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All My Children Update Monday 10/14/02

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Greenlee tries to grab papers from Kendall's hand that contain Trey's confession that he set fire to Erica's house. Kendall won't let her have them. Greenlee asks Kendall why she won't turn them over. It is Trey who cost her Ryan, she says, so why is she helping him? Kendall tells Greenlee that Trey is her brother. This upsets Greenlee, who immediately jumps to the conclusion that Kendall is Leo's sister as well. They assure her that she is not. When Greenlee realizes that Richard Fields is their mutual parent, she says it figures. She still wants the confession and tries to grab it, but Leo stops her by picking her up and carrying her back to their apartment. Kendall hides the confession, and tells Trey that Greenlee will never find it. Trey wonders why Leo didn't call the cops to report him. Kendall guesses that maybe family is more important to Leo. Trey tells her that she's a much better sister than he deserves. He encourages her to go to bed and get some sleep. When she does, he gets on the phone to buy an airline ticket – the cheapest and fastest to anywhere.

Jake and Mia go to the park, where Jake tries to get her to tell him if Frank is the father of her son, William. He tells her he doesn't care who the father is. He's worried about their relationship. Mia tells him not to push her. Jake says if she denies that Frank is the father, he'll take her word for it. She admits that Frank is the father, and Jake thanks her for telling him. He questions her about why she has never told Frank. Just then, Frank and Simone are walking through the park and approach them. "What is fate trying to tell us?" Frank asks. Simone says it appears they interrupted something. They walk away. Mia thanks Jake for understanding the situation, but Jake says he doesn't understand it at all. He says Frank has a right to know he has a child. Mia says Frank couldn't handle it. Jake says Frank should be the one to decide that. Mia says she doesn't want to fight about this and tells Jake to drop it. He pulls her into a hug, and Mia says deep down she knows she did the right thing by not telling Frank. Jake disagrees. Mia tells him that she made a choice, and he must respect it. Mia tells Jake that she didn't tell Frank because she was afraid of him. They talk about the way Frank used to be, and the way he is now, which is completely different. Mia says the Frank she knew is not the Frank of today. She says she felt like her son needed two parents, and he could not be one. Jake says maybe she should contact the adoptive parents and work something out. Mia says she doesn't want to have William ripped away from the only family he's ever known. Jake thanks Mia for opening up to him, and says it has made them closer. He says for the first time he understands her. And he says he knows Frank is the only person who will give her what she wants – to be William's mom.

Simone and Frank go to the boathouse. Simone talks about the time she swallowed pills and alcohol, and says that was the lowest she's sunk. Frank says that was the beginning of her upturn. Simone asks Frank to tell her what he went through when he turned his life around. Frank scoops her into his arms, and says he brought her there to seduce her, not to scare her off with dark stories about himself. They stare into each other's eyes and kiss.

Brooke tells Maria that she wants to help her remember her past. She says she's come up with something that may be key. Maria asks her if she's told Edmund about this, but Brooke says she didn't because she didn't want to raise his hopes. Maria questions Brooke about her feelings for Edmund, but Brooke says she is not pursuing Edmund. Brooke says they are pursuing an annulment. Maria asks if he came up with that idea after he kissed her. Brooke says they talked about the annulment earlier today. She asks Maria to tell her more about the plane crash. Brooke wonders why Maria remembers the traumatic event of giving Maddie to her but not the actual crash itself. As Brooke continues to ask questions, Maria starts to have a panic attack. She is hyperventilating when Edmund sees them, and asks what is wrong.

Joe Martin takes Maria into a hospital room and Edmund wants to know what they were talking about. Brooke tells Edmund she was just trying to help Maria regain her memory. Edmund tells Brooke that maybe having her help with Maria's memory loss wasn't the best idea. Brooke promises to be careful with Maria, and says she wants to help. Edmund takes her hand and tells her she's incredible. Joe and Maria leave the hospital room. Joe tells Edmund and Brooke that Maria must rest and avoid stress. Edmund offers to take Maria home, and she accepts his offer.

A guard is sitting outside Vanessa's room flipping through a magazine. He gets on the phone and assures the caller that Vanessa is safe inside her room. But she is not. She has escaped through the ceiling tile and slinks out from the ceiling right behind the guard.

After Leo and Greenlee get to their apartment, Greenlee is upset that Leo is putting his family before her again. Leo gets on the phone to change their airline reservations to Paris. Greenlee assumes he is going to delay the trip, but actually he wants to move it up. It doesn't matter if there's a penalty to change the tickets because his wife is rich, he tells the airline. He makes the reservation for tonight, and Greenlee happily jumps into his arms. Leo tells her that he will write Anna from Paris telling him everything Trey has done. He says he loves her too much to let his family interfere again. They kiss and Leo starts to undress her. He says he wants to make love one last time in the United States. Greenlee wonders if they have time. Leo says they won't miss their plane no matter what. They make love on the living room couch, and Leo tells her she is the greatest thing that has ever happened to him. Greenlee tells him they need to pack, and she gets up and wraps a blanket around her. When she goes into her bedroom to pack, Leo gets on the phone. He calls Bianca and asks her to come over now so he can say goodbye. He also calls David and leaves a message that he is leaving for Paris. Then his phone rings, and he learns that David has been arrested again. He shouts to Greenlee that he'll be right back. Greenlee rushes out of her bedroom with her arms full of clothes to catch Leo before he gets away. Instead she sees Vanessa standing on the other side of the door holding a gun on her. "You and Leo will never have Paris," Vanessa says.

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