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All My Children Update Wednesday 11/6/02

By Shawn
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Maria and Edmund race down a desolate country road, east of town. She tells her husband that they are going back to where the truth is buried; from the internet, she discovered the site where the plane crashed. The spouses argue, until, Maria loses control of the car, and it crashes into a ravine.

At the Valley Inn bar, Anna and David continue basking in the afterglow of their night of reconciliatory lovemaking. David euphorically states, being with Anna, makes him feel as though heaven is smiling down upon him. He admits that he is glad that Jackson did not talk her out of her rediscovered feelings for David. Anna assures her ex husband that, the more Jackson pushed her, the more she wanted to defy him; in essence reverse psychology was at work. She announces that she is rethinking about resigning from the force, saying part of her wants the job, while another part wants to make a clean break. David tells Anna that their love is their strength and hope; however, she replies that they will need more then hope to mend their tattered relationship. She confesses that she never fully trusted David, and it will take a great deal, on his part, to earn her complete trust. David promises that he can and will change, and he will not disappoint her this time. He says that he and Anna can make things better by focusing on what is important, by focusing on themselves. David declares that, when they were apart, how much he missed Anna. He talks of the life that is now within their reach and realm of possibility. David agrees, to Anna's request, to take things slowly. He says that he would like to tell Greenlee and Maggie of their reconciliation, so, the two young girls will know there is still hope for their family. He wants Greenlee and Maggie to have something good to hang onto, for a change. David suggests that he and Anna go up to his cabin, sit in front of the fire, and speak of the impending birth of their child; David wants to catch up on all that he has missed.

At this moment, David's cell phone rings, it is Maria. She frantically tells him that she and Edmund were in a car accident; Edmund is unconscious. She tells David that the car crashed into a ravine, she called 911, but is worried that the paramedics will not be able to see them. Maria describes Edmund's condition, saying he has a gash on his head, and his lips are blue. She states that, while the airbag deployed on her, it did not work for Edmund, and he was not wearing a seatbelt. David tries to calm down Maria, and he tells her that he will talk her through the procedure of assisting Edmund. After Maria plugs in the cellphone's headset, David states that she is going to have to give Edmund some breaths. He also tells her that, since it sounds like Edmund's windpipe is crushed, she has to make an emergency airway, utilizing a pen and pocketknife. Maria, hysterical and self-doubting, tells David that she cannot do what he has asked of her. David cautions Maria that, if she doesn't perform the procedure, Edmund will die.

Erica barges her way into Jackson's office, bellowing about how she is going to make Trey pay. She is surprised to see Greenlee in Jack's office. The two women are stunned to discover that, for once, they are both on the same side. Greenlee, like Erica, avows to make Trey pay. She informs Erica that Trey betrayed his brother, by using the diamonds, which cost Leo's his life, to bargain with the DA for a deal. Erica declares that Trey is as cold as they come. Jackson assures the two angry women that there never was an immunity deal; he admits it was a ruse, used to try and trap Trey. Greenlee tells Jackson that Trey signed a confession, telling of his crimes; however, Kendall is the only one that knows where the document is. They are sure that Trey's sister will not help them to put her brother away. Jack says that, at the moment, they have no hard evidence to convict Trey. He informs them that the Prodeus files, found in the basement of his apartment, and had no fingerprints on them. Erica demands that the wheels of justice start rolling, and Trey is put behind bars. Jackson assures the ladies that his office will continue to investigate the case. Erica, wishing to talk to Jack privately, asks Greenlee to leave. She obliges, but not before telling Jack thanks for nothing. On her way out of the office, a process server ambushes Greenlee. The subpoena states that Donald Steele is suing her for assault. Meanwhile back inside Jack's office, Jackson declares that he is not going to abuse his power of the DA's office to put Trey away. Erica replies that the power of his office is of no use, if he cannot use it to help the people he claims to care about. He denies her claim that his political career takes precedent over his loved ones. As Erica is leaving, she spies the lady that served Greenlee with the subpoena. Miss Kane notices the woman has a camera around her neck, and immediately takes action. She snatches the woman's film out of her camera and tells her to get away from Greenlee. Erica tells Greenlee that she has been in her shoes numerous times before, and the attacks from the press, are the price that must be paid for living a high profile life. Erica thanks Greenlee for supporting her, regarding Trey. Greenlee speaks of how she has little fight left in her and how much she misses Leo. She says that she has not been back to the loft since Leo's death, because, it reminds her too much that her husband is not coming back. Erica, in a rare moment of comfort, tells Greenlee that she knows she still has plenty of fight left in her; her dealings with Donald Steele are a prime example. She also tells Greenlee not to doubt herself, because, it will only open her up to more hurt. Erica states that she should try and see things as Leo saw them and live life in the exciting manner that he did. She tells her to be the woman that Leo loved, fight her fear, not to hide or surrender. She declares that Greenlee should never give up and by being true to herself, she will remain true to her love for Leo. Erica says that she has faith in her. Miss Kane adds, before leaving, that, while she is showing sympathy to her now, her kindness is a limited time offer. She advises Greenlee that, if she sees Erica coming, to come out swinging.

Greenlee, for the first time since Leo's death, returns home to the empty loft. As she is remembering her late husband, she notices, in alarm, that someone is trying to get into the apartment. The intruder turns out to be Donald Steele. Greenlee informs the tabloid reporter that, if he drops the assault charges against her, she will give him the scoop on Proteus. He is intrigued and wants to know more. Greenlee tells Donald that she has a great story to tell him, of a grieving widow that finally has found justice, and she shocks the reporter by pulling a gun on him.

Trey tries to talk with Bianca, but she tells him that she is not in the habit of making small talk, with guys that torch her mother's house. Maggie approaches and says she cannot believe Trey watched her defend him, knowing all along that he was the person that almost killed her best friend, Bianca. She tells her cousin that he only cares about payback and money, and she informs him that Bianca is the only real thing in her life. Trey tries to convince Maggie that, getting to know her, means everything to him. He begs for her forgiveness, but Maggie says Trey is out of her life, and he can never come back. Before leaving, Trey vows that he will make it right again and make it up to Maggie. After he leaves, Bianca surmises that perhaps Maggie saw something in Trey, a part of him that no one else could see. She says that for him to risk his life to save Greenlee, Trey cannot be completely bad. Bianca states that she thinks that, a part of Trey genuinely cares deeply for Maggie. Maggie informs Bianca that she is glad that Bianca is a part of her life, and she would be lost without her. After Erica arrives, Bianca informs a surprised Miss Kane that Maggie has cut the cord with Trey. Erica says that, when people close to them betray them, they must sever all ties. Maggie leaves, saying she has to go study. After she departs, Erica informs Bianca that, because of Jack's betrayal of their family, he will not be invited to the wedding. She says that Jack has allowed the power of his office to cloud his judgment. Erica says that, despite Jack not being there, she and Chris will have the perfect wedding.

Chris Stamp arrives to see Jack, in his office. He declares that he wants to see Eric Kane busted. Stamp proclaims that he wants Eric Kane held accountable for leaving Richard Fields alone with Erica, and not doing anything, following the rape. He states that Erica has unfinished business with her father and cannot put her past behind her. Chris tells Jack that he wants to help bring Erica's feelings, regarding her father, to the surface, stop her suffering, and give her a shot at justice. Jack agrees to help Chris, and he promises to not tell Erica about any of this, until after the wedding. Chris says he knew he could count on Jack, because, aside from him, he was the one guy that cared for Erica almost as much Chris does.

Edmund and Donald Steele's lives are on the line, tomorrow on All My Children!

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