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All My Children Update Tuesday 10/8/02

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Tad goes to see Liza about the concerned stockholders. Adam comes in the room, very cheery. Liza tells Tad that she and Adam have patched things up.

Edmund is working on his research on memory loss, and Brooke comes into talk to him. They discuss progress.

Hayley takes Enzo to the hospital for his checkup. Enzo walks over to Maria.

Mateo goes to see Aidan.

Brooke wants to talk to Edmund about what happened to them. Edmund doesn't want to talk about it. Brooke tells him they have to end their marraige.

Hayley doesn't tell Maria who she is. Maria tells Hayley that she knows her.

Liza and Adam are sickeningly sweet to each other. Stuart, Marion, Adam, Liza, Tad, and Colby sit down for breakfast. Colby leaves for school, and the fake sweetness between Adam and Liza comes to an end. Liza and Adam argue about everything.

Aidan tells Mateo to respect Maria's choices. Mateo tells Aidan that Maria doesn't need a body guard. Aidan reminds Mateo that Maria trusts him.

Maria tells Hayley that she knows her from television, and that she saw her at Brooke and Edmund's wedding. Hayley doesn't tell Maria that she knows her, but introduces herself.

Edmund agrees that they need to end the marriage. Isabella comes in, and says she has talked to Father Claude, and a divorce is not enough.

Liza explains to Tad that her and Adam are putting on a front for Colby's sake. Adam and Liza both say they can't handle it much more. Tad tells Liza that Stuart outsmarted both of them.

Hayley tells Maria that Enzo had a liver transplant, (Maria asked) and Maria figures out the connection. Hayley then tells Maria that she is her sister-in-law. Mateo walks in. He seems happy to see Maria working at the hospital until Maria tells him that she is a nurse's aid.

Edmund tells Isabella that he will handle it and get the marriage annulled. Brooke agrees. Edmund talks to Brooke about "us" and tells her that he got her letter with the ring. Edmund tells Brooke that she has been amazing through all of this, and that he is grateful. He also tells her to stop apologizing. Edmund tells her that he wants to stay working there if it is alright with her. She tells him she couldn't replace him.

Tad tells Liza that she has a good life. Liza agrees and tells Tad to re-look at his own life. Liza gives him the week off.

Mateo explains to Maria that her family sees her as a doctor, not a nurse's aid.  That she was the first one to go to college and they were so proud when she went to medial school. Mateo tells Maria that she never let him down, and it is killing him that he can't pay her back when it matters most. The hardest part is that Aidan means more to her than her family. Maria tells Mateo that he must respect her choices. Mateo wants Maria to live with them. She doesn't like that idea, so Hayley offers the condo near them that they own. Mateo tells her it wouldn't be charity because he owes her. She finally agrees.

Sammy calls Edmund to tell him that Isabella has come and picked up Maddie to go see her mommy. Edmund leaves to try and get to Maria first and warn her. Tad comes in as Edmund is leaving and asks Brooke why they are still working together.

Maria is changing when there is a knock on the door. She puts her robe on and answers it. It is Aidan. They both tell each other that they ran into Mateo. Maria tells Aidan about all of the things in Maria's name. He also tells him about agreeing to move. She tells him that she regrets it already. She is afraid that she will keep hurting these people. Aidan tells Maria that she has never disappointed him.

Liza tries to talk to Adam about co-existing peacefully, when the doorbell rings. It is the Assistant DA to serve Liza with a subpoena. It isn't about David, however, it is for embezzlement charges.

Brooke tells Tad to get off of her case. Tad can't believe Brooke is helping Edmund with his research. Brooke breaks down and begins to cry. Tad convinces her to give herself a break and go to dinner with him.

Isabella gives Maddie some flowers to give to Maria. She goes straight to Maria's door and walks in as Maria and Aidan are kissing. Isabella and Edmund are at the door, also.

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