AMC Update Thursday 10/10/02

All My Children Update Thursday 10/10/02

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Jake gets a page at the hospital, just as he and Mia are about to leave the hospital. As he makes the call, he notices that Frank says something to Mia.  He is perplexed at their connection.

Maggie is at the police station ready to rip into Anna when David and Leo come in. David asked Maggie to go to dinner with him.

Kendall tells Trey that the house is bugged.

Edmund apologizes for kissing Maria. Maria tells him that the emptiness that both of them have isn't fair, and he is making her want to be the woman he remembers. She tells him   she knows that when she was Maria, she was very lucky. Maria tells Edmund that he wants his wife back as much as she wants to be a whole complete person. Edmund asks if she has any idea how they can achieve that.

Tad asks Brooke how long she will punish herself. Tad tells Brooke that he would trade places with Edmund, and he isn't in that bad of a place. Jamie walks in and asks if every one can shut up about Edmund Grey.

Kendall goes into the house and announces that Trey found out that the place was wired. The Assistant DA comes in very unhappy with Kendall and reprimands her. Kendall asks Trey to write down every lie he has told and every awful thing he has done.

Leo tries to convince Anna to give David a chance. Anna tells Leo she can't give him any hope when it comes to her and David. Leo slipped about taking the evidence, and then tries to cover for it. Anna and Leo say goodbye.

Jake and Mia are out to dinner. Mia wonders why Jake is so distracted. He tells her he doesn't know if he should say anything, since they just found their way back to each other. Simone comes to take their order, and they are both shocked that she is working there. Dr. McMillan also comes in to notice his daughter waiting tables, and he does not look happy about it.

Maria tells Edmund that when it comes to the kids, not remembering doesn't mean that she doesn't care about them. They agree they want to get to know each other more. She walks him to the door and Aidan is standing outside the door.

Brooke defends Edmund to both Tad and Jamie. David and Maggie enter the Valley Inn where Tad, Brooke, and Jamie are having dinner.

Anna ask Jackson how a great guy like Leo can get a brother like David. Anna asks Jackson if he thinks Leo stole the evidence against David. Jackson says he has no proof. Anna tells him that Leo said something to her about it. Jackson asks if it is something that can hold up in court, she replies that it won't. He says good, and it doesn't disappoint him. He then convinces her to go to dinner with him.

Maggie tells David that she really wanted to go off on Anna. David flashes back to the day that he found Maria, she was crawling to safety, as he was. The flashback endend with David burying something or someone.

Dr. McMillan asks his daughter if this is her way of paying him back, by waiting tables. Jake tells Mia he wants to know what is going on with her and Frank. (who also has entered the restaurant). Frank tries to help Simone with ther dad, but she gets irritated. Frank goes over and says Hi to Mia and Jake.

Aidan comes in for a few minutes but starts to leave so that Maria can get some rest. She tells him she needs to tell him what happen with Edmund.

Kendall tells Trey that if he hurts her again, she will show the list of "bad deeds" to Maggie and maybe even Erica. Kendall asks Trey if she deserved what he did to her.

David defends Anna to Maggie. He tells her that he thinks Anna will come around after she has some time to think. Maggie then notices that Anna has walked in to the Valley Inn with Jackson.

Mia tells Jake that he sounds jealous. Mia tells him they knew each other a long time ago. Jake thinks about it and puts a couple things together. He asks if Frank is the father of her baby.

Trey shows his list of "bad deeds" to Leo when he shows up.

Maria tells Aidan that she and Edmund are "connected". She tells him that he (Aidan) was the first friend she has had and that he has been great to her. She also tells him that she would die if that changed. Aidan asks why that would change. Maria tells him that she made a decision tonight.  She HAS to TRY to remember being Maria Santos Grey and give it her best shot.

Edmund calls Brooke to ask her if the information she has on the research is password protected. Brooke offers to stop by the office and help him. Tad and Jamie can't believe she is so willing to help Edmund.

David is not happy that Anna is there with Jackson. Jackson realizes David is there and tells Anna, but she already knew. She tells Jackson that David valued the vile more than her or her baby. She wants to know what he is hiding.

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