AMC Update Friday 10/11/02

All My Children Update Friday 10/11/02

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Greenlee pays a visit to Vanessa, and she asks Vanessa why she is calling Leo. Greenlee had her Grandpa call in a favor and revoke Vanessa's phone privileges. Vanessa tells Greenlee that she has something important to tell Leo. Greenlee feels it is just a cry for her to get to Leo and doesn't buy it. Greenlee tells Vanessa to tell her what it is, and she will forward it to Leo. After Greenlee leaves, Vanessa says that she will see that they don't get on the plane for Paris. Vanessa tells the guard she is turning in for the night. She eyes a get away in the ceiling and plans her escape. She says she has a plan for Greenlee


Leo is very upset by Trey's "list". He starts to attack Trey, and asks for answers. Trey pleads his case; he just wanted revenge on Vanessa. Leo starts to call the police, but Kendall won't let him. Kendall tells Leo that Trey is her brother. Trey tells them both that he needs to face up to what he has done, and that he can't hide behind his childhood all of his life. Kendall brings over a photo album, and asks who this "family" is if his was so awful. He replies that they are the Kenyans. He talks about how great they were to him. He says that when the real "Trey" died, his soul died with him. Leo seems suspicious of how "real Trey" died. Trey says that after the accident, the Kenyans didn't forgive him for not being on the boat that day. Kendall and Leo feel sorry for Trey. Greenlee walks in, and wonders why everyone is so chummy. Leo tells Greenlee what he found out about Trey. Trey apologizes to Greenlee, who doesn't want to hear it. Kendall says she won't let Greelee put Trey in prison.

Anna thinks David is scared that whatever is in the vial would put him away. David walks over to Anna and Jackson's table. David provokes Jackson, and tells him to take his best shot. Anna stands up to David when he bad mouths Jackson. David asks if Jackson will adopt his baby like he did with his so-called daughter. That is the last straw for Jackson, who stands up, and when he does David punches him. Anna steps in and David thinks that is a sign that Anna was worried about him, and that she still loves him. David is satisfied with himself.

Aidan seems bothered by Maria wanting to get her memory back. Maria tells Aidan that Edmund's kiss was very powerful, and she felt the magic that Edmund and Maria must have had. She wants to give everyone a fair chance. She says she will always wonder if she doesn't follow it through. Maria says it is her choice, and not due to pressure. She asks for Aidan's support. Maria thanks Aidan for understanding. Aidan says he will help her get her memory back. She says she wants to spend more time with her children and Edmund, but she won't be moving back into Wildwind. Aidan leaves and Maria goes back to the hospital. Once there she calls Dr. McMillan, and tells him that she wants his help to try to get her memory back...

Edmund tells Brooke that he has been approaching things wrong. He says that he needs to get to know Maria better. He thinks he can get her memory back. He asks Brooke to tell him anything she learned about "Maureen" in Nevada. She tells him about the wall that she had up in Nevada. Edmund tells Brooke that he thinks if she would let her wall down she could remember more than handing Maddie to Brooke after the crash. This triggers something, but she isn't telling Edmund. He leaves. She writes Edmund and note and heads off to the hospital on a potential lead. Brooke asks Maria for a minute of her time, and tells her that she has a theory.

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