AMC Update Monday 11/4/02

All My Children Update Monday 11/4/02

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Liza is looking for Adam at home. The doorbell rings. It is Jake, looking for Mia. He tells Liza that they had plans tonight. Liza says Mia is not home and she doesn't know where she is. Jake says he'll have to call her later. In the meantime, he asks Liza how things are going with Adam. Liza tells him that their relationship is deteriorating. But she says she's trying. Jake asks if both of them or trying, or just her. He asks Liza where Adam is. He then asks her what she wants. Liza says she wants what's best for Colby. She asks Jake how things are going with Mia. Jake says he keeps thinking they have a shot, but something is making her hold back. He's wondering if she's seeing someone else. Liza tells him not to jump to conclusions and urges him to call Mia. Jake says he's not so sure he wants to do that now. Mia has his number. If she wants to talk to him she can call, he says.

Adam and Brooke are surprised to see Hayley has caught them in a passionate kiss. She is disgusted with her father. "Just when I think you can't sink any lower," Hayley says. The phone rings and Brooke leaves Hayley and Adam alone to answer it. Adam asks Hayley not to tell Liza because she would be distraught if she knew. He tells her that he and Brooke aren't hurting anyone. They are simply reliving good times. Brooke returns to the scene and reminds Hayley that she and Adam used to be married. Hayley interjects that Adam is now married to someone else. She tells Brooke not to try to justify this. Adam says they don't need to justify their need for love. Just then, Brooke notices Jamie standing at the doorway with a confused look on his face. She asks him what he's doing there. He tells her he decided to come home because he needed to study for a test. There is no indication he has caught on to the situation. Adam tells Jamie that he and Hayley came over to see how Brooke was. Jamie goes upstairs and Brooke is grateful that he did not hear anything that would reveal their affair. Brooke tells Adam he needs to leave. He kisses her goodbye and say he'll call her later. After he leaves, Brooke tells Hayley that she appreciates her concern. She says she and Adam fell into each other's arms because they needed to feel better. She was feeling better until she saw Jamie come through the door. She says she's so glad she'll have a chance to stop this before he finds out what she did.

Aidan is thanking Kendall for helping save his job. He says he's been completely wrong about her. This causes Kendall to cry. She says no one has said that to her before. He comforts her as she continues to cry. She talks about her relationship with Ryan and how now she is alone, but she chooses to be lonely. Aidan tells her to ditch being lonely. He reaches for her and kisses her. Soon he is apologizing. He says he doesn't know why he did that. He starts to leave, saying he doesn't want to do something he'll regret. Kendall tells him she doesn't want him to leave. She walks toward him and kisses him. He shuts the door and they fall into bed and make love. Afterward, Kendall tells him she is not ready for him to spend the night. She asks him to leave, hoping he'll understand. Aidan seems understanding, and tells her he'll go back to his room and dream about the day she'll want him to stay.

Maria and Edmund are kissing passionately. The are beginning to undress each other when she pulls away after hearing him call her Maria. Edmund apologizes but Maria says she's glad it happened. It will keep her from falling off another clif, she says. Edmund says if she doesn't want this she needs to say so. Maria says she does want this, but she doesn't want him to be confusing her with who she is now. Edmund says he sees her as who she is now and not who she was. He moves toward her and kisses her again. Maria tells him if they woke up together in the morning he would see her as Maria his wife, not Maureen. Edmund suggests they start their relationship over again. He wants to romance her so they fall in love with each other. Maria is agreeable to this plan. She tells him to ask her whatever he wants to know. He asks her how she feels about David Hayward. He tells her he saw them touching each other in the park. She defends her relationship with David, saying she is grateful that he saved her life. Edmund says he is angry when she defends him because he kept her away from him for five years. He says he understands her gratitude but thinks she is hiding something about him. Maria says he was her only friend for the last five years. She didn't know he was lying to her all along. She says she knows that the way she feels about him doesn't make sense but she can't help it. As an argument begins to stir, Edmund say he'll stop telling her how he feels about Hayward as long as she'll allow them to start over. He says he thinks they have taken an important first step. She motions him toward her and kisses him.

Adam arrives home and walks in quietly. Liza is sitting waiting for him. She asks him where he was and why he is sneaking back into his house. He says he is not sneaking. He's just doesn't want to wake up Colby. Liza says the parlor could burst into flames and Colby wouldn't wake up. Adam's cell phone rings. It is Brooke. He tells her this is not a good time. She guesses he is with Liza. She tells him that she would not continue their relationship if someone found out about it. Now that Hayley knows and Jamie almost found out, she doesn't want to continue with their affair. She says she won't hurt her son. They are over, she says. Adam hangs up the phone. Liza asks who he was talking to. "My mistress," he says. "Satisfied?"

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