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All My Children Update Tuesday 10/15/02

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Adam, while searching for the whereabouts of JR, runs into Liza in the Chandler study. Adam appears to be softening up a bit in regard to his feelings for Mrs. Chandler as he offers to help her fight the embezzlement charges currently pending. Liza, in turn, tries to be of assistance in regard to the matter of JR being MIA from school since early September. When Adam confronts his son about his inordinate amount of absences,, as well as other bad behavior, JR tells his father to drop dead and that he is leaving. Adam, needless to say, is not amiable over this news. JR blames Adam for never being there for him and storms out. Liza tells Adam that if he wishes to know what is going on with his son to follow her. The two end up in the attic of the mansion where Liza shows Adam the miniature shrine that JR has been keeping of his 'deceased' mother Dixie; this includes a teddy bear from his childhood that he used to protect him when he was scared and a picture of Dixie. Also, Liza shows Adam a one way bus ticket to New York City that she found.

Adam cannot comprehend why JR would keep these things up in the attic, or what exactly is the root of his son's problems. Liza tells Adam that JR is lost and that these things in the attic represent all that he has does not have anymore. Adam reminds Liza that he sacrificed his reputation for his son, and he will not stand by and let the Chandler name be soiled. Liza tells Adam that JR needs to know that Adam loves him and that issuing a bunch of ultimatums will only make JR run. She also says that by ruining each other they are ruining the kids. Liza tells Adam that the first step in helping his son is to respect his privacy. Later, Liza and Adam find Colby sitting in JR's lap; she has apparently had yet another nightmare. Liza leaves to take Colby back to bed while Adam, without mincing words, states what JR is going to do. He tells his son that he will drive JR to school in the morning himself and he will catch up, and that he will eventually be at the top of his class. Adam's demeanor changes as he apologizes for not being there for JR, and admits that he broke his own promise of being a better father for JR following Dixie's death. Adam wants to still make a difference in his son's life, and asks him to forgive him. JR says that he does not know if he can forgive his father and that if everyone else does not do as Adam wants them to do then JR feels Adam cannot love them. He tells his father of the many nightmares that Colby has had since Adam took her away from Pine Valley for two months. After JR goes off to bed, Adam admits to Liza that he knows of only one way to love. Liza tells him to let her help him to do things differently with a more positive outcome.

Trey books a one way flight to San Franciso, and when Kendall overhears him, he lies and says he is merely taking a vacation at the end of the month. Kendall feels as though Trey is freaked out because he put the moves on his own sister, and he agrees that the thought of what could have been does make him feel awkward. Kendall also tells her brother that she knows he lied about Vanessa telling him their father, Richard Fields, had a kind side to him. She says that if she had a brother growing up then perhaps she might not have messed up so much, and it would have helped her get through a lot of rough times. She informs a surprised Trey that she will miss him while he is gone on vacation; he has someone waiting for him to come home now as well. Kendall says she does not feel alone anymore and it feels good to belong to something for once in her life; the siblings embrace. Kendall continues waxing sentimental by saying, having someone to believe in you changes how you face the world. Trey says he is glad that they are family, and she has a brother that she can count on, and vice versa. After Kendall goes off to bed, an ambivalent but determined Trey says aloud that he cannot do this and proceeds to write his sister a "Dear Kendall" good-bye letter.

A homicidal and delusional Vanessa forces her way into the loft, and holds Greenlee at gunpoint. She tells her daughter-in-law that there was no way that she was going to let Greenlee take Vanessa's son away from her. Greenlee tells Vanessa that Leo will be coming back but Vanessa knows better; she is the one that placed the phony call to Leo saying David had been arrested again. Vanessa tells Greenlee that Leo will forget her and finally be free. She restates her misplaced love for her son by saying that he is her joy and no one will take him away from her. Greenlee asks her why she cannot go after her other sons. Vanessa says that David already hates her, and Trey is a stranger; Leo is the only one that truly understands her. At this moment, Bianca chooses an inopportune time to drop by the loft. Vanessa warns Greenlee to get rid of Bianca fast, but this proves difficult. Bianca says that she received a message from Leo telling her good-bye, and she wanted to see him before he and Greenlee leave for Paris. Greenlee tries repeatedly to dissuade Bianca from staying, but she insists on waiting for Leo's return. Greenlee resorts to the mean streak that lays within herself, and tells Bianca that the only reason Leo let her hang around was because he felt sorry for her. Bianca is hurt by this and finally leaves. This paves the way for Vanessa's plan to continue, but before she can get Greenlee out the door Greenlee lunges for her mad mother-in-law; she pelts her with vases and anything else she can get her hands on. This leads to a predictable struggle over the gun, and in the ensuing melee the gun goes off harmlessly into the sofa pillow.

An enraged Bianca ends up at the most popular think place in town, the boathouse, and proceeds to tear up the place to vent her anger. She runs into Maggie, and she attempts to calm her friend down. Maggie lets Bianca know that David punched her Uncle Jack. After Bianca tells Maggie what Greenlee said, Maggie offers to go back to the loft with her, so that she can say good-bye to Leo. Bianca admits that she does not want to ever say good-bye to Leo. She talks of what a great friend Leo was; always understanding and never judgmental, and someone that she could always count on. Maggie tells Bianca that she can count on her, but Bianca replies by saying she does not need another friend right now. Bianca tells Maggie, with Leo she never had to hold back on anything. She hints that she cannot tell Maggie straight out how she really feels towards her, and demands that Maggie back off. Maggie, hurt and angry, leaves.

Leo returns home as the phone rings; it is Greenlee, and she informs her husband that Vanessa is holding her hostage at gunpoint. Vanessa takes the phone from Greenlee and tells Leo that this is all for his own good. Leo is outraged and furious to say the least. He screams at his mother that he loves Greenlee and she is what is best for him. Vanessa says Greenlee will ruin all their plans, and for that reason, she cannot let her go. She tells Leo that all the future will finally be realized after so much interference in the past. She tells him she needs his help, and she wants him to get in his car, follow her directions, and drive to the designated location. Vanessa warns Leo that if he calls the police, David, or anyone else, that Greenlee will die. Vanessa ominously tells Greenlee to take a lot of deep breaths, and it wont be long now. Leo races to Trey's apartment, informs him of the situation, and asks for his help. He wants Trey to go with him to the location, but to remain hidden down on the floorboard. Trey agrees, and the two rush out the door.

This all paves the way for the showdown on Wednesday and Thursday at Millers Falls!

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