder. Kenny tells Jackson that they have to drop the charges. Jackson announces that all charges will be dropped against David. David smiles at the news as Tad and Maria look on in disbelief. Tad grabs Jackson and pulls him aside. He tells the DA that he has a plan and he needs to keep Hayward in jail. Jackson wants to know what the plan is. Tad smiles and says, “I can’t tell you because you’re the DA and you can’t break the law.” Jackson reminds Tad that he can’t break the law either. Tad goes on the tell Jackson that one time Jake and he got a hold of David’s research file at John Hopkins and he’s sure that if he got a hold of them again, he would find the answers they are looking for. Jackson gives Tad 36 hours to come up with the proof they need. Maria approaches Tad and asks what they are going to do next. Tad tells her that he’s going to Baltimore to get some dirt on David. Maria tells Tad she’s going to go to and the two partners shake hands. Anna stands and shakes her head as she watches Tad and Maria conspire together. David and Kenny walk back in and David is about to leave when Jackson stops him. He tells David and Kenny that David is now being charged with criminal mischief and that he has to stay. Neither David nor Anna can believe the turn of events. David tells Anna to go home and rests. He assures her that everything will work out.

Greenlee comes home to her penthouse and looks through her mail. She finds some brochures from Times Square. She smiles and starts to cry. She picks up a picture of Leo and her and remembers the time they spent in New York City. Later, Greenlee finds her mother in the penthouse. Her mother explains that the door was opened. Greenlee and her discuss how Greenlee thinks Kendall is trying to take her job. Greenlee then tells her mom what Trey told her and her mother agrees. Her mom then goes on to say that they should go away for a while and they can could go shopping and buy some clothes, shoes and diamonds. “Diamonds. Diamonds is what got Leo killed,” cries Greenlee as she runs off to her bedroom.

Aidan shows back up at Greenlee’s office and overhears Kendall and Casey bicker. Aidan wants to know if Kendall is after Greenlee’s job. She starts to explain when Trey storms in. He wants to know if Greenlee had been there and what Kendall is up to. Kendall refuses to answer him because she feels she doesn’t need to answer to a criminal. Trey tells them he doesn’t have the time to fight with Kendall and leaves. Aidan and Kendall have a heart to heart. Kendall tells him that no one has ever believed in her. Aidan tells her that maybe someone does and leaves. Kendall watches him go, not knowing what to say.

Trey goes back to Greenlee’s penthouse and finds her mother. She explains to Trey that Greenlee is gone, that she packed a bag and left. Trey says that he knows where she went.

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