AMC Update Friday 10/25/02

All My Children Update Friday 10/25/02

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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A disheveled Adam and Brooke come downstairs after a night of passion. Brooke can't believe they overslept. He asks what's for breakfast. "Are you crazy?" she asks him. There is a knock on the door. It is Tad. Adam tells her to open the door, but she says she won't until he hides. Tad keeps knocking, telling Brooke he's not going away. Brooke pushes Adam into another room and runs to open the door, all the while trying to adjust her rumpled clothing. Tad asks her if she's OK, and whether she got dressed in the closet. He asks her if she wants an escort to Leo's memorial service. Brooke does not realize that it is today. Tad tells her it is at the Wildwind Chapel and Brooke says she cannot go there. Tad understands and asks to take her to lunch. Brooke just wants Tad to leave, saying she needs to go to work. "I have a magazine to put to bed," she says. Tad quips "I'm interested in who you took to bed last night." He next says he's just teasing her, and Brooke ushers him to the door. After Tad is gone, Brooke tells Adam that this can never happen again, and it was a mistake. Adam asks her since when have they worried about doing the right thing. Brooke asks Adam what he's going to say to Liza about being gone all night. He says Liza will not even notice.

Bianca is at the boathouse mourning Leo. She puts a flower in a boat, telling Leo it is for him. "Leo, please don't leave me," she says quietly. Erica and Maggie find her. Bianca tells them she didn't have a chance to say goodbye. Erica tells Bianca that Leo knew that she loved him. Maria goes to see Edmund to thank him for their date last night. She asks him about the florist she saw, and Edmund tells her that the flowers are for Leo's memorial service. Maria questions Edmund about the service, and Edmund shows her a newspaper with the headline reading that Vanessa and Leo were declared dead. Maria reads the article while Edmund is in the next room. She starts breathing heavy, and decides she needs some fresh air. She runs out and goes to the chapel, where Leo's service is taking place.

At the service, David walks to Leo's casket, which is adorned with beautiful yellow flowers and a large photo of Leo. David begins eulogizing his brother, saying he wasn't religious but had a strong faith that was steadfast. He challenges anyone in the room to show him a man who was more loved than Leo. He talks about the strong love between Leo and Greenlee. He urges the mourners not to cry, because Leo would not have wanted it. He says if there was a joke he could think of, Leo would want him to tell it. David sits down by Greenlee and tells her she doesn't have to speak. But she wants to. Greenlee stands up and thanks everyone for loving her husband. Maria peeks into the service from the back of the room. After the service is over and people leave, Maria walks in and expresses her sympathy to David. She asks David why he has a hard time admitting his feelings. David says people in his profession are trained to bury their feelings. Suddenly, Maria has a flashback, remembering David burying something just before he found her. She gets a startled look on her face and runs out of the chapel. Greenlee goes to the boathouse, where a boat is now filled with flowers. A tearful Greenlee puts a yellow rose on the boat and pushes it into the water. "Goodbye my love, my angel, my life," she says.

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