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All My Children Update Wednesday 10/16/02

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Erica is lamenting over losing her house and not having anything left when Chris reminds her that she still has him and Bianca. Chris is in the middle of planning Erica's new home theater system when a call from the bureau comes in. The message is regarding Vanessa' s escape, and Agent Stamp's first inclination is to dart out the door; however, he stops himself and turns back. Erica questions this strange behavior, and tells Chris that if he does not go after Vanessa they have no future together. She tells her lover that he cannot not do his work just to make her feel secure. Erica says she will not let fear win, and she wants Chris to go do his duty.

Anna, in a panic, rushes up to David's cabin to inform him that his crazed mother has escaped yet again. Vanessa is said to be armed and still somewhere in Pine Valley. She tells David that his brother and Greenlee are missing. David reacts by trying to phone Leo only to get a message telling of his and Greenlee's departure to Paris. David breaths a sigh of relief knowing that his brother and Greenlee are safe. David tells Anna that he told Leo to grab their happiness while it is still available. David, content in the knowledge that his sibling is out of harm's way, steers the topic back to he and Anna.

He tells Anna that he knows she came up to the cabin because she missed him and he shows her the cradle he is building for the baby. Anna says the cradle is inappropriate. David disagrees and tries to get Anna to admit that she still cares for him. Anna says that she wanted to make sure that Vanessa had not gotten a hold of him; despite the fact that she loathes him, she does not want to see him end up dead. Anna receives a call that confirms their worst fears; Vanessa was spotted and Leo and Greenlee were with her. David and she race out the door.

Erica visits her mother, Mona's, grave to have a heartfelt conversation with her. She tells Mona that she did not realize how much she counted on her to get her through the bad times until Mona was gone. Erica confesses that she pushed her mother away because she had to prove to herself that she did not need anybody, and her darkest fear was to be left alone. Erica recalls her father abandoning her and everyone else after "that night." She feels like she is always being left alone. Biance arrives and overhears her mother's conversation. Bianca tells her mother that she guesses now they finally have something in common. Erica tells her daughter she does not want to pass on her fear of being alone. Bianca reluctantly tells her mother about her relationship problems when it comes to girls. She says that she keeps falling into the same trap by being attracted to girls that cannot give her back in return that which she needs. She says maybe it is safer that way, and she cannot get hurt. Bianca tells Erica, that in that respect, she and her mother are one in the same. She tells her mother that she wants more from Maggie. Erica tells her the best thing to do is pretend that she and Maggie never met. Bianca misinterprets this statement and says she should have known that Erica was the last person in the world that she could talk to about Maggie. Erica says it has nothing to do with the fact that she does not want Bianca with girls but with Bianca transferring her feelings from the deceased Frankie to her twin, Maggie. Erica reassures her daughter that there will be the right one for her someday. She wishes for Bianca to find the love of her life and be happy. They both agree to take a chance on someone willing to take a chance on them and hug for the first time in ages. After Erica leaves, Bianca tells her grandmother that she and her mother both want the same thing in someone to love, one who will love them back.

Trey and his brother Leo arrive at the overlook at Miller's Falls. Leo tries to phone his mother but unbeknownst to him she has tossed the phone into the water. Leo says there is a way to the top via the stairs. Trey tells his brother that from here on out he is on his own. After some cajoling, Trey hesitantly tells him that he suffers from vertigo and he is scared of heights. Leo forces him to get over it and climb the steps; Trey talks himself up each stair and continues his ascent. Vanessa continues to hold a frightened Greenlee at gunpoint on a cliff by the waterfall. She tells her daughter-in-law that she came to this spot for two reasons. One of which is because it is such a romantic spot for Leo and Greenlee to say their final farewells, and she does mean 'final.' She says the other reason for coming up to the falls is because she hid the true Proteus money here. She is not worried about Greenlee telling anyone since dead debutantes tell no tales. Vanessa says she will pull this off because the third time is the charm. She is confident that Leo will always choose her first and when Greenlee is gone, he will finally have the one important love of his life, Vanessa. The crazed Mrs. Cortlandt tells Greenlee that the phony stock certificates was simply her version of Alfred Hitchcock's macguffin or red herring intended to throw the authorities off the track. Vanessa says that a mother's love knows no bounds and she is confident that her son will not call the police. She knows he will come to the rescue of the girl he "thinks" he loves. Greenlee informs her mother-in-law that she did not buy her 'Nessa' act for one moment, and she does not understand how she could have fooled the doctors. Vanessa intimates that she bribed the physicians to go along with her act. Vanessa then speaks of Richard Fields, and Greenlee realizes that she was there when Erica was raped. Vanessa says a young girl's life could have been spared but then their lives would have turned out differently. Vanessa says she followed Fields that night to Erica's house and saw him through the window coming on to the young Miss Kane. She walked away because she had no idea Richard would go that far. She also says the reason she did not keep Trey was because David's father would not accept another man's child. Once again, her thoughts turn to Leo as she says this is his last chance to love and be loved, and Greenlee cannot be allowed to interfere. Greenlee tries to run but Vanessa stops her. At this moment, Leo arrives and orders Vanessa to let his wife go. She reiterates the magnitude of her love for her son, and Leo tells her to prove it by letting Greenlee go. Vanessa tells her son of the diamonds; the true Proteus fortune. She offers Leo a deal that if he brings her the diamonds she will let Greenlee go. Vanessa says the diamonds are buried in a strong box under the falls. After he goes off in search of the jewels, Vanessa tells Greenlee that she could never deny her son anything.

The police arrive at Miller's Falls. Anna and David learns Vanessa is holding a hostage on the overlook. David's first instinct is to rush to the top, but Anna tells him not to go up there. David says Leo and Greenlee are the only family he has left now, and he has to help them. Anna begs him to stay put for the time being. Meanwhile, back on top of the overlook Vanessa hints to the inescapable fact that she is going to kill Greenlee no matter what she promised. She says sudden endings are best for all involved. Leo arrives back with the diamonds, and tells his mother that if she touches Greenlee she can kiss the diamonds good-bye.

He holds the bag of jewels over the water and one by one starts dropping them into the water. He pleads with his mother to understand the fact that Greenlee is the only future he cares about. Vanessa says Greenlee is the only thing that is standing between her and Leo. A desperate Greenlee lunges at her mother and they struggle over the gun again; the gun fires once more and Greenlee screams for her husband as she falls off the cliff.

Leo cries out in horror for his beloved wife.

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