AMC Update Thursday 10/3/02

All My Children Update Thursday 10/3/02

By Bridget
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Brooke and Jamie are trying to get service at a restaurant, to no avail. Brooke insists that they need to live a normal life. Edmund comes in, and asks the waitress for some help, and she helps them. Edmund asks Brooke about their meeting for the day. Brooke is surprised that Edmund is attending. 

Aidan has a dream that he is making out with Maria, and by the looks of it, if he didn't wake up, they would have been making love. When he wakes up, he realized Maria isn't there. 

Chris tells Erica that Trey will be fine and that he has been released. She questions what he said to Kendall the night before and wants to know why Trey would be there to see her. 

Trey asks Kendall how she slept, but Kendall is not happy with Trey and the bombshell that he sprung on her. Kendall is still freaked out by what Trey said about the possibility of them being siblings. She thinks Trey could be making up the story. 

Chris gets a call, and has to leave. Erica wants to know what is going on. Chris tells her that he has some pieces, but not the whole story. Erica thinks that Chris thinks she is too weak to handle the truth. He promises her he will tell her later, but he needs a couple of hours to sort some things out. Erica makes a call, and asks for her car. 

Aidan calls Edmund looking for Maria. Edmund isn't happy with Aidan, who has seemed to have lost Maria. Brooke tells Edmund to skip the meeting, and go find Maria. Maria enters with Joe Martin as Brooke has put her hand on Edmund, since she is concerned at his concern with Maria. Edmund stands up, and asks her if she is ok. Maria claims she is fine, and asks why. He tells her that Aidan called and told him she was missing. Joe and Maria get a table. Maria tells him that she wants some independence and that she needs money. He tells her that she should get some from Edmund since a good portion of that is hers. She says she would like a job at the hospital working with children. He says he will find her something. Brooke realizes that Edmund isn't wearing his wedding ring. 

Chris goes to see Vanessa, and asks her what set her off so much the night before when Trey was there. He also mentions that the guard said he heard Trey say that he will find the truth. Chris asks Vanessa what her connection with Richard Fields is. 

Trey tells Kendall that the two of them are a lot alike. Trey thinks it is worth looking into, the possibility of them being siblings. Erica knocks on the door, and wants to speak with Trey. Erica asks for time alone with Trey, but Kendall won't leave. Erica wants to know why he was in her apartment that she hasn't even moved into. The same one which no one knew she was there. Trey says they should discuss it some other time. Kendall, at this point, keeps heckling Erica. Erica tells Trey that he and Kendall have a lot in common. She also tells Kendall that she is just like her dad. Erica continues to ask why Trey was there, as he is asking her to leave. She wants to know what was so important that it couldn't wait. Trey tells her that he was just representing his client, Vanessa Courtland. Erica wonders what that could possibly have to do with her. 

Chris threatens Vanessa, since she is hurting Erica. Chris again asks her, "What is her connection with Richard Fields?" Vanessa starts rambling about her younger days. Vanessa says that she always thought she could do anything to get what she wanted, but until that night she didn't know what "anything" meant. Chris continued to try to get her to open up. She says she can't discuss it. He asks what Richard did to her. She says that after what happened, she was capable of anything. She says she realized there wasn't "anything" she wouldn't do. 

A song plays on the jukebox, which gets Edmund's attention. He looks to Maria as she is standing up. He stares into her eyes. The waitress apologizes to Maria, and says you used to love that song. Edmund then wonders how she can just forget everything. He decided to quit depending on everyone else, and concentrate on researching everything he can to get her to find her way back to him. Maria finds Aidan, and tells him that she will be finding her own place, because she needs some independence and needs to do it on her own. Maria says she will stay in Pine Valley and start a new life. She will start by getting a room at the Pinecone.

Trey tells Kendall that if they are related, he wants it to be between the two of them. He doesn't like how Erica treats Kendall. Trey asks Kendall for help to figure out his identity.

Brooke asks Edmund if she can help him with his research. At first he doesn't think it is a good idea, but then agrees. 

Maria gives Aidan a kiss on the cheek after telling him that she wants him as a friend, not a care-giver. 

Trey and Kendall ask Dr. Martin how they go about getting a DNA test. Erica goes to see Vanessa, Vanessa says to her "You know, don't you?"  

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