AMC Update Friday 11/01/02

All My Children Update Friday 11/1/02

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke, upon seeing Adam in his red silk pajamas laying in her bed, laughs. "Are you out of your mind?" she asks him. Adam ignores the question and tells Brooke that he has her favorite champagne and truffles for her there along with the red roses. That should hold them there till their flight to London in the morning, he says. Brooke tells Adam his gesture is very extravagant but nothing is going to happen between them. Adam tells her she is wrong and encourages her to come over by him and slip out of her clothes. Brooke tells him she wants him out of her bed and out of her house. She says Jamie could come home at any minute. Adam say Jamie is spending the night with JR. Brook tells him she would take him a lot more seriously if he wasn't wearing those pajamas. Adam reminds her that the pajamas were a gift from her many years ago. She gave them to him during a trip to Hong Kong. Brooke says she's not interested in reliving the few pleasant moments of their marriage. Adam tells her she is still beautiful and desirable. He wants to see her happy again. Brooke says she wants to do the ethical thing, but Adam tells her to ditch the morals, put on some comfortable sleepwear and she'll have a happier life. He tells her he knows this isn't completely right, but they need to steal a little happiness for themselves. He acknowledges that what they have isn't love -- that's the saving grace. If they have to break some rules, no one is judging them but themselves, he tells her. Brooke leans over and kisses him. After having sex, Brooke tells him that she's glad he insisted on this, but now he needs to go. He asks her about London, and she simply says "have a wonderful time." He asks when he will see her again. If he means like this, he won't, she says. Brooke mentions Adam's wife and children. Adam says this is for them -- don't push him away. As she walks him out she tells him that they have to set some rules. No one can be in control and if either of them want to end this, there will be no questions asked. And no one can find out about this. Adam grabs her and kisses her outside her front door. After unlocking lips, they see someone is approaching them, but the person is not shown.

Aidan is bartending at the Valley Inn bar. An attractive older woman flirts with him. Aidan walks away and finds Petey at the bar. The kid orders a cherry cola with extra cherry syrup. He dumps out a can of change onto the bar and says that should cover it. Aidan wonders why Petey is in the bar by himself when Kendall walks in. She tells Petey he was supposed to wait for her in the lobby, not the bar. Seeing the money dumped from the can, she tells him that money was for charity. They watch as Aidan returns to the female customer, who slips him her key wrapped in a $100 bill. Whenever he gets off, she'll be waiting, she tells him. Aidan gives it back and tells her she made a mistake. He walks out of the bar and the woman asks a waitress to call the manager. The manager asks the woman what the problem is. She says she was treated abominably by one of his staff. She explains she is Meredith Cabbot of the high-society Cabbot family. As the manager begins to apologize Kendall confronts the woman, telling her she saw the whole scene. She threatens the woman, telling her he is a close friend of Daniel Steele and will tell him everything she saw. As the woman gets up to leave, Petey blows a spit wad, which hits her in the back of the neck. Kendall tells the manager she is covering for Aidan, who had to leave to tend to a sick mother. He need not worry because she has plenty of bartending experience, she says. Kendall makes herself at home behind the bar, then goes to sit with Palmer, who has now arrived. She complains to Palmer about her treatment by Erica and how Erica has referred to her as the spawn of the devil. Palmer says that cannot be right. If she was the spawn of the devil she would not be helping out a friend by covering for Aidan. Aidan later returns and the manager questions his absence. Kendall quickly interjects that they were very worried about his sick mother. The manager tells Aidan he knows the sick mother story is a lie, but he's off the hook since Kendall did such a great job covering for him. Aidan tells Kendall that if he wants her help in the future, he'll ask for it. Later, Kendall is alone in her hotel room wearing a short silk robe. There is a knock on her door. It is Aidan. She invites him in.

As Edmund punches David, Maria screams that he might kill him. So what, Edmund says. He wants to know why Maria is protecting him. Maria says she is not defending him. She is more concerned about Edmund. She tells Edmund he needs to stop these feelings of hatred because David saved her life. David stole her life, Edmund counters, as he continues to punch David, who is now on the ground. Edmund tells her David stood by and watched his family grieve for her. Suddenly the police arrive and pull Edmund off of David. The put him in handcuffs and tell him he's under arrest. Anna arrives and expresses surprise that Edmund is the one in trouble with the law. David tells police to release Edmund. He is not pressing charges. Anna orders the officers to release Edmund, who promptly leaves. Maria follows him. Anna urges David to go to the hospital but David refuses. So she urges him to go to her room with her because she has a first aid kit there. In her room, Anna cleans his scraped up face. She asks him why he didn't fight back. David says Edmund had every right to be angry at him. He says if someone had kept Anna away from him for five years he would do the same thing. David asks Anna about the nature of her relationship with Jack. Anna tells him there is nothing going on between them. David says that's too bad, because Jack would be better for her than him. He says that she has been right all along -- their relationship was a mistake. He tells he doesn't want to have their baby grow up like him. Anna needs someone who is the complete opposite of him, he tells her. Anna tells him that she doesn't know how to let him go. "I need you so much," she says. She goes to David and hugs him. David, who is surprised by her actions, holds her in his arms. Anna slowly kisses David's wounded face. She reaches his lips and they kiss passionately. They start to undress each other and fall onto the bed.

Edmund goes to the stable, where he is visibly angry. Maria walks in, and he tells her he is looking for a bit for his horse. He wants to go riding to blow off some steam. He tells her he is angry with her. She asks him what she did. "You died," he says. Maria tells him that it is not David's fault that she can't remember her life with him. She says she wants to remember. Edmund wants to tell her how he feels about her... not her when she was Maria, but who she is now. He tells her he loves her. They kiss.

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