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All My Children Update Monday 10/7/02

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Leo confronts Kendall in front of Trey about her accusations that Trey burned Erica’s house down. Kendall denies accusing Trey. Leo says Greenlee told him that Kendall believes Trey set the fire, but she says Greenlee is lying. Kendall says she trusts Trey with her life, and she tries to get Leo to leave their apartment. Leo does leave, and Kendall asks Trey if he believes Leo. Trey tells Kendall that her track record with the truth leaves a lot to be desired. He asks her why she was at the police station when he and Leo turned in the stock, and if she was telling Jack that he set the fire. He asks her if she believes he set the fire. Kendall admits that yes, unless he can honestly tell her he did not, she believes he set the fire.

Trey admits he’s done a lot of things he’s not proud of. Kendall says what she has done is much worse than what he has ever done. She tells him to be honest with her, and she’ll help him. Trey says it is true, he did start the fire. She immediately punches him in the jaw. He asks why she did that. Kendall says because of him, he has ruined her life and made her lose Ryan. She wonders if he rigged the lie detector test that she took about the fire. He admits that he put something in her water. She is astonished that he drugged her. Trey admits that at the time all he cared about was getting Vanessa’s drug money. She is livid that he made it look like she set the fire by starting it in Bianca’s room. She says if she could, she would kill him herself and just might do so. Trey tells her he doesn’t blame her if she wants to kill him, and says he’s sorry for all the wrong he’s done toward her. He really likes her, he says. But he knows it’s too late, and Kendall agrees. He says he can’t bring Ryan back to her and that’s all that matters. She says she should turn him in for drugging a client. He tells her to do whatever she feels the need to do. She says he’s going to prison, and she’ll throw a parade when he does. The phone rings and Kendall answers it. She is floored by what she’s hearing. After hanging up, she tells Trey that he’s completely trashed her life, and “To tope it all off, you’re my brother.”

David is on his knees in Anna’s office, and manages to grab the vial of his experimental drug. Anna is calling for an officer to get David out of her office. He stands up, and apologizes for embarrassing her. He hides the vial in his hand, then crosses his arms so she will not see he has anything in his hand. As he starts to leave, Anna grabs him by the arms, and tries to wrestle away whatever is in his hand. The vial drops to the floor and David stomps on it, and crushes it before she can grab it. Anna calls an officer to arrest David for tampering with police evidence, and he is put in jail. Anna calls a technician, who cuts the piece of the carpet with the drug stain to try to analyze it. Jack walks in, and asks if one of the canine cops had an accident. Anna tells him that David was here and crushed the vial of drugs on the carpet. She asks Jack why he lied to her that the evidence was with forensics. Jack tells her that the bag of evidence was stolen, and he hoped to find it before worrying Anna about it. Furthermore, he knew she was stressed, and he didn’t want to add to her stress. As Jack and Anna prepare to leave the office, Anna feels something where her baby is growing inside of her. She tells Jack that in all the turmoil sometimes she forgets the new life growing in her. Jack tells her she has a lot to look forward to.

Leo goes to visit David in jail and tells him he’s an idiot for trying to get the vial on his own. Leo says he himself should have retrieved the vial, but David tells him he doesn’t want him involved. David tells Leo he managed to destroy the vial, so he’s in the clear. Leo tells him that he’s not in the clear, and he’s playing right into Jack’s hands. David tells Leo that Anna loves him, and she wouldn’t let him go to prison for a long term. Leo says she’s doing a good job of hiding her love. Leo says he can’t wait around and watch David go through this. He says Greenlee is his life, and when she returns from Paris they are going back there together for good. David urges Leo to go away with Greenlee before his brothers bring him down with them. Leo says he trusts David, but doesn’t feel that way toward Trey. He says he feels like Trey is hiding something, and he wants to find out what it is. Leo says he gets the same feeling about Vanessa.

Erica is demanding to know from Vanessa how she knew she was wearing a party dress when Richard Fields raped her. Vanessa tries to dodge the question but Erica won’t give it up. She asks Vanessa if she knew previously that Fields raped her but Vanessa says she did not. She did know at the time that Fields was a monster. That’s why she gave Trey up. She didn’t want him exposed to Richard Fields. Chris arrives, and wonders why Erica is in Vanessa’s room. Erica tells Chris that Richard Fields is Trey’s father. Chris takes her out into the hallway to talk to her. He is angry that she lied to him about where she was going. But Erica says she had to know the truth. Chris says Erica has thrown herself into the middle of a police investigation. He asks her what Vanessa told her. With Vanessa listening on the other side of the door, Erica tells him that Vanessa was pregnant with Trey when Fields raped her. Chris asks if that’s all Vanessa said. Erica wonders what more could she have said. Chris tells her that Trey is the one who burned down her house. He tells her to stay out of the case, but Erica says she will stay out only if he tells her everything. They return to Erica’s penthouse, where Erica says she figures Trey came to see her to find out more about Fields. She says if she had known he burned down her house, she would have done a lot more to him than hit him in the head. The conversation turns to their relationship. Chris says they need to discuss it because Erica seems afraid that he’s going to walk out on her. He says he loves her, and will not walk away from her. Erica says she believes him, and completely trusts him. There’s no reason to talk about it anymore.

Vanessa is alone in her room when she finds a piece of the ceiling on the floor. She recalls how Greenlee fell through the ceiling. Vanessa looks up with an expression indicating that she just had a brainstorm.

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