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All My Children Update Thursday 10/17/02

By Shawn
Pictures by Juanita
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Simone and Frank are liplocked in total near ecstasy when Frank spoils the moment by letting out a yawn. He apologizes for doing so, and blames having only six hours sleep in a three day period. Simone suggests they head to bed; an offer that Frank gladly accepts. Simone puts the brakes on their amorous destination by saying that she does not believe that it is a good idea because she wants to be fair with him about this. She states that while she likes Frank, she knows that the last person she slept with was not the right thing to do. She says she knows that she should not have gotten involved with Roger in the first place. Frank tells her that she cannot avoid involvement with anyone and that everyone makes mistakes when it comes to the area of relationships. Simone brings up the subject of her dad losing what little respect he had for her when her affair with Roger was exposed. Frank tells her that her father's disappointment was due to his own problems and not anything having to do with Simone. She confides in Frank that she does not want to lose anyone anymore, as she did with a friend like Greenlee. Frank assures her that he is one friend that no matter what, she will not lose, and they will take their relationship to the next level only when she is ready. The two are startled by incessant pounding on the front door. They open it to find a distraught Maggie; she demands to see Myrtle. A half asleep Miss Fargate comes downstairs to see what the noise is about. Maggie says she needs to see Bianca, but Myrtle tells her that she is asleep since it is 4 o' clock in the morning. Bianca, awakened by the commotion in the living room, comes downstairs. Maggie tries to inform everyone of the dire events regarding her Aunt Vanessa and Leo, but no one is quite comprehending what she is trying to tell them. Maggie yells for them to turn the television on where all will be explained.

At Miller's Falls WRCW news reporter, Denise Stratton, is on camera informing viewers of the events that have unfolded. Miss Stratton says that she is at the junction of County Road 20 and one of the access roads leading to the summit to Miller's Falls. The reporter says traffic has been rerouted due to the perilous situation, and Chief Devane will not allow anyone to get close to the scene; she says that at present she and her news crew are a half mile downstream from the falls. The news reporter states that the hostages are being held at the Crossover Bridge. She tells the viewers at home that Miller's Falls is a popular scenic attraction that commands breathtaking views of the waterfall as it cascades over a 100 foot drop to the rapids of the Hooskenny River below. The reporter states that things have taken a turn for the worse as shots have been fired at the scenic overlook at the falls. She identifies the name of the crazed gunman as well as the hostages.

Kendall is awakened by pounding on her door. She thinks it is her brother, but she is surprised when she opens the door to find a bevy of reporters pelting her with questions. The newshounds ask her how she feels about the drama unfolding at Miller's Falls, and they inform her that Trey Kenyon is being held hostage by Proteus. Kendall confirms to the reporters that Trey is more than just her roommate, he is her brother. The apathetic newsman tells Kendall that her brother could already be dead. Palmer arrives and after threatening to sue WRCW, gets the reporters to leave. He tells Kendall that after he was accosted at the hotel, he assumed that they would be coming for Kendall next. Palmer turns the television on, and the two of them watch the coverage of the situation at the falls. Kendall wants to go to the site, but Palmer says he knows if they will not let him through, that Kendall does not stand a chance of gaining access. Kendall asks him why was he trying to get up there, and he replies because of his ex wife, Vanessa. She informs Palmer that Trey is her brother, and no matter what horrible things he has done to her, he is family. She is still worried for his safety. Palmer can empathize with Kendall, because he says his daughter, Nina, despite the wretched things he did to her, still loves him. She details the things Trey has done to her since coming to Pine Valley; setting fire to Erica's house, trying to frame her for the crime, and causing her to lose Ryan. Palmer says the only reason she lost Ryan was because he was a fool. Kendall tells Palmer that he does not know what he is talking about. Palmer says it was Ryan's fault, and that he should have been a man instead of an infant; he should have tried talking with Kendall to discern the truth or even attempted to fight the guy. Kendall recalls Ryan leaving on the motorcycle as she repeatedly yelled that it was not what he thought. She tells Palmer that Ryan was everything that she had ever wanted and thought she could not have. Kendall says if Ryan had been here, he would have went up the falls and tried to rescue Leo, Greenlee, and Trey; he never walked away from a fight. Palmer reminds her that Ryan walked away from her and that he did not love her as she truly deserved to be loved. He tells Kendall that Ryan was a fool not to see what a great person Kendall truly is. Kendall thanks Palmer for the kind words, however misplaced they were, and says that she does not deserve Palmer. Palmer tells her that though she may not see he is right now because she is young, she will someday know he is telling the truth.

Back at Miller's Falls, Anna repeatedly orders David to stay where he is and denies his impassioned pleas to go to Vanessa and try and reason with her. Anna gets confirmation that shots were fired. One of Anna's policeman radios her and tells her that the sharpshooters are moving into position; however, she has a hard time hearing due to the roar of the falls and the helicopters overhead. The men say that as soon as they get a break in the trees, if she so desires, they can take Mrs. Cortlandt down. David begs for her to allow him up there because he knows he can help and Vanessa won't kill her own son. Anna counters by asking if this is true, why is he worried about Leo's safety. David says Leo might screw up or try to push Vanessa. Anna tells the policemen that no one is to gain access without her permission. She tells David that the only reason that she is allowing him to get as close to the scene as she is is because he is family. She restates her goal of trying to save lives. David tells her that if anything happens to him, he will not hold the police responsible, but Anna responds by telling her men not to allow David any closer; he is to be arrested if he tries to leave the general area. David tells his ex-wife that he can make a difference. Anna says that because so many lives are at stake they have to take things slowly. She says Vanessa is unpredictable as she has already threatened the hostage negotiator and Greenlee. Anna feels as though if anyone can handle Vanessa that Leo can, but he will not be able to help since he has a gun pointed at his head. Anna agrees with David that there was not anyway anyone could have predicted these turn of events. David says he wants to give Leo back his life and the happiness that he deserves. Anna refuses David yet again and tells her men because Vanessa is so mad and unstable, if they can get a clean shot to take her out.

At the overlook, Leo yells in desperation for his wife, whom he believes has fallen into the water. He calls for Greenlee to answer him if she can hear his voice. In anger, Leo throws the remaining diamonds into the water. Leo screams at his deranged mother that they do not have a future together, and that he is going to kill her with his bare hands. On the ledge below, Greenlee lies unconscious. Leo spies her and tells his mom that if she is hurt that Vanessa is dead. Vanessa rues the fact that she brought her son to Pine Valley in the first place. She tells Leo that they can start over and go anywhere in the world. Leo fighting back tears, advances towards his mother and tells her that since his wife is dead, he does not want to leave, and the gun does not scare him anymore. Vanessa tells her son that she cannot stand to hear him talk like that. He begins to choke Vanessa until he hears Greenlee weakly calling out to him. It is hard to hear her voice over the roar of the falls, but Leo can understand her calling out his name, and sees her moving on the ledge below. As Leo tries to make his way down to his injured wife, Vanessa begins madly firing the gun at Greenlee. Leo screams for his wife to get out of the way and for his mother to drop the gun. In the ensuing gunfire, Greenlee slips off the cliff and is clinging to a tiny branch. Trey spots Leo running to his mother to stop her from firing the gun. Leo and Vanessa struggle over the gun, fall against the wooden fence railing, and as the wood breaks the two tumble off the overlook and over the falls. As they watch the events unfold, Trey and Greenlee scream in vain for their loved one.

Back at the police command post, Anna watches in horror as she sees Leo and Vanessa fall. She has to inform David that she saw Leo and his mother go over the falls. David ignores her pleas to stop and races up the stairs.

Greenlee continues to cling to the branch as Trey hears her calling for help. Trey fighting his vertigo tells himself over and over not to look down. As he reaches out to Greenlee, she tells him Leo went over the falls, and he has to find him and help him. Tey tells her that first he has to help Greenlee, and he climbs slowly over the railing.

Back at Myrtle's boarding house, Maggie tells the others that she tried to get up to the falls but the roads were blocked. Myrtle, Simone, Frank, Bianca, and Maggie listen in shock and horror to the reporter describing the latest developments at Miller's Falls. The reporter announces that two people have fallen over the Crossover Bridge that spans Miller's Falls; they dropped 100 foot to the raging rapids of the Hooskenny River. The newslady tentatively identifies the victims as Vanessa Cortlandt; Selena, Kansas native and star of films such as "Noah and the Great Flood" and Mrs. Cortlandt's son, Leo Dupres. She says that police have lost sight of the other two hostages, and due to the 100 foot drop to the rapids and rocks below the ridge that no one could have survived. Bianca and the others break down in tears.

Trey continues trying to rescue Greenlee as she asks him where Leo is. Greenlee fights him as she demands that he find Leo. Trey says Leo is gone, but Greenlee vehemently disagrees. Trey mistakenly calls Greenlee "Greens," Leo's nickname for her, and she tells him not to call her that. She wants to go to Leo, and she imagines that it is he who is rescuing her. Greenlee tells her husband that she thought he was gone, but he replies that he could never leave her. He tells her to give him her other hand like she did when they were married. Leo says their love is forever, now and always, and she is safe now. She awakens to find Trey beside her. He tells her that she is going to be okay now. Greenlee, confused, asks Trey where Leo went to and tells him that he was there just a moment ago.

Anna orders a car to the access road to the river to try and locate David; she says they do not need another citizen going into the rapids. The police confirm that Leo did take the plunge with Vanessa and that they have not seen any bodies surface. Anna tells the officer to get to Trey and Greenlee because they are in serious jeopardy. The police arrive with a handcuffed David; they say he was in the water and they were trying to keep him from drowning. Anna tells the policeman to uncuff David and tells her ex husband to stay there. David tearfully proclaims that if anything happened to Leo that he could not live with himself. Anna confirms David's worst fears when she states that Leo is truly gone.

Back in the raging whitewater rapids, Leo turns up very much alive, at least for the moment, as he fights the current and struggles to hold onto a branch floating in the water. However, the ferocity of the swift flowing current of the rapids and his injuries prove too much, and Leo loses his tenuous grip on the branch and is swept under the water. As the scene fades to black, the lone branch amidst the chaos of the rushing water is shown, and Leo is nowhere in sight. Has the river claimed two lives, or one, or perhaps none? Stay tuned!

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