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All My Children Update Monday 10/21/02

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Aidan takes Anna into the hospital chapel. He tells her that she is so used to taking care of everyone that she is not taking care of herself. Anna is just concerned about Leo and David. She says Leo always brought out the best in David. Aidan tells Anna that David barely looked at her just now. She needs someone to take care of her, he says. If she won't do it, he will move into the Valley Inn with her and look after her, he says. Anna tells him to look after his friend, Maureen.

Maria is looking for Dr. McMillian, but runs into his associate, who says she is familiar with her case. Maria tells this doctor that she has had a flash of memory, and wants to remember more. She wonders if hypnosis would be a good idea for her. The doctor tells her that it could do more harm than good to remember too much too fast, but Maria says she has to think of more than herself. Edmund, Sammy, and Maddie all have a stake in this, she says. Edmund enters the scene just in time to hear Maria talking about her family. He stands in the background listening as the doctor tells Maria that remembering too much may be more than she can deal with right now. The doctor advises sticking with the present plan of recovery, and says there likely will be other flashes of memory. But she says she will talk to Dr. McMillian about hypnosis. She walks away, telling Maria that the people who care about her will wait. Edmund tells Maria that the doctor is right. He asks whether it's true -- did she remember something? Maria says she did, but the doctors want her to take it slow. Edmund says he knows a way to help her remember. He asks her to go out with him tonight. He knows of a place where she can let her hair down and relax. Maria looks interested, but then remembers that she has plans. Edmund turns around and sees Aidan standing behind him. Maria says she'll take a raincheck. Edmund tells her to name the date. Aidan interrupts, saying that he can't make his dinner date with Maria tonight because something came up. She is free to go with Edmund, he says. Maria agrees and Edmund leaves, saying he'll make the reservations. Maria asks Aidan what came up. He says he is moving out of the Pine Cone Motel. Maria begs him not to move out on her account. Aidan tells her he is moving to the Valley Inn to care for Anna. Maria apologizes for assuming she was the reason he was moving out. Aidan tells her he wants to help her get her memory back, and if that means leaving her alone so she can be with Edmund, so be it. Maria tells Aidan he's been a godsend to her. She says she is going to miss him. As they say their goodbyes, Edmund is watching from behind. After Aidan leaves, Edmund tells her that maybe this date isn't such a good idea. Maria tells him she wants to go out with him, and Edmund agrees to pick her up. After Maria leaves, Edmund goes to the pay phone and calls Mateo. He asks for a favor -- "Something that could bring Maria back to all of us."

Trey is watching TV news accounts of the accidents. He listens as the report says Vanessa and Leo are presumed dead. Kendall walks in and is talking on the phone to the Pine Valley Bulletin. She tells the caller to hang on, and tells Trey that the paper wants him to give a quote. Trey says no comment. Kendall tells the Bulletin that Trey will have to get back to them, because he is weighing other interview offers. Kendall tries to talk to Trey, who just stares at the ground. She asks him to talk to her, knowing that he is grieving since he just lost his mother and brother.. Trey gets defensive. He says he's glad his mother is dead. And he only knew Leo for something like five minutes. There is a knock on the door. It is Jack wanting to talk to Trey about the trouble he is in. Kendall tells Jack that everyone is calling Trey a hero for rescuing Greenlee. Jack asks what he's going to be called once it gets out that he stole someone's identity and burned Erica's house down. Jack asks Trey about the flight to San Francisco he planned to take, even though he is not supposed to leave town. Trey says he wasn't leaving town. Kendall interrupts, saying she was the one going to San Francisco. She tells Jack that she was watching a motorcycle convention on TV and saw Ryan in the background, so she was going there to look for him. A disbelieving Jack asks her why the ticket was paid for by Trey in his name. Kendall says her card is maxed out. Trey says he was going to drive Kendall to the airport and be there in case she was questioned about his name being on the ticket. Jack says he wishes one of them had gone to San Francisco, because together they're a nightmare. He leaves but not before warning Trey that he better not try to leave town because he'll know about it. After he's gone, Trey pours a two drinks and toasts his sister, telling her she is amazing. No one has stuck up for him like that before, he says. Kendall smiles, then pours the drink on him. Trey wants to know what that was for. Kendall says it was for him lying to her and making her think that he wanted to be her brother. All the while he was planning to cut out on her. She says he would have been gone had Leo not called him last night. Trey admits she is right. He says he doesn't have what it takes to be a brother. All his life his family ignored him, and he didn't want to do the same to her. He says he didn't know what it was to be a brother until Leo showed him. He begs Kendall for one more chance to be a brother to her, but instead she packs her bag and tells him she is moving out. She tells him that he is right that he would probably disappoint her. She says she is not going to let that happen. After she walks out, Trey talks to himself. "Fine, if you don't want me as a brother, I know who does."

Greenlee's mother, Mary, is relieved to see her father has arrived at the hospital. She tells him that Greenlee has snapped and isn't facing reality. Inside her room, Greenlee is on the phone, snapping at someone and insisting that she will pay whatever it takes for a search and rescue operation. Greenlee's mother, grandfather, Jake, and David walk into her room. She looks at them eagerly, asking if Leo was found. David tells her that rescuers have looked up and down the river and have found nothing. He says they have changed their mission from a rescue operation to a recovery operation. Greenlee demands to know why everyone is giving up on Leo. She says he survived being raised by his monster of a mother, so he can survive anything. She orders them out of her room and says she won't give up until she sees concrete evidence. Anna walks in, telling Greenlee and David that something has been found. It's not a body, but it is something that Greenlee will need to identify. A policeman enters with Leo's leather jacket. It is handed to Greenlee in silence. As she stares at it, tears roll down her face. Anna asks if Leo was wearing the jacket, and Greenlee nods her head. David tells her he's sorry. "Don't say your sorry," Greenlee snaps. "There's nothing to be sorry about." She says someone as alive as Leo could not be here one day and gone the next. She says she and Leo were more connected than anyone on the planet, and she would feel it if he were gone. She is not feeling it. She asks David and Anna to leave, and they walk out. David tells Jake that Greenlee needs to see a grief counselor. Alone in her room, Greenlee is hugging Leo's jacket and crying.

David goes to the chapel, where Anna follows him. She asks him if praying helps him. David says he wouldn't know because he couldn't do it. He says he believes in science, logic, and things that make sense. This makes no sense, he says. Anna says she's sorry. "I can't tell you how much I hate that word right now," David says. Anna says if there's anything she can do, just ask. David says there is something she can do. It's about their baby. He asks Anna to promise to raise their child in a safe and loving home. He says Leo never had that. If he had, he would be alive. Anna gives David her word she will love their child. David walks out.

Aidan goes to the Valley Inn bar and orders a drink. As he walks to a table, he stumbles over a suitcase. He looks down and sees Kendall. "It looks like we're going to be neighbors again," she tells him.

Greenlee is on the phone to arrange for a helicopter and rescue team. The doctor who was talking to Maria walks into her room, telling her it would help her if she leaned on her family. Greenlee says they're no help because they've written Leo off. The doctor tells her anger is the first stage of grief. Greenlee orders the doctor out of her room. In the hallway, a woman is asking a nurse to see Greenlee. It is about her husband, she says. Greenlee asks the woman what she knows about her husband. They go into Greenlee's room, and the woman sees Leo's jacket laying on her bed. Just as David and Trey enter her room, the woman tells Greenlee "Your husband is alive."

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