AMC Update Friday 11/8/02

All My Children Update Friday 11/8/02

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Tad is talking business with Liza before he goes to see Brooke. He asks Liza what is wrong with her. Liza tells him she thinks Adam is having an affair. Tad asks her if she has proof but Liza says she does not. He asks her why she's upset about it. After all, they're not sharing a bed. She wants out of the marriage and he is providing her with the perfect opportunity. Liza says it's not that easy. Tad guesses that Liza knows who Adam is having an affair with. He asks her to tell him but Liza says she doesn't know. Tad wonders what "low-life piece of trash" would have an affair with Adam. He speculates its a golddigger out for his money. Liza has a flashback, remembering Mia telling her that maybe she should end her marriage.

Adam goes to see Brooke, who says she meant it when she said they could never again be together sexually because he's married and she's a mess. Adam disagrees with her about being a mess. He asks her to give him one logical reason why they should not enjoy each other's company and he'll leave. He says he came to comfort her because he knew she would be upset about Edmund's accident. He opens his arms to her and she walks over to him. They hug. Jamie overhears Brooke telling Adam that it only took a kiss to persuade her. Just as Adam leaves, he drops a pen on the floor.

Tad goes to see Brooke and asks her why she hasn't returned any of his calls. He sees the pen on the floor and notices it is inscribed with the letters "AC". He guesses it to be Adam Chandler's. He asks why Adam would stop at her house. She says he's just being nice, but Tad says Adam doesn't have any niceness in him. He tells her that Liza suspects Adam of having an affair and asks if she knows anything about it. Brooke says what Adam does is none of their business. "Me thinks the lady doth protest too much," Tad says to her. "I am going to be sick," he says before guessing that she's the one he's having an affair with.

Mia is praying in the hospital chapel for guidance in her fight to protect William's adoption. Jake walks in and asks her if she's prepared if Frank fights the adoption. She tells him that she and Adam are going to New York to meet with his team of lawyers. She says she couldn't do it by herself, but Jake says she could. Jake gets a call from Liza, but Mia doesn't want Liza to know she's there. Jake tells Liza he hasn't seen her but will give her a message. Mia tells Jake that Liza wouldn't approve of her going to New York with Adam. Liza asks Winifred if she knows where Mia is, and is told that Mia is spending the weekend in New York. Winifred then brings Liza a note from Adam, which says he's going to New York for a business trip. "He's sleeping with my sister," she says to herself.

Simone finds Frank at the hospital but he blows her off, saying he has patients to see. Simone tells him that he hasn't given her two minutes since she told him about her brother being in a coma due to a drug overdose. She asks him why. Frank tells her he's been working non-stop and says they can argue about this later. Simone walks away, telling him she won't argue with him or beg. Frank gets on the phone and calls someone asking about Simone's brother. He wonders if he was treated at St. Vincent's in 1998. The person he calls does not have the information Frank wants. Frank asks the person to keep looking for it. Later, Simone asks Jake to give Frank a break from work. Jake tells her that Frank just had 36 hours off.

Maria is at Edmund's bedside. He is still unconscious. Jake and Frank walk in and Jake tells her that Edmund will be all right. Frank praises Maria for a wonderful job in saving Edmund. Maria tells them that David walked her through it. David walks in and listens as Maria talks about him. She says if she could remember what he did five years ago her life would be different. Alone once again, Maria talks to Edmund, asking him to wake up and tell her all about them and why he loved her. She says if he wakes up, he can help her wake up. Suddenly Edmund opens his eyes. "Welcome back," Maria tells him. Edmund cannot talk, but he writes on a pad of paper. He thanks Maria for saving him. Maria tells him she didn't do it alone. David talked her through it. She kisses him and apologizes for losing control of the car. Isabella comes to the hospital with Sammy and Maddie. She tells Jake that Maria has not left Edmund's bedside all night. Her love for him is still strong, she says. Maddie asks if they will be getting married again. Isabella tells Maddie they'll have to wait and see.

Anna finds David at the hospital. He tells her that he hasn't had a chance to talk to Maria. Isabella finds David and thanks him for helping save Edmund and for saving Maria. Maria enters the scene and greets her mother and children. She tells David she wants to talk to him now. He follows her to the chapel. She tells him she wants answers. She says she's in pain because of him. She's lost who she is and who she has become. David tells her that he too is not the same person than when he found her. He's going to be a father and his wife is giving him another chance. Maria tells him that she can't move forward. She wants to know what he's hiding from her and what secrets need to be "unearthed. David tells her he is beginning to regret finding her. He risked his career to save her and has done everything he could to help her. He walks out of the chapel, sneaks by Anna and Maggie and leaves the hospital. Later, Anna and Maggie are looking for David and Jake tells them he left the hospital. They don't understand why he left. "It's starting all over again," Anna says to herself.

David goes to the beach where he found Maria. He is furiously digging. He finds Maria watching him. "Are you ready to show me what you've been hiding?" she asks him.

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