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All My Children Update Wednesday 10/9/02

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Liza can’t believe that she has been served this subpoena. Adam defends her, but Liza is suspicious.

Kendall tells Jackson that Trey confessed to setting the fire to Erica’s house to her. She also tells him that they found out that Richard Field’s is his father, too. Jackson tells her that they need more evidence. He tells Kendall to go to Vanessa’s and get Trey. He says that he will wire the place while she is gone.  She just needs to get him back to the house so that they can talk.

Trey is talking to Vanessa telling her that he wants the truth about Richard Fields. Trey tells her that he and Kendall have been tested and they know they are siblings. Trey tells Vanessa that he doesn’t blame her for giving him up.

Maddie asks Edmund why her angel mommy is kissing Aidan. Edmund asks if Maria wants to answer that one. Isabella takes Maddie to the vending machine. Maria asks Aidan to step outside so she can talk to Edmund. Edmund explains to Maria what Maddie has been through and he made sure Maddie didn’t forget her. Maria tells him that her door was closed, and she didn’t know Maddie was coming. Edmund comments that her door is closed, and her memory is closed. He tells Maria that she has shut him out of her life, but don’t shut out Maddie. Maria says that she hasn’t shut Edmund out.

Kendall says she wants to pay Trey back for trying to ruin her life.

Vanessa talks to Trey about Richard Fields. He asks why they were together. Vanessa tells him that Richard needed to be seen with a grown woman some of the time. She also says that Richard needed her and told her that he would help her. Vanessa tells him that she doesn’t think evil is passed down. Trey asks what chance he could have with her as a mother and Richard Fields as a father.

Maria and Edmund argue back and forth.  Isabella knocks on the door to tell Edmund that Maddie is upset, and has some questions that Isabella thinks Edmund should answer. Edmund leaves, but Isabella wants to talk to her daughter. Isabella tries to hug Maria, but Maria pulls away. Isabella tells Maria she shouldn’t live there. Maria calls her Ma’am, and Isabella tells her she is her mother, not ma’am. Maria tells Isabella that she doesn’t remember her, and she means as much to her as that cup.

Kendall arrives, but waits outside the door as Trey and Vanessa argue. Trey tells Vanessa that the only person that would understand him is Kendall, and she hates him. He says that he hurt Kendall like everyone else in her life has. When Trey leaves, he sees Kendall at the door.

Maddie asks why her angel mommy doesn’t live with them. Maria apologizes to Isabella for being insensitive. Isabella says she realizes she should just be thankful she is alive, and that she has her back at all. Maria tells Isabella that she shouldn’t have come to Pine Valley. She says she may never remember who she was. Isabella tells Maria that Edmund would wait forever for her. Maria agrees, and says that she should leave town so that Edmund can move on. Isabella tells her that she can’t leave, and if she wants she will call her “Maureen”. Maria tells her that she doesn’t need to do that. Isabella tells Maria that her memories might not be in her head, but they are in her heart waiting to come out. Isabella talks about some proud moments and tells her that her place is here. They both are teary eyed. They start to speak in Spanish to each other. Then they hug. Maddie asks Edmund if Aidan will be her new daddy. Edmund tells her that he will always be with her, and always love her.

Kendall tells Trey that she wants to know what Vanessa said about Richard. Trey lies and tells Kendall they were in love.  He wasn’t always the bad person everyone knows him as, and that is what she should focus on. They agree to go home and talk about their “situation”.

Adam tells Liza the fact is she is guilty. Liza tells Adam she doesn’t trust him. Adam agrees with her that she shouldn’t.

Isabella thinks that she and Maria talking in Spanish to each other is a sign. Edmund comes to the door, and asks Isabella to take Maddie to the zoo. Much to Maria’s dismay, Edmund stays to talk to her. Edmund tells her that this isn’t to happen again. Maria tells him that it isn’t his business. Maria tells Edmund that “that woman” told me to not do anything I would regret and asks him if he knows what she told her. (Edmund can’t believe that she refers to her mother as that woman) Edmund tells her that she doesn’t want to go back to who she was. They both argue.   Aidan knocks on the door to tell them they better keep it down. Edmund tells Maria that Aidan is better than a Doberman. Maria tells Edmund that he is jealous. Maria admits that she wants to provoke Edmund. She tells him that she is sick of his patience and understanding. Edmund tells her that she doesn’t want him to let loose, and tells her to shut up. Edmund tells her about all the years he has longed for her. Maria says to Edmund go ahead, tell me how much you hate me.

Adam tells Liza that she is correct; he can’t be trusted when it comes to his kids, because he will do anything. Adam also tells her that they are one in the same, she is the same way. He tells her that she is just resisting. Adam asks Liza to let him help her. Liza tries to get Adam to admit that if he had no choice, that he would put her in prison to keep Colby. Adam tells her they still have a chance together and to trust him. He says he had nothing to do with the subpoena.

Trey tells Kendall not to act bitter and that she isn’t like that. He tells her that she could have run straight to the DA with his confession, but she didn’t. Trey tells her that he will prove to her that she can trust him. As Trey is unlocking the door to their apartment, Kendall tells him to not go in there.

Edmund asks Maria why she is here. She tells him that she can’t live for him. Maria tells him to be honest with her for once. Edmund tells her that if she hurts his daughter again . . . Maria interrupts him. She asks him, or what? What will you do Edmund? She asks him to stop holding back. Edmund tells her he has to hold back. That is takes every fiber in his body and every ounce of self-control. He then passionately kisses her as Aidan looks on through the window.

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