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All My Children Update Tuesday 10/29/02

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At the hospital, Jake apologizes to Mia for being so hasty in his assessment of Frank. Jake admits that while Frank should know that he has a son, perhaps Mia should hold off on telling him. Mia is confused as to why the good doctor is making a one-eighty-degree turnaround. He tells her that he thinks that after witnessing Frank's tirade against Zeke McMillan, that Frank cannot handle the news of having a child. Jake says that Mia must get a handle on how Frank will react. He describes the intensity at which Frank raged at Simone's father, telling her how Frank called Zeke a lousy father and an egomaniac. Mia admits that the thought of finally telling Frank about their son felt like a weight being lifted off of her. She says that Jake's vacillating back and forth about telling Frank has her mixed up. Jake tells her that if not handled properly, Frank learning Mia's secret could backfire. He tells her that she must be prepared for anything because Frank has one bad temper. Jake says that he can help Mia come up with a plan, but she rebuffs his offer and says she is going to formulate her own plan. She departs as Jake is paged.

Adam questions Liza's presence in his bedroom. Having gone yet another round with her yesterday in their ongoing fight, Adam is suspicious of her motives. Liza assures her husband that she merely wanted to apologize for being so cold to him. She says she missed him last night and realized that he was reaching out with real love. Liza tells her husband that she rues her action of pushing him away, and when she went to make amends, he was gone. She says she knows he stayed out all night and cannot imagine where he could have spent the whole night. Adam, trying to regain control of this tense situation, asks Liza if she had found him, would she have expected them to passionately make up? Before Liza can answer him, Adam receives a phone call. He cryptically tells the party on the other end that he will not tell anyone and will come to where that person is. He lies and says that he must go avert a possible blow-up regarding an accounting glitch at Chandler Enterprises. Liza offers to go with him, but Adam says that due to the circumstances of her pending embezzlement charges, it would not be proper for her to be at the company. Before allowing him to leave, Liza presses Adam on his whereabouts of the night before. Adam says that he could not sleep, so he went for a walk and looked at the rosebushes.  He says the roses were glorious this time of year. After Adam leaves, Liza says aloud that she will find out what else is glorious and that she always finds out what her husband is up to.

At the hospital chapel, Adam meets secretly with Mia. Mia tells Adam that due to the big fight she had with her sister, Liza cannot know of this meeting. She says that she needs one of Adam's lawyers to assist her in a personal matter. Adam, without hesitating, agrees to help her; reminding her that he owes her much for all that she did. Mia reminds Adam that she cannot take sides, says she knows what Adam did last night, and asks him not to do it again. Adam assumes she is referring to his clandestine night of lovemaking with Brooke; however, Mia is talking about the way in which Adam tried to buy Liza's love. She tells Adam that going over the top will only serve to push Liza away, and Liza cannot be bought. Mia tells Adam that he should apologize to Liza, but Adam says it should be the other way around. Returning to the reason for her calling Adam, Mia says that he needs the power to protect her child like Adam protects his. She says that she has decided to tell the father of her son that he has a child. Adam tells her that knowledge is power and something that you do not give away. Mia reminds Adam how he felt when he learned Arlene kept Hayley away from him all those years. She stresses that she wants to prevent her son's father from seeking custody rights; while he has rights, he does not have the right to hurt her son. Adam consoles Mia by embracing her. Unbeknownst to the two of them, Liza is outside the chapel and overhears part of the conversation, as well as witnesses the hug.

Chris finds a copy of the "Pine Valley Bulletin" outside Erica's door. The headline reads "Arsonist Who Destroyed Erica Kane's House Bargains for Immunity." Chris hides the paper, and after entering Erica's penthouse, intercepts a news broadcast by shutting off the television. He is trying to rush Erica out the door when a reporter stops them both in their tracks. The reporter spills the news that Chris has been trying to keep from her: Trey made a deal with Jackson. After the reporter leaves, Erica unleashes her fury on Chris. She tells him that she cannot trust him and wonders what else he is keeping from her. Chris says that behind everything that he does for her is love. Erica informs him that the only thing he can do for her is help her cope with the bad things in her life and not keep things from her. Chris says that he is trying to protect their life and love, which is separate from the investigation. Erica asks Chris to wait for her in the lobby, while she ostensibly calls Bianca to warn her. After he leaves, she sneaks out and heads to the boathouse.

At the boathouse, Donald Steel is spewing forth threats of lawsuits against Greenlee for shoving him and busting his camera. He calls her a spoiled princess and says he will ruin her life. Greenlee tells him that it is already ruined. Donald says that she made a big mistake by interfering with the freedom of the press. David grabs him and tells him that he is the one that made the mistake. Donald claims that the boathouse is a public place, and he will sue Greenlee for damage to personal property, as well as injury. David grabs the tabloid reporter's nose and applies pressure, telling him to stay away from Greenlee. Donald, nose in hand, leaves. Trey tries to assure Greenlee that he cares about her and did love his brother, Leo. He says that after he went after the diamonds, he rethought his actions and realized he was wrong. David tells Kendall and Trey to also stay out of Greenlee's life. After David and Greenlee depart, Kendall tries to console her brother. He tells her that he is a seasoned outcast and does not care what anyone else thinks. Trey states to Kendall that she is the type of person that, even though she knows the hurt is coming, she still keeps going back for more. Kendall admits that the only reason she stayed in Pine Valley was on the remote chance that her mother will stop hating her because of who her father is and only see her little girl. At this moment, Erica comes up and says that will never happen. She says that she and Trey are their father's kids, heart and soul. Erica admits that Bianca is the only daughter that she has room for her in her heart, and Kendall should stop being jealous. She cites the incident of Kendall breaking into Erica's home to go into Bianca's room and imagine what it was like to live the life that Bianca does. Erica accuses the siblings of conspiring to burn down her house. Trey explains that it was the only way for him to learn of Vanessa's fortune. Erica says that does not let him off the hook, and because he and Kendall hurt Bianca and Chris, she will spend the rest of her life making them pay. She vows to crush them. Chris shows up and tells her that this is not accomplishing anything. Chris grabs Trey and threatens him, hinting at the horrible things he could do to him and Kendall if they don't stop hurting Erica and Bianca. Erica tells Chris that he always seems to remind her of the things that her mother told her. She says Mona told her to turn away from "that night" and never look back, and that is what she intends to do. When they arrive back at the penthouse, Erica says that while she would love to follow her mother's advice, it is not fair what Trey did, and she cannot let him get away with it. Chris assures her that he will not allow Trey to get away with his crimes.

Back at the boathouse, Kendall tells her brother that Erica was wrong about him. Trey corrects her and says that she was wrong about the "both" of them. She lays her head down on her brother's shoulder to try and comfort him as well as herself.

David takes Greenlee up to his cabin to get her away from the inquiring minds of Pine Valley and reminders of Leo. Greenlee says that Leo is inside her all the time, and she cannot get away from memories of him. She says that she is mad instead of sad. She states that Vanessa should have gone over the falls alone. Greenlee tells David that she thought her and Leo's love was too strong for Vanessa to break, but in reality Vanessa won. Vanessa had always said that she would get Leo away from Greenlee, and finally, she succeeded. She proclaims that she hates Vanessa more than Vanessa could ever hate Greenlee. David tells her that their mutual feelings towards Vanessa give them something in common. He tells her that the pain of losing his father never erased the hate, and his hatred for Vanessa did not preclude him from missing his father for the next twenty-five years. David says his hate kept him from having happiness; the town hates him, he is estranged from his wife, and he may never get to see his child. He tells her that instead of hating, she should invest in Leo's love. Greenlee says that she wants to feel numb and begs David to give her a drug to accomplish this. David refuses and tells her she will only find peace by letting herself feel. She pulls out a bottle of pills and asks David if this will help the pain go away. He replies that it could kill her. Greenlee wants to die, but David says he learned a long time ago that suicide is not the only option. He says if Greenlee takes those pills, that Vanessa wins, and Leo loses everything that he gave his life for. David says he will help her in helping herself. Greenlee declares that she is going home but then stops in her tracks. She tells David that because Leo is not there, she cannot go home. Greenlee allows her emotions to pour out, yelling angrily that if Leo really loved her, he would have kept his promise about not allowing Vanessa to hurt them. She states that her life was a sham and their marriage a waste. She speaks of what their life in Paris was supposed to be like. Greenlee says Leo had so many ways to come back to her, and he did not. Sobbing uncontrollably, Greenlee proclaims how much she loved Leo and how perfectly he loved her. David tries his best to console and comfort his sister-in-law.

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