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All My Children Update Tuesday 11/12/02

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Laurie and JR start to talk about how good JR is to Jaime and how bad of a father JR thinks Adam is. JR explains to Laurie that Adam doesnít take his marriages seriously and heís tired of cleaning up his messes. JR then apologizes to Laurie for unloading on her. She says itís ok and the two kiss.

Brooke is shocked when Tad says he wants to give their family another chance. Brooke reminds Tad that her life isnít perfect at the moment. Tad tells Brooke that he is willing to look past all of that and he asks Brooke to promise him that she will think about his question. The two decide they need to be better parents to Jaime and hug. Just then Jaime walks in and is surprised that Tad is there and throws major attitude at both of his parents.

Maria jumps back from the hole and tells Anna that thereís a body in there. David tries to explain to Anna what really happened but Maria begs Anna not to believe him. David then says he hasnít committed a crime but Maria points out that the body is proof of his crime.

Tad tells Jaime to apologize to Brooke and tells the boy to never talk to her like that again. Brooke then asks Jaime whatís going on but he refuses to answer and leaves the house. Brooke figures out that Jaime knows about Adam and her. Tad goes after Jaime just as Opal shows up.

JR stops kissing Laurie and wants to take her home. Laurie on the other hand says sheís ready to take their relationship to the next level. But JR thinks he may be like Adam and doesnít want to hurt her.

Maria figures out that David murdered the person in the hole. She goes on to say that David murdered this person and tried to blame her for it. David tries to explain that the man was sick and came to him for help. But before he can explain anymore the cops show up. David thinks Anna called him but she denies it. David then begs Anna to help him.

JR and Laurie decide to give it a chance and date exclusively.

Brooke tells Opal that Jaime is hurting. Opal tells her that Tad is a good father and that Brooke should give their family another chance.

Tad finds Jaime down by the lake. Tad explains to Jaime that Brooke is a good mother but sheís having a hard time lately. Jaime doesnít want to hear it and blurts out that Brooke is sleeping with Adam.

David tells Anna that she knows the truth but Anna says she doesnít. She then tells Maria that same thing, which she canít past judgment because she doesnít know the whole truth. Jackson and the cops show up. David tries to explain to Jackson that it isnít what it looks like. Maria jumps into the conversation and tells Jackson that she remembered David burying something on the beach five years ago and that it ended up being a body.

Tad tells Jaime that Brooke sleeping with Adam is hard to understand but Jaime needs to understand and cut Brooke some slack. Jaime figures out that Tad knew about it also. Jaime calls Brooke a liar and that heís sick of her caring more about Sam and Maddie than she does about him.

Brooke doesnít know if things would work out between Tad and her. Opal tells her that it worked before and that she thinks it can work again and that they need each other. Opal then says that the reason why Maria came back was so that her and Tad can have a second chance. When Brooke tries to tell Opal that Tad and her are just friends, Opal says itís much more than that.

Maria gives Jackson a statement. Anna asks David why he buried the body. He tells her that he was doing experiments on a drug that wasnít approved by the FDA. David then explains that man died and he had to do an autopsy on the man by himself because if anyone else found out he was using an unapproved drug he would lose his license. He begs Anna to stay with him. Jackson then tells David that he is being charged with homicide.

Tad tells Jaime that Brooke is allowed to make some mistakes and that he promises to be around more. Jaime thinks itís a good idea so that Tad can watch Brooke. Tad tells Jaime that he should watch over his mother too. Jaime agrees to apologize to Brooke and the father and son bond.

Laurie tells JR that she wants their first time to be special.

Jackson and Anna discuss the charges against David. Maria tells David that the reason she forgave him was because he saved her life but that he also ruined her life at the same time.

JR takes Laurie home and she invites him in. He declines and promises to call her the next day.

Tad brings Jaime home. The boy apologizes to Brooke. Tad gets beeped and has to leave. Brooke tells him that heís a great dad while Tad asks Brooke to think about what he had asked her earlier.

Anna tells David not to answer any questions until she can get him a lawyer. David thanks Anna for her understanding and the cops take him away. Jackson tells Anna that he hopes she knows whatís she doing with David.

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