AMC Update Thursday 9/26/02

All My Children Update Thursday 9/26/02

By Shawn
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Following a night of heavy drinking, Leo awakens, and finds Trey passed out on his sofa. He tries in vain to wake him up, and finally resorts to a tried and true method of pouring water over his newfound sibling's head. After Trey comes to, he tells a stunned Leo that he is leaving town because he came to Pine Valley to get rich, and now he is broke. Leo tries to dissuade his brother not to leave Pine Valley citing the fact that he has family now. Trey goes into the other room to clean up just as Maggie knocks at the door. She tells Leo she ran into David last night at the Valley Inn, and he had baggage in hand and was vague about his destination. Leo assures her he knows where David went and heads out after him. Trey comes back into the room and for the first time since Trey revealed his parentage meets up with his cousin, Maggie. Maggie asks Trey why he could not be honest with her about being Vanessa's son. He tells her he did not know at first if he could trust her, but he also reveals that prior to coming to Pine Valley he did research on his family and learned Maggie was the most stable relative that he had. Trey says that while growing up the only thing that kept him going through his arduous ordeal was the fact that he kept telling himself that he had just one relative that was similar to him and Maggie turned out to be that person. Maggie says that she is not sure she would call herself "stable" but she does enjoy having family around, and she reiterates what Leo has previously said in reminding Trey that he, too, has family now.

David receives a message from Anna on his cellphone asking him to call her. He is elated to say the least, and thinks that Anna has agreed to forgive him. Meanwhile back in Anna's office, Anna laments to Jackson the fact that David appears to have his own personal code of justice, and is getting a free pass. She cites the fact that despite ruining Dixe and Tad's marriage, Dixie fell into his arms and Maria, disregarding what hell he did to her, readily forgives him. Anna calls herself "one more in a long line of self deluded, self destructive suckers." Jackson reminds Anna that she chose to ignore all his, and everyone else's warnings, regarding David, and she has only herself to blame. Anna agrees with Jackson's assessment of her current situation. She says while watching Maria let David off the hook she could not help but think what a fool Maria was, and yet she realizes she is acting in the same manner. Jackson tells her she has to move on but he knows it is not easy for her. He seemingly prophetically asks Anna what she would do if David were to phone right this minute asking her to come back and at that moment David does call her office. David has his bubble burst and then some when Anna says she left that message ages ago and does not forgive him. She refuses his olive branch of an invitation to meet with him, and she asks her ex husband to not call her again. Following this upsetting phone call, Anna doubts whether or not she can break her ties with David, and feels that locking him up is the only answer. Jackson refutes this notion, and tells Anna that putting David away will not cause her feelings for him, or the baby that she is carrying, to go away. He tells her that as long as David owns her through her heart then he has already won. Jackson says the only thing Anna can do is admit her feelings, accept them, and not let them turn the rest of her life into a living hell. Anna, with renewed purpose, quickly exits, saying she has police business to attend to.

Back at David's cabin, Leo arrives, and tries to console his heartbroken brother. While gazing out at the town of Pine Valley below, David admits that the reason he bought this property was because he liked the grandiose idea of looking down on the town and knowing that one day he would have Pine Valley in his hands. A mournful look passes over his face as he realizes that the mother of his unborn child hates him, and the rest of the town feels the same way. Leo reminds David that he is not alone; he tells him he has family now which includes Leo. The two once estranged brothers embrace. Leo and David head back to Leo and Greenlee's place so that David can meet his newly found brother. David welcomes Trey to the family, and says that he will not pay attention to past stories regarding Trey. He will give him the benefit of the doubt as long as Trey returns in kind. Trey, not wishing to cast the first stone, admits that he is not the person to be judging anyone, and says that the only person missing from the most dysfunctional clan in America is Vanessa. David says while he will cut Trey some slack; he will not do the same for Vanessa no matter how much Leo tries to persuade him to the contrary. Leo reveals to David that Trey and he found the Prodeus money buried in Pine Valley State Park, and it was filled with worthless stock certificates. Leo, David, Trey, and Maggie commiserate over how much trouble the money caused including the deaths of Frankie and Roger, but Leo says it did one good thing by bringing family together. The newly formed family laugh over the looks on Leo and Trey's face when they discovered the money was worthless; a rare bonding moment appears to be occurring between the clan. Greenlee walks in at this moment and is incredulous at the site before her of a room full of a laughing Leo, David, Trey, and Maggie. Leo reveals to Greenlee that he cannot go to Paris.

At the Valley Inn lounge, Petey and Kendall are in the midst of yet another conspiracy, this one involving Bianca. Petey, in exchange for feigning illness and calling Bianca to meet him in the lounge, has "Nanny" Kendall buy him a graphic novel called "Surfer Chicks Undercover." When Bianca arrives, she spies Kendall and knows that something is definitely askew with the situation. Kendall informs Bianca that she knows who started the fire at Erica's house. Opal comes in to get Petey and is livid when she finds the graphic novel that Petey says Kendall insisted on him having. She tries to get Bianca to leave with her quoting a homespun saying of "When you sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas." Bianca, interested in what Kendall has to say, decides to stay. Kendall asks Bianca if Trey knew Chris' Proteus files were in Erica's house. After learning that Trey was the culprit, Bianca tells Kendall that she needs to talk to Jackson; Kendall is understandably reluctant to speak with yet one of many people that hate her. Bianca tells Kendall that Uncle Jack will listen to her if Bianca calls him and tells him to do so. Kendall agrees and heads for a memorable meeting with the DA.   Upon arriving, she tells Jackson that Trey is the arsonist responsible for the blaze at Lyndon House. It appears the leaves are not the only things that are going to fall this season in Pine Valley.

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