AMC Update Monday 9/30/02

All My Children Update Monday 9/30/02

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Simone is looking through employment ads in the newspaper when a shirtless and sweaty Frank walks in after a run. He suggests they take a drive in the mountains. Simone says she needs a job, not an adventure. Frank tells her she's not going to find a job at this hour. Simone says then she'll just go drown her sorrows in a cheeseburger and malt. Frank urges her to go on the drive, promising to stay on a lit path and to nourish her with a soy burger. She agrees. He says he'll go shower while she changes. He says to himself that she'll have the time of her life. Later, Simone walks downstairs, and sees Frank asleep on the couch. He is stirring and talking in his sleep. "It's my fault," he says. Simone wakes him up, and Frank asks if he said anything during his dream. Simone asks what he was dreaming about, but he says he doesn't remember his dreams. She prepares to go out on her own. Frank says he didn't mean to scare her. She says he didn't scare her, she's just letting him down easy. Frank tells her he knows she wants him. She accuses him of having too big an ego. She tells him that he's out of her league. She's leaving to go to a show at the art institute. Frank impresses her with his knowledge of art, and suggests they go to the art institute because it's open late. Simone admits that he called her bluff. She apologizes for dissing him. He leans over and kisses her. Before you know it, they fall onto the couch together, kissing passionately. Simone stops and tells him her plans tonight were to find a job. She runs upstairs as Frank looks bewildered.

Greenlee is crying at the boathouse. Leo approaches her and Greenlee apologizes for being so selfish. She says she doesn't want to come between him and his family ever again. Leo tells her she doesn't have too. He tells her he just turned over the worthless stock to the DA, and he is free. They are free to go to Paris, he says. As he starts to whisk her away, she tells him to stop. She says they can't go to Paris. She can't take him away from his family right now. Leo says he will not break his promise to her. Greenlee says she won't break her promise to him either. She says she realizes she's not enough for him -- he needs his family as well. "I always knew to keep you, I'd have to share you," she says. She says he can't leave his family. Leo says he can't ask her to stay in Pine Valley, but she says that he can. He tells her that she's nicer than she would like to think. Their conversation turns to his family, and he talks about the change in his mother. Greenlee obviously still does not believe Vanessa is truly changed. And she says Leo is also falling for the act of his baby-faced brother, Trey. Leo defends Trey, but Greenlee restates her belief that he burned Erica's house down. Leo says she can't prove that. As they begin another argument, Leo once again suggests that they go to Paris -- tonight. Greenlee again starts crying, and says she can't take him away from his family. Leo sees that Greenlee gets upset if they decide to stay, and she sobs if they decide to go. He asks her to tell him what she really wants to do.

With Kendall watching in the police station, Trey fesses up to Jack and Chris about his background. He admits that he stole Trey Kenyon's identity, and he is really Ben Shepherd. "Tell us something we don't know," Chris says. Trey says he thought he was, and he glares at Kendall. He asks Kendall why she is there. Kendall says because Chris hates her, and hauled her in to interrogate her. Jack asks Trey to start his story from the beginning. Trey tells him he was rejected at birth by Vanessa and stole Kenyon's identity. Jack tells him he could file a slew of charges but he likes Trey's attitude. Trey asks if they can work out some kind of a deal and Jack seems agreeable. Trey says he will cooperate fully with Jack's office. He and Kendall leave. Chris asks Jack if he believe's Trey's confession. "Not a bloody word," Jack says, watching Kendall and Trey outside the office. "But I'm not so sure about Kendall." Trey and Kendall return home, and Trey continues to ask Kendall why Chris wanted to talk to her. She says he is still angry that Ryan left town because of her and wants to punish her. Apparently in an effort to change the subject, she starts flirting with Trey. He tells her to "drop the sex kitten act," and tell him what Chris wanted to know. She asks him about the trouble he's in, and Trey seems concerned about charges that could be filed against him. They begin talking about their respective families. Trey tells her that she at least had adoptive parents who loved her. Kendall refers to them as "dull and duller" and says she was crushed when learning Erica gave her up. Kendall says at least Trey doesn't have the monster of a father she had. She points to some Richard Fields videos, and tells him that his voice sounds like Fields. She leaves the room and Trey puts in one of the tapes. He hears Fields recite one of his lines, then listens to his voice on the telephone answering machine. He seems perplexed that the voices sound exactly alike.

David tells Anna he cannot let her walk out of the house with the bag of evidence against him. He says turning in that evidence will cost them everything. As she continues to hold a gun on him, he tells her he's going to approach her and take the bag. As he approaches, Anna backs up and warns him to stay away. She says she's going to use the evidence to prove that he gave an unapproved drug to a human and will see to it that he's arrested and jailed for assault. She backs toward the door and walks out. She goes to her office and calls Jack. As she recalls a happier time with David and then drawing her gun on him, she grows weak. She faints, dropping the vial of drugs that was in her hand. Jack comes in and finds her laying on the floor. He calls for an ambulance and she is taken to the hospital. Maggie is there watching as Anna is wheeled in on a gurney. She goes to call David and leaves a message that his wife is unconscious and in the hospital. David arrives and asks Jake to see his wife. Jake tells him he has orders to stay away from the hospital. Jack tells him that if he doesn't leave, he'll charge him with contempt and put him in jail right now. Inside Anna's room, Joe Martin examines her. She awakes, hooked up to machines. "How's the baby," she asks.

Maggie calls Leo and tells him about Anna, and Greenlee insists he go to the hospital. As he's leaving, she says she'll to go her office and undue her transfer to Paris. "After I save you from yourself," she says to herself after he's gone. She calls Kendall, who tells her that police will not arrest Trey. Kendall says she and Greenlee are the only ones onto Trey. She says Greenlee needs to help her put Trey away. Greenlee says she will as long as Leo doesn't find out.

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