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All My Children Update Wednesday 10/30/02

By Shawn
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Erica continues to fume over the deal that Trey, now calling himself Trey Shepard, cut with Jackson; saying that the town will probably erect a statue in the hero's honor. Erica indignantly says that she will not calm down, shut up, or put the matter behind her. Chris offers support to Miss Kane and assures her that he is behind her one hundred percent and will not fight her. Erica declares that she needs justice. Chris agrees that while he, too, hates criminals that thumb their proverbial noses at justice, he does not believe that their whole life should revolve around Trey. He knows that it is just a matter of time before Trey falls off the straight and narrow and hangs himself. Erica, impatient as usual, does not want to wait for Trey to do himself in. Chris tells her that playing vigilante will likely place himself, and Erica, behind bars before it would Trey. He announces that he has the answer to all their problems; saying "I do." He admits that, while it has nothing to do with Trey, it will serve to get the focus back on their lives instead of the investigation. Chris says that since his family is into multi-celebrating, then perhaps he and Erica should have a Christmas wedding. He says that the big wedding will be, like the bride, first class all the way. Chris says planning the wedding will place Chris and Erica first again. Erica says that, while this wedding is not her first, it will be her last. Chris tells his bride-to-be that before they can discuss the intricate details of the wedding, he needs to tell her about his strange, quirky family. He tells her of his plaid-loving cousin, June, and his Ed Sullivan show participant wannabe, comedic cousin, Paulie. Erica assures her fiancée that she will get along fine with his family, and she is not a snob. She cites her strong and close friendship with the similar quirky Opal and Myrtle as examples of her willingness to embrace all types of people and mentions that she was a waitress at one time. Opal comes in and alerts Erica and Chris that the lobby was swarming with reporters trying to get information from her. Erica realizes that if she tells the press of her impending nuptials, then her news will blow Trey's headlines off the paper. After she leaves, Chris tells Opal that the wedding is just a temporary band aid in trying to help Erica deal with her problems. Opal admits that she, too, has been worried for her "best gal pal." Chris says that Trey has managed to bring up all the trauma Erica had with Richard Fields and every unresolved issue she had with her father. Opal tells Stamp that she is glad that Erica is finally getting married to a man that will stand by her forever. After Erica returns with her mission accomplished, and Opal leaves to pick up Petey, she laments the fact that her mother could not be around to meet Chris and give him her Mona Tyler Seal of Approval. Chris asks if Erica has any other family, and she mentions her brother, Mark; saying he never leaves Hong Kong. She also makes it clear that her father is not invited and goes off to make the wedding plans.

At the boathouse, Anna is alone and recalling Leo telling her what a good man David truly is. Jack approaches her and says that the report of the carpet analysis was inconclusive; the carpet was so contaminated that they could not separate or isolate the components of the drug. Jackson says that David slipping away must be a load off Anna's mind and she agrees. She says that she feels bad for feeling relieved. Jack tells her, while he understands she does not want to see a man that just lost his brother and who is the father of her child punished, she must move forward with the case. He reminds her that just because David is hurting does not mean he is reformed. Jack says David is not the type of person that changes, rises to the occasion, or makes himself better when bad things happen. He tells her that he does not want to see her life wrecked because of Hayward. Jack does not understand why an egomaniac and a criminal prove irresistible to strong, smart women like Anna. Anna replies that the unknown and that rare side of David that he does not often show is her attraction to him. However she also says as exciting as life with David is, trying to find that rare side is exhausting, and she cannot take it anymore. She reaffirms her commitment in going after David; saying she is a good bluffer. Jack tells her to be careful and leaves. Later Jackson receives a phone call from Chris saying they need to meet together and discuss Erica.

At David's cabin, Greenlee awakens after a long slumber. She tells David that she will not have another meltdown. At this moment, a letter arrives from Vanessa. It appears that the deranged mother made arrangements that, in the event of her death, the letter was to be sent to David. Greenlee states that even dead Vanessa is still torturing them and exacting revenge from the grave. In the letter, Vanessa states how she knows she has done immeasurable terrible things to him, but she wants to explain some things.  Greenlee demands David cease reading the letter. She says that no matter what reasoning Vanessa gave for her actions, the results were still the same. David reasons that he should read the letter because these were his mother's last words. Greenlee says she heard Vanessa's last words at Miller Falls; however, David replies that he did not. Greenlee regrets the fact that they have not yet found her body so that it would afford Greenlee the opportunity to see what sorry state Vanessa was in. David asks Greenlee, what would Leo do in this situation. Greenlee responds by saying that he had given his mother numerous chances to explain herself, and she did not. She begs David to leave Vanessa dead where she belongs by disposing of the tainted letter. David obliges by burning the letter; saying that he hopes Vanessa's last words, as well as Vanessa burn in hell. Greenlee finds the crib that David made for his unborn child and asks what the "L" carved into the wood stands for. David says that if the child is a boy, which he thinks it is, they are going to name him, Leo. After Greenlee goes into the bedroom, Anna arrives. She lies and says the test results from the carpet in her office told her what was in that vile. She asks David what he plans to do about it. Anna implores her ex-husband to turn himself in. Greenlee emerges from the bedroom and is incredulous that Anna, so soon after Leo's death, is threatening to arrest David in his own home. Greenlee later apologizes for taking out her anger on Anna, but questions how Anna could name the baby, Leo, and still bully his brother, David. She tells Anna that she does not need her pity, but Anna should rethink her love for David. Greenlee states that love should be enough, and she does not doubt that Anna and David are one another's biggest love. Anna counters by saying that she and David are not Greenlee and Leo. Greenlee says that is correct because Anna and David are both alive. She tells Anna and David not to put their big love on hold for business; they should cherish and nurture their love. She says Anna should quit her job, and she and David should take the Paris apartment that Greenlee and Leo were suppose to have. Greenlee thanks David for saving her life and leaves. David apologizes for Greenlee taking out her anger on Anna but admits that she was right about their love. He states that as many times as he has tried to stop loving Anna, he cannot. He says they should pull together and not apart. David says he is sorry for everything that he has put Anna through and begs for Anna to give him a second chance and allow him to make it up to her.

At the park, Edmund is helping Sam fly a kite, while Maria is helping Maddie build a sandcastle. While watching Maddie shoveling sand, Maria experiences a flash of memory of David burying something on the beach. Edmund approaches and asks Maria what is wrong. She says that she is starting to remember. She tells him that she did not mean to get his hopes up, but it was only a brief glimpse of memory and then it went away. She frustratingly proclaims that she is sick of being afraid and not knowing. Edmund offers to help her follow through. Maria declares that she is ready now to face the past and find out who she is supposed to be. After dropping the kids off at Isabella's, Edmund and Maria visit Zeke Macmillan. Maria wants the doctor to hypnotize her so that she can start remembering now and deal with those memories. She wants Zeke to bring her memory back right now. After Edmund leaves, the doctor places Maria in a relaxed state of hypnosis. He tells her to go to a place where she feels at peace and content. Maria begins to describe such a place; saying she feels comfortable and safe. She speaks of a man holding her that makes her feel warm and as if nothing can hurt her. The doctor asks if this man is Edmund Grey. Outside, Edmund asks God to please bring his wife's memory back. Meanwhile, back inside the doctor's office, Maria is shocked when she can finally see the face of the man lovingly holding her; it is David Hayward!

Will the citizens of Pine Valley be in for Tricks or Treats tomorrow on All My Children? Stay tuned!

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