AMC Update Monday 10/28/02

All My Children Update Monday 10/28/02

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Simone goes to the hospital looking for her father. She sees him and gives him a cheerful greeting. He is not happy to see her. She asks him out to dinner, but he says he's swamped, and doesn't have time to talk to her about her "burgeoning career as a waitress." Frank enters the room with a nurse. Not seeing Dr. McMillan standing there, he mocks him in front of the nurse. The nurse sees the doctor standing behind him. Frank notices the expression on the nurse's face and turns to see Dr. McMillan and Simone staring at him. Dr. McMillan tells Frank that he's out of line, and has broken several rules at the hospital. Maybe if Frank wasn't trying to get lucky with his daughter, he might do better at work, the doctor says. Frank stands up to Simone's father. He berates him about his mistreatment of Simone. The two continue their argument, with McMillan threatening Frank's future at the hospital. Jake arrives on the scene and intervenes. Simone tells Frank he doesn't understand, and asks to go somewhere and talk. Frank tells Dr. McMillan that he's not through with him, and he leaves with Simone. McMillan tells Jake that he caught Frank insulting him in front of a nurse. Jake asks McMillan to be sympathetic since Frank has had a rough life. McMillan demands Frank be fired. Dr. McMillan walks away, and Jake pages Mia.

Simone takes Frank into the hospital chapel, and tells him she will deal with her father. Frank says there is no excuse for the way he treats her. Simone says her father's anger is not directed at her or him. It is about her brother, Anthony. Frank asks her about her brother, and at first she doesn't want to say anything. With some prodding, Simone tells Frank about her brother, who is in a coma due to a drug overdose and will be in a drug rehabilitation center the rest of his life. Simone says she thinks her father is angry at Frank because, in him, he sees what he lost. She says her father took Anthony's overdose worse than anyone else in the family. Frank hugs a crying Simone, and tells her he's sorry. Simone says she feels better now that she has told someone about her brother, and she's glad he is the one she told.

Mia goes to the hospital chapel and finds Liza. She suspects that Liza is upset over Adam and asks what Adam did this time. Liza tells her that it is beginning to hit her that she and Adam do not have a future together. Mia asks Liza how she knows. Liza says she saw at Leo's memorial service how much Greenlee loved her husband. Liza says all she wants is to avoid her husband. Liza says she's tired of the fighting and the lies. She doesn't trust Adam. Mia tells her if that's the way she feels, maybe she should end her marriage. Mia's statement upsets Liza, who tells her to back off and mind her own business. Liza walks out.

Mia goes to find Jake, who tells her he wants to talk to her about Frank. Mia says she is taking his advice, and has decided to tell Frank that he has a son. Jake tells Mia that it might be better to wait. Mia doesn't understand his change of heart. Jake tells her he will explain and walks off with her.

Brooke asks Adam how Liza will not know he was gone all night. Adam confides in her that his marriage to Liza isn't a real marriage anymore. "Our bedrooms have separate zip codes," he tells her. Brooke asks if they are going to get a divorce, and Adam says that likely will be the next step. Brooke asks him if that's supposed to make her feel less guilty. Adam tells her that they shouldn't believe in guilt. He starts to kiss her. She asks if he is trying to get her back to bed. "I was hoping for an invitation," he tells her. Brooke tells her their night of passion the night before was a product of lonely hearts and too many martinis. Adam disagrees. "I feel reborn," he shouts, punching his fists in the air. He tells Brooke that he has been wasting his time chasing a wife who doesn't want him. Brooke, on the other hand, has awakened him to feelings he didn't know he could feel. He says he's forgotten what happiness feels like. He caresses her neck and kisses her face. She is getting swept away in the moment. She suddenly catches herself. "I forgot how convincing you can be," she says. He tells her they have rekindled something extraordinary. He urges her to push life to the limits and seize the day. Brooke starts to giggle, and tells him he's a piece of work. He grabs her, and they kiss. Brooke pulls away. They can't do this, she says. Adam doesn't listen to her. He leaves, telling her that he's alive again because of her. Alone, Brooke remembers kissing Adam the night before. "Now what?" she asks herself.

Liza goes home and walks into Adam's room. She picks up one of his shirts and looks at it. Winifred, the maid, walks in. Liza asks her if she's seen Adam. Winifred happily says she has not seen him all day. She says she was tickled to see this morning that Adam's bed had not been slept in all night. Winifred is assuming Adam stayed in Liza's room. "He didn't sleep here last night?" Liza asks her. Winifred realizes that her assumption was incorrect and doesn't know what to say. Adam walks in, and Winifred runs out of the room. Adam asks Liza what she's doing in his bedroom.

At the boathouse, Greenlee recalls a happy time with Leo and angrily throws an oar into the water. "How am I going to live without you?" she ponders. Trey steps from the shadows and offers to help Greenlee, if she'll let him. "You want to help? Bring Leo back," she snaps. She asks Trey if he knows what it's like to wake up alone after losing a love. Trey tells her he doesn't know what it's like. He talks kindly about Leo, saying that he made him feel like he mattered. Greenlee calms down, telling Trey that Leo liked him. She asks Trey why he didn't come to Leo's memorial service. Trey says he didn't feel like he belonged there, and didn't want to spoil it. Also, he didn't know how to say goodbye to a brother he didn't have time to love. Kendall watches from the bushes. Trey tells Greenlee that no one has ever taken a chance on him. He tells Greenlee it would mean a lot to him if she would give him a chance. Suddenly, several reporters rush Greenlee and Trey and begin peppering them with questions. They ask Trey about the diamonds he found and whether he used them to cut a deal with the district attorney. "You bastard," Greenlee says to Trey. "You are despicable." Kendall urges Greenlee to not blow up in front of the "blood suckers." Greenlee tells Kendall and Trey that she hates them both. Intruder reporter, Daniel Steele, pushes his way to the front of the mob of reporters and urges them all to leave and give Greenlee some privacy. The reporters leave and Steele tells Greenlee he's very sorry for her loss. Steele leaves as well. Trey tells Greenlee he can explain about the diamonds, but Greenlee tells him he let Leo die to get those diamonds. Trey tells her that he thought the diamonds were important, but he realizes he was wrong. Greenlee tells him she can't stand the site of him. "Why didn't you let me die?" she asks him. As Greenlee and Trey argue, Steele is in the background videotaping the entire scene. Trey tells Greenlee he could not keep the diamonds, but she says he used them to buy his freedom. "The wrong person died," she said. Suddenly, Steele is right in front of them with his camera. Greenlee confronts him, and they struggle. Steele is hit in the face and is holding his nose. "What did you do?" he asks her.

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