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All My Children Update Thursday 11/7/02

By Shawn
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David, via telephone, continues to instruct a frightened Maria on how to perform an emergency tracheotomy. He reminds her that Edmundís life depends on her quick actions. He tells her to utilize the barrel from the pen as a substitute windpipe. David tells Maria, hesitant to do the procedure, that every second she wastes, jeopardizes Edmundís life. After following Davidís instructions, Maria is horrified to discover that Edmund is still not breathing, and she has lost her phone connection to David. She scrambles to ascertain the reason for Edmundís failure to breathe; she realizes that the penís barrel was not completely empty of its contents. Maria empties the pen, reinserts the barrel, and is elated to find her husband beginning to breathe again. Shortly, thereafter, the rescue squad find the wrecked car and examine its occupants. The paramedic asks Maria if she is a doctor, and she replies that she use to be. The EMT states that, to him, it looks like she still is a physician.

At the Valley Inn, Maggie and a crowd have gathered, to witness Hayward talking Maria through a tracheotomy, via telephone. The patrons in the bar, including Anna, call David a hero, a title that he modestly waves off. David says that he merely gave Maria the confidence that she already possessed inside of her. Anna, tears flowing, tells David that she has seen the best part of him tonight, the part that makes her love David with all of her heart. Anna calls him amazing, but David says that he was only utilizing the training that he has had. He also tells Anna that he knows she has saved lives in her line of work as well. Anna states that it is not the same thing, and what David did tonight, was nothing short of miraculous. Maggie, unaware that the couple has made up, tells them to just admit that they are crazy in love with one another. When she finds out that the two have already reconciled, she is ecstatic. David receives a phone call, telling him that Edmund and Maria have been airlifted to Pine Valley Hospital, and he and Anna depart, to check on the two injured Greys. When the two arrive at the hospital, David is stunned to receive a word of gratitude from Jake Martin. Jake tells David to stick around and see how Edmund and Maria are doing. Maria, comes in with an injured Edmund, and is told he will be okay. She spots David and rushes over to thank him. David tells Maria that she did a spectacular job, and while he instructed her on what to do for Edmund, she remembered on her own. Maria, with an ambiguous look in her eyes, replies that yes, she did remember, hinting of her remembrance of David burying something or someone on the beach.

Kendall, still thinking of Aidan, reads the card that came with the flowers. She tries to convince herself to forget about him, but a predictable knock at the door, reveals Aidan waiting outside, in the hall. He tells her that he wants to clear things up, but she responds by slamming the door in his face. After speaking aloud, in the hall, of the wild night the two had, Kendall, fearing the neighbors will hear, allows him entrance. He tries to convince her that last night meant a great deal to him. Kendall still fumes and accuses Aidan of using her, a charge that he vehemently denies. Aidan tells her that, while he cannot say that he does not care for Maureen, he does care about Kendall. He says that because Kendall gave him her phone number, he knows that she feels something for him, as well. Aidan declares that, while she plays being a tough girl, he knows that it is an act. He tells her to admit that she has feelings for him. Kendall, as usual, dances around the truth. She still is jealous of Aidanís emotions for Maureen. He says that, while he cares for Maureen, he knows that she is trying to rebuild her life with her husband and kids, and he will not stand in her way. He tells Kendall that, if he had wanted Maureen, he would not have slept with Kendall. Aidan says that, when they made love, he only thought of Kendall and not Maureen. He declares that he wants more from Kendall, but she is worried that Aidan will run after Maureen, if, she becomes available again. Aidan assures her that he only wants her, and she should stop talking, and give their relationship a chance. The two began a sensuous kiss, only to be interrupted by the maid knocking at the door. Kendall says that she needs clean towels, so, she lets the maid inside the room. Aidan overhears the two maids talking about the car crash that Maria and Edmund were in. After the maids leave, Kendall tells Aidan to go to Maureen. He is reluctant to leave Kendall again, but she insists. She says that Maureen needs his help, and she trusts him. Aidan promises Kendall that he will be back shortly.

A furious Greenlee continues to hold tabloid monger, Donald Steele, at gunpoint. She declares that he is filth, and he feeds on other peopleís misery. She tells him that he will get the scoop that she promised him, right between his eyes. Donald tries to talk his way out of this precarious situation by flattering Greenlee, calling her a good person and admitting that he should not have waltzed into the apartment. He tells Greenlee that he is merely doing his job, a job that pays for his kidís books and other needs. He says the reason that he picked Greenlee to do a story on was, because, she is gorgeous, loaded, Proteusí daughter-in-law, and a goldmine. Greenlee states that Donald was only out to ruin Leoís good name; he never printed any of the good things that her late husband did, while he was alive. Donald agrees that he should have been more sensitive, but he did see her grief and feel her pain. She warns him that he cannot talk his way out of being exterminated. She is glad that he finally knows what it is like to feel vulnerable and totally powerless, and by him being gone, the world would be a better place. Greenlee says that Donald has always gone out for blood, and, this time, it would be his own. He assures her that he came only to offer his condolences, and the apartment door was already open. Greenlee makes the reporter empty his pockets, and is livid to discover that he has taken some of her letters from Leo. She says that the letters are all that she has left of her dead husband, but Donald tells her she should share her epic love with the world.

Greenlee is about to pull the trigger when she is stopped by Trey. As Trey enters the apartment, Greenlee is momentarily distracted, and the gun accidentally goes off. The bullet misses Donald, but Greenlee will not let him go. Trey tells her that he has a better idea on how to deal with Steele. He tells Donald that if he drops the assault charges, Greenlee will not press breaking and entering charges against him. Donald agrees, and even admits that the assault charges were frivolous and only a means to get back at Greenlee. He says he thought that, because, neither the body of Leo or Vanessa was found, the two had made the perfect escape. He tries to justify his trashy reports on Leo, but Greenlee will not listen to any excuses. Trey, unbeknownst to Donald, has secretly taped the reporterís confession and threatens to use it, should Steele bother Greenlee again. Trey declares that he is Vanessaís son, to the bone, and he will do whatever it takes to get who or what he wants. He tells Donald to get out, before he ends up a headline, himself. After Steele departs, Greenlee admits that she could have killed Donald. Trey, however, says that he does not think she could have actually gone through with it. Greenlee admits that, what Trey did, regarding Donald, is exactly what Leo would have done. He replies that he is no Leo. Greenlee speaks of how empty the loft feels and how alone she is. Trey tells her that, when he first saw the apartment, he knew it was a good, happy home. He says that, when Leo invited him there as a brother, he felt like he was finally home; he wanted the feeling to last forever. He admits that he did use Leo at first, to try and find Vanessaís drug money; however, after he got to know him, he genuinely cared for him. Trey states that no one made him feel the way Leo did. He says that, the reason he cares what Greenlee thinks is, because, aside from David, she is the only one that can relate to how he is feeling. Trey tells Greenlee that, some day, she will be able to move on. Greenlee replies that she does not want to move on, and she wants the screaming in her head to stop. Trey, solicitously, asks her if she would like him to stay the night and sleep on the sofa. He says that she might wake up in the middle of the night and need someone to talk to. She agrees and bids him a good night; she slowly and reluctantly heads for the empty bedroom.

Mariaís memories may cause more pain for David than herself, tomorrow on All My Children!

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