AMC Update Friday 10/18/02

All My Children Update Friday 10/18/02

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
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Edmund is showing Maria around Wildwind, and she is impressed. She says it's like walking back in time. She quizzes him about his background, and Edmund tells her about when he learned about his true parentage. They sit down to eat breakfast, and the children come in to join them. Maddie won't eat her eggs because they're too runny, and Maria says she feels the same way about runny eggs. Edmund notes that the Maria he knew as his wife felt the same way. Sammy tells Maria that his favorite subject is spelling, and he spells some words for her. Suddenly, he is choking on his food. Maria rushes to him and squeezes his chest until the food comes out of his mouth. He is fine. Edmund takes the children to their rooms to prepare for school. When he returns, Maria tells him Sammy should see a doctor. Edmund says he just did. Maria insists what she did was nothing special. She is trained in CPR, she says. But Edmund sees it as signs of the old Maria. She tells him she's afraid she'll disappoint him, because he knows how much he wants the old Maria back. Edmund says he has promised he won't pressure her. Maria asks Edmund what she was really like behind closed doors. He tells her she was heaven on earth. He tells her that she used to perform a line dance called the tush push. Maria laughs. He recalls seeing her at the country-western bar, and how she took his breath away. When she asked him to dance, he felt like John Travolta in Urban Cowboy. Maria comments about how they are starting to build a relationship between them. Now she must go, but she wants to say goodbye to the kids first.

Brooke is at the boathouse waiting for a phone call. Tad finds her and asks why she hasn't returned all his phone messages. Brooke apologizes and explains that she is waiting for a call from Laura. She tells Tad that Leo and Vanessa have died, and she wants to tell Laura before she hears it on the news. Brooke is nervous, but Tad tries to get her to calm down and enjoy the scenery at the boathouse. Brooke says she can't relax. She's worried about her daughter. Tad says he's worried about her. He says Laura may take the news easier than she thinks, but he hates seeing Brooke so sad. Brooke says she hates it to, but she can't help it. Laura calls, and Brooke tells her she needs to tell her something. After hanging up, Brooke tells Tad that Laura took the news better than she expected. Tad tells Brooke to stop worrying -- Laura will grieve in her own way. He tells Brooke he's more worried about her, because she's killing herself by trying to get Maria back with Edmund. Brooke tells Tad about her questions over Maria's memory loss. She says her research indicates that someone would not remember anything before a major trauma, but Maria remembers giving Maddie to her. She says that might mean that the plane crash wasn't the cause of Maria's memory loss. She says there's a big piece of the puzzle missing.

David tells Anna that Leo can't be dead. Anna says she could be wrong, but divers will be searching the water for bodies. An officer approaches and tells Anna that he did not get a clean shot at Vanessa. As David listens, the officer says it appears Leo was protecting his wife when he and Vanessa fell into the water. Officers bring Greenlee to the area, and David insists on checking her out. All Greenlee cares about is finding Leo. She throws off a blanket put on her by Anna. Leo could be hurt and everyone is just standing around, she says. Greenlee's mother rushes in to comfort her daughter, but Greenlee isn't interested in her comfort. David wants to take her to the hospital, but she says she's not leaving without Leo. She tells how Leo reached down to her and pulled her to safety. He's waiting for her, she says. She rushes to find him, when Trey grabs her to stop her. "Let me go," she shouts, repeatedly calling Leo's name. Anna, Trey, and Mary hold onto Greenlee while David gives her a shot to calm her down. Paramedics put her on a stretcher. As Greenlee begins to calm, she tells them her name is "Mrs. Leo du Pres." She is taken to the hospital, where Jake sees her and orders tests. Bianca and Maggie come to the hospital and see David and asks if it's true. David says it is, Leo is gone. David thanks Trey for helping at the scene, but Trey says he didn't do anything. "We lost our brother. Vanessa killed him," he says. "Welcome to the family," David responds. As Jake examines Greenlee, she comments that he's not sorry this happened. Jake hated Leo, she says. She remembers the horrible things Jake said about Leo. "When I think of all the time I wasted with you when I could have been with Leo," she says. She doesn't want him as her doctor and tells him to leave her alone. David walks in and says he'll take care of her. Jake hesitates because David doesn't have hospital privileges, but he relents. David asks Greenlee to tell him where it hurts. Anna walks into the room, and David tells her Greenlee will be fine. Anna tells him not to even think about blaming himself. David says it's his fault Leo was still in Pine Valley. He was on his way to Paris, but he begged him to stay. Anna tells him that Vannesa killed Leo.

Trey goes to the hospital chapel, where Kendall finds him. A forelorn Trey tells her that he was finally seeing a point to living by having a family. Yesterday, he had a mother and two brothers, one of whom didn't hate him. Now all he is left with is one lousy brother. Kendall tells him that he's forgetting he also has a sister.

Maria goes to the hospital, where she sees David in the hallway. She has a flashback remembering David burying something in the sand. David returns to Greenlee's room. Greenlee tells him that Leo will be found, and they will still go to Paris. David tells her that Leo is dead. Greenlee says Leo can't be dead because he saved her. David tells her that it was Trey that saved her. She just thought it was Leo. "He's alive, I know he is," Greenlee says. David tells her he will always be alive in her heart.

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