AMC Update Friday 9/27/02

All My Children Update Friday 9/27/02

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Kendall is telling Jack everything she knows about Trey, and Jack calls Chris, saying he needs to hear this story, too. Kendall doesn't want Chris involved. She says he won't listen to her because he hates her for hurting Ryan. Jack promises Kendall that this won't turn personal and it is something Chris needs to hear. Kendall starts to leave, but Jack insists she tell Chris what she told him. Chris enters, and asks what Kendall is doing there. Jack tells Chris that he needs to hear this. Kendall tells Chris that Trey is really Ben Shepherd and is Vanessa's biological son. He came to Pine Valley because he was angry she abandoned him, and wanted to get his hands on her $10 million, which, by the way, has been found, she says. She says he burned Erica's house down, and stole her lighter to make it look like she did it. Jack and Chris are surprised to hear the money's been found, and Kendall tells them that Leo is bringing it to the police station, although the money is nothing but worthless stock. Chris says Kendall doesn't have any solid proof Trey started the fire. It's her word against his, and he doesn't trust her word. Kendall tells them that since she lives with Trey, she will find some evidence against him.

Greenlee is angry with Leo for deciding they can't go to Paris because David needs help. Leo tells her that they will eventually go, but now David needs him. Greenlee says his family is always in a crisis. Why does he have to be their caretaker? David, Trey, and Maggie start to leave, saying Greenlee and Leo need to work this out on their own. Greenlee stops them and tells them to stop suckering her husband. She tells Leo he is being royally conned by his family. David, Trey, and Maggie leave and Greenlee and Leo continue their fight. Leo says he's not choosing anyone in this situation. That's the wrong answer, Greenlee says. He's supposed to choose her. Leo starts to walk out when Greenlee tells him to not come crying to her when he finds out Trey burned Erica's house down. Leo stops, and asks her about what she just said. Greenlee repeats that Trey burned Erica's house down, and Leo asks her how she knows that. He accuses her of blaming him to get even. Greenlee explains that Trey wanted the Proteus files, and burned the house down to cover his tracks. He used Kendall's lighter to set her up. Leo wonders what Kendall has to do with this. He tells her that she's been spending too much time with Kendall. That upsets Greenlee, and Leo apologizes. She asks him if he realizes this is their first fight as a married couple. She tells him he's changed. She married a free spirit with adventure, but now he's a caretaker for a bunch of neurotics. She says she won't stick around watching him like this. If he doesn't go to Paris with her now, they will never go, she says. Leo says he can't leave now, and Greenlee walks out on him.

Trey and Maggie are talking in his apartment. Trey can't believe that Leo is putting his life on hold for David. He asks if Maggie will give him a second chance like Leo is giving David. Maggie says she's there with him now isn't that a vote of confidence? Trey asks her if she'll stand by him if he gets in a jam. Maggie tells him to trust him. She's got his back covered. Leo arrives with the backpack containing the worthless stock. He and Trey go to the police station to turn it in. Jack gets word that Leo and Trey are on their way in, and Kendall is worried. She says Trey can't find her there like this. After they walk in, Kendall acts like she is there being interrogated for something she did wrong. She tells Chris to leave her alone. "I have done nothing wrong," she says. Jack tells Chris that if he doesn't have anything on Kendall, he needs to let her go. Leo dumps the worthless stock on the desk, and asks if this grants him his freedom. Jack says it does, and they shake on it. Leo walks out a happy man. Trey follows him but Chris stops him, saying he has some questions for him. Chris asks why Trey would bring the money back since it is something that would implicate his client, Vanessa, in a crime. A sheepish Trey says he has a confession to make.

Greenlee goes to the boathouse. She finds a candle votive holder and remembers it was from their wedding. She starts to cry. Leo finds her. He tells her he loves her more than anything, and he wants their first fight to be their last. He says she is the center of his world. She hugs him.

Anna goes to see Liza, and brings her a subpoena asking her to reveal any information she has about David. Liza accuses Anna of treating her like a common criminal. Anna says the subpoena is just a reminder, but Liza says it's an insult. Anna says she knows Liza is hiding information about David. She urges Liza to reveal it, saying David isn't worth it. Liza says she wants immunity from prosecution, and Anna promises it. Liza retrieves a computer disc and a vial of drugs that David gave her for safekeeping. Liza says the disc contains David's research material that could put him away, and her, too. Anna assures Liza she will not go to jail. Anna says this is what she needs to put David in jail. She walks to the door to leave, and finds David on the other side.

He sees Anna has the evidence against him, and asks Liza if she's sure she wants to turn this over. Anna asks Liza for some time alone with David. David tells Anna that Liza is not an innocent bystander. She funded his research, he says. Anna tells him that Liza is cooperating with police now. She tells him she believes he used an untested drug on Maria. David says she can't prove that. He boasts that he saved Maria's life. He tells Anna that she and he are the same. They have the guts to bend and sometimes break the rules. They are both arrogant, he says. Anna tells him that she fell in love with the wrong man, but David insists he is not the wrong man. Anna tells him that he used a human being as a lab rat and kept her from her family. David says Maria didn't remember her family and her memory loss is likely permanent. He says her family is not better off because she doesn't remember them. Anna says he should have returned Maria to her family and suffered the consequences. David says he had, they would have never met and she wouldn't be carrying his child. Anna says she's going to take this evidence to forensics, but David stands in her way and tells her she can't do that. Anna asks him what he's going to do to her hit her and injure their unborn child? She orders him to move, or she'll arrest him for obstructing an officer. David tells her to give him the evidence. She turns her back on him, and turns around with a gun pointing at him. He says she wouldn't use it on him. "Are you sure?" she asks.

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