AMC Update Wednesday 10/2/02

All My Children Update Wednesday 10/2/02

By Bridget
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Erica hears someone calling her name. It is storming and the lights are out. She is hiding, and when the person walks by, she hits him on the head. The person is Trey, but the voice scares her. She hears Richard Fields.

David and Leo overhear Anna tell Jackson that she has evidence to put David away, and it is on her desk. David gets the idea to steal it, but Leo says that he will do it for him.

Brooke has just put Maddie to bed, and comes down to say goodbye to Edmund. The doorbell and phone ring at the same time. Brooke answers the door. It is Hayley and Mateo, and Mateo is not happy to see Brooke there. Mateo asks where his sister is. Edmund says that Maria is not there. Mateo snaps back, "Congratulations Brooke, you won."

Maria is at Aidan’s when the phone rings. It was Dr. Martin calling to tell Aidan about Anna. After Aidan hangs up, Maria asks if Anna is okay. Aidan asks Maria if she cares.

David tells Leo that he can’t steal the evidence. Leo says that he has to do it; it would be too obvious for David to do it. Leo tells David to go to see Greenlee, so that he will have an alibi.

Erica sees that it wasn’t Richard Fields that she knocked out. Chris finds Erica and then Trey. He asks her if she is all right, and then calls an ambulance.

Leo goes to the police station, and asks to see Chief Devane. When they tell her she isn’t available, he tells the officer that he wants a receipt for the Proteus findings. Leo stages an argument, so that he can ask for this guy’s supervisor. As that guy walks away, Leo stages a migraine headache. He tells everyone that he just needs to lay down in a dark room, and suggests that he use the Chief’s office.

Edmund tells Mateo that Maria is with Aidan, and that it is her choice. Edmund asks Mateo if they could talk outside. Hayley tries to cheer Brooke up, as Brooke is still blaming herself. Hayley tells Brooke that she needs to forgive herself.

Aidan tells Maria that he doesn’t understand how she is the only one that can put David away, but she won’t. Aidan tells her that he thought she was better than that. Maria asks what that means, and Aidan explains that David has a habit of charming and taking advantage of women. Maria asks if that is what he thinks happen with her. He tells her that she doesn’t know. Maria tells him to go to hell.

Trey is taken to the hospital. He is bleeding and unconscious. Erica asks herself, “What have I done?”

David asks Greenlee for a favor. He asks her to get out of town, to go to Paris, get an apartment, and come back and get Leo. He tells her that she has to get Leo out of there and away from his family.

As Leo starts to open Anna’s office, the original officer comes back, and asks what he is doing. He tells Leo that he has talked to his supervisor, and that he is cleared and should be thanked for his efforts in helping out the DA. Leo explains that he has a headache, and needs to lie down. The Officer says that he can use Anna’s office, she shouldn’t mind since he is family.

Leo enters Anna's office, and steals the CD. The officer questions why he would be leaving so soon.

Brooke tells Haley that she still loves Edmund. Haley tells Brooke that she should still fight for him, and to not give up.

Edmund tells Mateo that he is making a bad situation worse.

Maria tells Aidan that she is sick of justifying herself to everyone. Aidan tells her that he just wants her to tell the truth. Maria reminds him that she has David to thank for saving her life. Maria yells at Aidan, and he tells her that if Maria is half the woman Maureen is, than he knows why everyone is so eager to get her back.

Chris asks Erica if she is okay, asks what Trey did. Erica continues to hear the voice in her head. She starts to tell him that she heard a voice, when Dr. McMillan comes over and tries to talk to her. Erica asks Chris why he thinks she needs a psychiatrist. Kendall overhears their conversation, and says that she should start by telling Dr. McMillan how she tried to kill Dimitri with an ice pick. Everyone asks Kendall to leave. She tells Erica that she heard Richard Field’s voice, her father, and the man that raped Erica.

Brooke continues to beat herself up in her conversation with Haley, and Haley continues to try to make her feel better.

Mateo asks Edmund if he is willing to give up on Maria. Edmund tells Mateo that he doesn’t even know who Maria is anymore.

Maria thanks Aidan for letting her be herself. Maria says that she will find her own place. Aidan tells her that she can’t leave, because he would miss her.

Greenlee asks why David wants to get rid of her. He keeps encouraging her to get Leo out of here. Leo enters, and tells Greenlee that he is really thirsty. He asks her to get him some water. When Greenlee leaves, he gives the CD to David. Greenlee returns, and Leo takes a small drink. Greenlee says to him, I thought you were thirsty. Leo, then, drinks the whole glass. When he finished, Greenlee asks him what is in the bag (that he gave to David). Leo tells her that she took some evidence that was going to hurt David. Greenlee can’t believe after everything they have been through, he would go and do something like that.

Brooke tells Hayley that she shouldn’t excuse what she did. Edmund returns, and tells Hayley that Mateo will wait in the car for her. Edmund thanks Brooke for helping him with Maddie. When Brooke leaves, Mateo confronts her. Mateo tells Brooke that he knows what she is doing. Mateo accuses her of using Maddie to get to Edmund.

Erica tells Kendall that she didn’t hear Richard’s voice; she heard Trey’s voice. Kendall explains that they have the same voice. Chris asks Kendall why Trey going to see Erica? Kendall tells him she doesn’t know. Dr. Hubbard comes out, and tells everyone that Trey has regained consciousness, and he should be fine. He doesn’t want Trey having visitors, but Kendall charms her way into having a minute with Trey.

Chris tells Erica that she is one of the bravest women he knows.

Leo tries to explain to Greenlee how much he wants to help David. Greenlee tells Leo that she is going to go to Paris and get them an apartment. She will come back for him.

David realizes that he doesn’t have the vial.

Mateo asks Brooke to leave them alone. Edmund and Haley overhear. Haley asks Mateo if they can leave. Edmund asks Brooke to stop apologizing, because everything isn’t her fault. Edmund tells her that he is glad she came. Brooke says, "You’re welcome," and leaves.

Aidan tells Maria to stay as long as she likes, and that he feels safe with her, too. Then Aidan kisses Maria.

Erica claims she isn’t brave, and says she wants to forget about tonight and everything else. She swears no one will hurt her again, or they will regret it. Chris says he won’t leave her side.

Dr. Hubbard asks Kendall to leave, but Trey won’t let go of her hand. Dr. Hubbard gives them a few more minutes. Kendall asks why he went to see Erica. Trey tells her that he knows Erica heard his voice, Richard Field’s voice. He explains that Vanessa was in Hollywood for all those years, and would have done anything to get ahead. He says to Kendall, "What is we are brother and sister?"

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