AMC Update Wednesday 10/23/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 10/23/02

By Bridget
Pictures by Juanita
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Greenlee is missing from her hotel room. David tries to find her. He shows up at her apartment, where he remembers the past. He wishes Leo would have listened to him when he told him to go to Paris, instead of helping him. He feels very guilty. Anna shows up, and he keeps blaming himself. He talks about when his Dad died and Vanessa took him away from the house he grew up in. He kept going back to remember his dad. At that moment, he realized he knows where Greenlee is. We see Greenlee at Miller Falls.

Marion runs into Adam at the hospital. It appears he is trying to patch things up with Liza but is not successful. Marion and Adam argue. Later, Tad shows up and argues with him. Tad tells Adam he is getting what he deserves.

Brooke tells Isabella that she received the annulment papers in the mail. Isabella tells Brooke that she is very strong to have told Isabella. They both agree that they hope that some day Isabella can forgive Brooke for what she did. Isabella tells Brooke she knows she is sorry, she can see it. Tad shows up, and finally Brooke asks him to leave her alone. She doesn't need a baby sitter.

With Mateo's help, Edmund recreates his and Maria's first date by turning Mateo's place into a country bar. Maria thinks it is great. They dance together. Maria tells Edmund it is a lot like a bar she used to go to, and he asks her about it. Edmund asks her if she misses Nevada, and her response is "Not at the moment". Edmund tells Maria that this night is better than their first date. He later tells Mateo that he knows her heart remembers.

Trey convinces Kendall to help him get the diamonds from Miller Falls. He can't swim, so he needs her to go into the water for him. At first, he has no intentions of helping her by climbing the cliff and dropping some rocks to see where they might land. But he later gives in. She didn't find any diamonds in the water, and Trey is very unhappy. But she does find the bag of diamonds that were hanging on the ledge. Trey eventually is very happy, they are going to be rich.

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