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All My Children Update Thursday 10/31/02

By Shawn
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Maria is shocked, when she recalls David as the person holding her. She does not choose to be forthcoming with the doctor, only telling him that she recalled feeling safe with someone. Zeke reminds Maria that her memory cannot be forced. Maria asks the doctor if there is any chance that the memory did not occur. Zeke tells her that there is a possibility that, what she was recalling, could be a dream. Edmund rushes in to see if his wife has made any progress in recalling any memories, committing, at least in Maria's eyes, the cardinal sin of calling her Maria instead of Maureen. Edmund apologizes for addressing Maria by the wrong name and asks her if she would like to go out with him and talk of other things, aside from her past. Maria begs off his invitation and says that she would prefer some time alone with herself. Zeke agrees that she needs the opportunity to process what has occurred during her session. Edmund wishes her well; he tells her that the trip to the park, which she took with the kids, meant the world to Sam and Maddie. After Maria leaves, Zeke reiterates the importance of Maria having her space and how imperative it is that she not be pressured. Edmund assures the doctor that he only wants Maria to feel safe. Zeke tells Edmund that he is holding on too tight, and when it comes to Maria, he needs to relax. He also cautions Edmund that someone else, other than Edmund, may know what Maria needs. Edmund tries to extract the name of the person that Maria remembered, but Zeke holds firm, citing patient and doctor confidentiality.

Anna remains confused about her ambivalence towards her ex husband. She tells David that she is bone weary, and the feelings of mass confusion and indecision that she is experiencing, do not represent who she truly is. Anna admits that it is bloody hard to fight her love for David; she is tired of dancing the dance with him. David manages to get Anna to admit that the results of the carpet analysis were inconclusive, and she was merely baiting a trap for him. Anna wants to end the madness with David and leave town. David does not want his ex wife to go away because of him. Anna says that her child needs to have a mother whom is steady and doesn't doubt herself. He tries to convey to Anna how her love has transformed him and helped him see things in a whole new light. David admits that he knows that the things he did to Maria were wrong, and if he could have another chance to do things over, he would do them differently. He knows that, when he realized Maria was Edmund's presumed dead wife, he should have said something and not worried about his research. He beseeches Anna to give him the chance to show her, because of Anna, how good he can be. Before David can continue with his sale of the virtues of himself, Maria phones and says for David to meet her in the park; she has remembered something and for him not to keep her waiting. David tells Anna that he has to leave, but they are not finished.

When David meets with Maria, she begs him to help her figure out the memory flash that she experienced. She asks him if it is true that she and David kissed. She tells him of how, when she was with David, she felt so safe and secure. She states that she did not tell Zeke or Edmund, about what she saw, because it could have all been a dream. David admits that he did kiss her, and he was in love with her. He says that he loved her because of her miraculous will to live, following the plane crash. He knew how much she wanted to live, so, he did everything in his power to keep her alive. Maria recalls David holding her, whispering to her not to give up, and how grateful she felt towards him. She declares that he was everything to her. David confirms, while they were close, they were not lovers. He says she was a patient that he felt a great deal of affection for. Maria, matter of factly, states that the reason that David did not want to get close was because she would compromise his research and bring him down. She says that is the reason he shipped her off to Nevada. David counters by saying, in order to save her life, he sent her to Nevada. Maria says David rescuing and tending to her was analogous to him saving an injured bird. David says that he wanted her, when strong enough and able to make it on her on, to fly from the nest. Maria confesses that her feelings towards David keep changing; she asks him if, when she flew away, did he feel sadness or miss her. David replies that he did miss her a great deal. He remarks again about how he was in awe of her remarkable soul and spirit; she helped him move beyond himself. Maria hugs the doctor and says this feels right, just as a furious Edmund walks up. Edmund grabs Hayward and tells the doctor to say "good night."

At Tad's house, Brooke, Opal, Jamie, and the newly recast JR await Tad's arrival home. The four have decorated the house for Halloween. Brooke used pictures from the photo albums to help her arrange the room, as it should be. JR and Jamie would rather be somewhere else but agree to take part in the celebration for Tad's sake. When Tad arrives home, he is anything but pleased at the Halloween menagerie before him. He demands that everyone take all the decorations down. Tad says it hurts seeing the house fixed, as Dixie would have arranged it; he expects her to come out of the kitchen at any moment. Brooke thinks that this is what Dixie would have wanted; however, Tad angrily says she cannot know what Dixie's wishes are, since Dixie is dead. A hurt JR races out of the house and Jamie, following him, reminds Tad that he is not the only one that lost Dixie. Brooke explains to Tad that this party was a celebration and tribute to Dixie's life. At this moment, Adam and Colby appear at the door, trick or treating. After Tad and Opal go into the kitchen with Colby, Adam declares to Brooke that he cannot stop thinking about their night of lovemaking. Brooke tells Adam that one night with him did not make her powerless to resist him, and he is trying to use Colby to manipulate Brooke back into his bed. Brooke reminds him that he is still married but Adam says in name only. He states Liza does not understand him, like Brooke does. She warns him that she will not let him use her to punish Liza. Brooke is afraid that Adam is teaching Colby that people can be traded in for others that are better. Adam espouses Brooke's virtues by saying how she has filled his world with warmth and light, bringing him back to his senses. He calls her a magnificent woman, which Tad coming out of the kitchen, agrees Brooke is. After Adam and Colby leave, Tad observes that Adam looked like Adam with a mouthful of canary. He apologizes for snapping at Brooke. Brooke tells Tad that, because he has to, he will get through this rough time. Tad mentions to Brooke that he has been thinking of taking a Christmas vacation with her, Jamie, and JR. He wants to help Jamie to know that, no matter what, they are family. He tells Brooke that she has brought magic back into their lives, and he thanks her. After Brooke leaves, Tad wonders aloud to Opal if he, with his talk of leaving town for Christmas, scared Brooke off. Opal assures her son that Brooke is an open wound and needs time. Tad says he feels responsible for ruining Brooke's life with Edmund before, and he wants to make it up to her. He says that he wants Brooke to know that someone in Pine Valley cares; no one should be that lonely.

Jamie and JR are outside, commiserating over the troubles of their family. They recall how Dixie use to fix up a haunted house, with cold spaghetti used for gopher guts and peeled grapes for eyeballs. Jamie talks about how unfair it is that Dixie died and Brooke got dumped. They both wonder how the upcoming holidays will play out. JR says that, in order not to get hurt, it is better to say disconnected. Jamie vents his anger at Edmund for, as soon as Maria comes back, dropping his mother so quickly. JR reminds him that Maria is Edmund's wife, but Jamie says that does not matter. After Brooke leaves Tad's in a hurry, both JR and Jamie wonder what is going on with her. Later, Brooke finds Adam in her bed, telling her "trick or treat."

When Anna returns home, Jack arrives soon after. He asks her if she was able to obtain any information from David. She replies that he had to leave in the middle of their conversation. Anna, in a surprise move, turns in her badge. She says that, while she talks a good game, she cannot bring herself to go after her husband; she admits that her heart is not in it. Jack tells Anna that, due to her being tired and stressed out, now is not a good time to make life-changing decisions. He implores her to sleep on it. Anna assures Jack that she will not change her mind, and she wonders why life has to be so complicated. Jack promises her that things will look better in the morning and bids her a heartfelt "sweet dreams."

Halloween continues and all the horrors of the night tomorrow on All My Children!

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