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All My Children Update Friday 10/4/02

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Kendall and Trey are at the hospital awaiting the results of their blood test to determine if they are brother and sister. They are interacting playfully with each other when Bianca sees them. "What are you doing with this lying, two-faced backstabbing phony," Bianca asks Kendall. She says after what Trey did, she can't believe Kendall would talk to him. Kendall pulls Bianca aside.  She tells her she needs to get Trey to trust her, so she can get evidence that he set the fire that burned Erica's house down. Bianca tells Kendall to stay out of it. Trey walks over and tells Bianca to back off. Bianca tells him she doesn't need advice "from a skank like you." Maggie approaches from behind, and asks Bianca where she gets off attacking her cousin. Bianca points to the bump on Trey's head and says her mother did that. She asks Trey what he did to her mother.

Kendall pulls Trey away from the fray, saying he needs to take it easy. Maggie angrily asks Bianca what Trey ever did to her. Bianca asks why Maggie is so angry and wonders where she's been. She hasn't been in school, or returned her calls. Maggie tells Bianca to back off. She says Trey is her family. For the first time, she has a family. Maybe they don't measure up to Bianca's standards, but they care about her, she says. Maggie starts to walk away in a huff but Bianca stops her. She sits her down, and asks her what's gotten her so worked up. Maggie says her family is coming together to help David. Bianca asks why she'd want to help David, after what he's done to Maria. Maggie says they are her family, and she doesn't care what they've done. Bianca says sometimes people need to know when to let go. Maggie tells her to take her superior attitude and get out of her face. Bianca apologizes to Maggie, saying she knows what her family means to her. Maggie also apologizes. Bianca pledges her friendship and the two hug.

Trey and Kendall return home, still awaiting the test results. Trey takes some pain killers, and asks Kendall to get him some water and put a pillow behind his head. "Do I have to play Florence Nightingale?" she asks before stuffing a pillow behind his head. The two start to talk about their families, with Trey noting that while his parents aren't much to speak about, he does enjoy his brothers. Kendall notes that her half sister can't stand her, and her real mother rejected her. Trey reminds her she has her adoptive family in Florida, who love her unconditionally, but Kendall says love isn't enough. That's why she came after Erica. She says she is a part of Erica. She says learning Erica was her natural mother changed her life, but she wishes she never knew Richard Fields was her real father. "Our father," Trey counters.

David is looking around Leo's apartment for the missing vial of drugs. He says it was not with the bag of evidence Leo retrieved from Anna's office. Leo says he'll go to the police station to look for it, but David won't hear of that. David says Leo has risked enough. He needs to get out of town and make his future with Greenlee. Leo tells David that Greenlee is in Paris right now looking for an apartment.  David asks him to promise he'll leave to be with her. David hugs Leo, and he walks out.

Jack is in Anna's office yelling at a police officer for losing the evidence against David. Jack wonders who had access to Anna's office. The officer says Leo came in to look for a receipt for the phony stock he turned in, and also to rest because he had a migraine. Jack says he never promised Leo a receipt. Anna walks in, and asks about the evidence. Jack says she's supposed to be home resting. Anna says she'll rest when David is in jail. Jack tells her he sent the evidence to forensics the first thing this morning. He urges her to go home and rest and she promises she will. Jack tells her he's reassigning David's case so she's no longer on it. Anna wonders why because they're both after the same thing. He says Anna needs to relax, but she says it's not his place to worry about her. Jack leaves, saying he's going to check on the evidence. Soon, David walks in, saying that she can't expect him to stay away. "You know we belong together," he says. Anna tells him it's too late because Jack has taken the evidence against him to forensics. David smiles. "Is that what he said?" David asks. "He would never let you down." Anna sees David's casual reaction to the news. "Aren't you worried?" she asks, noting that he had tried desperately to get the evidence from her. David says he overreacted. He says he doesn't think it will incriminate him. Anna tells David that Jack has taken over the case, which surprises him. David starts to leave, and sees the vial of drugs on the floor in front of Anna's desk. He gets on his knees in front of the desk, telling Anna he "can't let it end like this" as he reaches for the vial. Anna demands he leave and David grabs the vial just as she's ready to call an officer to force him out. David smiles smugly.

Jack goes to see Leo, telling him that he knows what he did. He knows he stole the evidence against David. Leo asks why he would be so stupid to do such a thing. He says anyone could have stolen it. Jack tells him that he knows he feigned a migraine and entered Anna's office to steal the evidence. He says he's not helping David by stealing for him. Jack tells him that he'll come down on him hard if he gets proof he did this. Leo says he doesn't know where the evidence is. Jack tells him that he can choose between his brothers or Greenlee and walks out. Leo thinks about a tender moment he had with Greenlee then says to himself "I choose Greenlee." He walks out.

Kendall tells Trey that he's been a lot nicer to her. She asks him if he wants their results to be positive. Trey says he doesn't, because he doesn't want Richard Fields to be his father. He says that's not a slam against her. Kendall says not to worry because she doesn't bruise that easily. Trey leaves the room, and Leo knocks on the door. Leo asks Kendall if she told Greenlee that Leo burned Erica's house down. Trey walks in just in time to hear Leo's question. "I'd like to know that myself," he says.

Erica is demanding to know from Vanessa whether Richard Fields is Trey's father. Vanessa tells her to leave it alone, but Erica won't give up. Vanessa admits that, Yes, Fields is Trey's father. "Oh my God," Erica says. "He raped you, too." Erica asks if he charmed her and made her feel special like he did to her. She starts talking about the time Fields raped her. "What he did to us was evil," she says. "It will scar us always." Vanessa, in a loud outburst, tells Erica to stop it. "How stupid can you be?" she asks. Vanessa says she was not raped. She was in love with Richard Fields. She says she thought he loved her, too, but discovered that he preferred pretty young girls. Erica notes that Kendall and Trey are about the same age, so she concludes that Fields raped her while Vanessa was pregnant with Trey. Vanessa says she was overjoyed when learning of her pregnancy, and wanted to celebrate it, but then she learned what Fields did. She says all he wanted was "innocence and ruffles and a pretty little girl in a party dress." Vanessa asks Erica to leave, and she complies. But out in the hallway, Erica concludes that Vanessa is lying. She says there has to be much more to this story. Erica goes back into Vanessa's room. "How did you know I was wearing a party dress?" she asks.

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