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All My Children Update Monday 11/11/02

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

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JR is at the boathouse with his girlfriend Lori. Jamie arrives there and is looking for him. He wants to talk to him in private but agrees to talk in front of Lori. "It's really gross," he says. "My mom and your dad are hooking up." Jamie tells JR he's got to do something because he's afraid Adam is going to hurt his mother. JR says he's sick of dealing with the problems created by his father. What Adam Chandler does is not his problem, JR says. "He changes girlfriends like he changes clothes," he says. Jamie says he's worried that Adam is going to crush his mother like Edmund did. JR tells Jamie he has to realize that parents screw up like everyone else. JR and Jamie hug and Jamie leaves. JR tells Lori to wait for him at the car because he needs to make a call. Now alone, JR takes an oar and angrily tosses it toward a boat.

Tad asks Brooke if she's the one having an affair with Adam. Brooke admits it but says it meant nothing. It was just a fling and she has already ended it. Tad can't believe Brooke would stoop so low as to have an affair with Adam. Brooke says she is prepared for him to tell her what an idiot she was and she's got it coming. Tad tells her that Adam took advantage of her at a low place in her life. Brooke says she wasn't taken advantage of. She tells Tad she and Adam ran into each other at the Valley Inn and had a couple of drinks as friends. She says Adam made her feel appreciated. But now it is over and Adam has accepted it. Tad asks if Jamie knows anything about it. Brooke says Jamie will never find out. Tad tells her that if she swears it's over he won't worry about Jamie finding out. Brooke gets a work-related call and needs to go upstairs to get on her computer. Tad says he'll wait for her. When Brooke returns, Tad says he wants to talk about something. He says that maybe they have a second chance together. Maybe he, she and Jamie can be a family again.

Simone is asking Frank why he's been avoiding her. She wonders if he has another girlfriend or if it's something to do with her brother. Frank apologizes, saying he is not trying to break up with her and he doesn't have another girlfriend. He says she deserves to know the truth and asks her to meet him in the park in 10 minutes. At the park before Simone arrives, Frank has a flashback. He is shown with his video camera in an alley outside a bar. Some people come out of the bar carrying an unconscious man, the apparent victim of a drug overdose. Frank continues taping the scene while the man's friends tell him to stop. Simone arrives at the park and Frank tries to explain to Simone how he used to want to make documentaries and he saw a lot of bad stuff during this period in his life. He says he saw a victim of a drug overdose. Simone stops him from talking, saying she doesn't want to relive the nightmare of her brother's drug overdose. She says she thought talking about it would help but it's not helping. Frank tells her they don't have to talk about it if she doesn't want to.

Anna is at the hospital trying to figure out where David has gone. She tells Maggie that David is not answering his cell phone. She says he promised her he had nothing to hide. She wonders why he can't be honest with her. Maggie tells her David is loyal to her. She urges her not to dump him because he's disappeared. Anna decides to talk to Edmund to see if he knows where David might have gone. Edmund, who is struggling to talk in barely a whisper from his hospital bed, tells him that Maria was determined to go to the site of the plane crash. Anna leaves to go there. Later, Jack goes to see Edmund to hear what information Edmund has about David. A frog-throated Edmund tells Jack that he told Anna to go to the plane crash site.

Maria is confronting David at the site of the plane crash. She is demanding to know what David is hiding from her. She says she cannot move forward with her life until she knows what David is hiding. David says he is not hiding something and tries to walk her to her car. Maria says she is not leaving until David comes clean about why he is digging. David says what he is doing has nothing to do with her, but Maria doesn't buy it. Finally, David admits that there is something that he hasn't told her. He says he made mistakes when he was younger but now he has a baby way in a future. He says if he tells her, she needs to leave him alone. Just then Anna arrives on the scene. Maria tells on the Anna that David is hiding something. She tells Anna to get a warrant and arrest David. Anna says she is not there as police chief but as the mother of David's unborn child. She says it's important to leave the past buried. Maria wonders if Anna is covering for David. Has he brainwashed her? David is a criminal, she says. What kind of life will that be for her child? Anna says she wants to protect the father of her baby and wants them to be a family because she loves him. Maria says Anna may be able to leave the past buried but she cannot. Maria runs to the area where David was digging and uses her hands to push the sand away. David tries to stop her but she throws sand in his face and pushes him away. She is startled by what she uncovers.

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