AMC Update Wednesday 9/25/02

All My Children Update Wednesday 9/25/02

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Trey, Kendall, Leo, and Greenlee are trying to figure out what the numbers Nessa gave them could possibly mean. Leo gets an idea of what it could be. Kendall tells Trey she will help him keep the money when they find it. She argues that he deserves it after what his mom did to him. Kendall says she will help him because she wants her fair share.

Brooke looks for Edmund at the hotel bar. Erica comes in and says to Brooke "You poor thing".

Anna tries to get Maria to make a statement against David. Edmund steps in and says that, of course, she wants to press charges. David says that everyone else wants him to be guilty, but does Maureen? David tries to get Maria to not do it, but Maria says she can't press charges, because he saved her life. She says she won't put David in prison for that.

Brooke asks Erica what she wants. Erica asks Brooke if everything about Maria being alive is true. Erica tells Brooke that she isn't judging her. Erica tries to get involved. Aidan walks in and tells Erica that Chris is worried about her. Brooke tries to talk to Aidan about Maria, but he tells her that he knows what she did, and he doesn't have anything to say to her.

Edmund talks to Maria, and tries to convince her to press charges. She says that he saved her life and that is everything to her. Anna tries to understand why she wouldn't want to press charges after all he has done.

Trey tells Kendall they have to turn the money in, so Leo can be free. Kendall tells him that they should take some of it, and give back the rest. Trey tells her no. Leo announces that he thinks the numbers are map coordinates; he says they are to the Pine Valley State Park. Kendall tells Greenlee that she tried to get Trey to bail with the cash and he didn't want any part of it, but secretly Trey says that Kendall is right, Vanessa does owe him.

Erica finds Chris, who is mad at Erica, and accuses her of playing games with him.

Brooke continues to try to get Aidan to talk to him about Maria, and to help her help Maria and Edmund. Brooke explains what a great love Edmund and Maria once had. She tells him she wants to help fix things. They both tell each other to fix things, the other should stay away from Edmund and Maria.

Edmund tries to talk Maria out of not pressing charges. Everyone chimes in with how horrible David's deeds were, and how she should press charges. She tells Jackson that if she were on the witness stand, she would just say she doesn't remember what David did.

Kendall, Greenlee, Trey, and Leo are all trying to find the money. Kendall and Greenlee start fighting so Trey tells both of them to go to the car to get the bug spray. Trey and Leo continue to dig until Leo finds something. Trey appears to be considering hitting Leo on the head with a shovel. Leo pulls out the box. Trey decides not to hit him, and they both say they are brothers for life. Greenlee and Kendall return, as Leo is about to open the box. All that is in the box are lots and lots of stock certificates, which are all from Comronco, which has filed bankruptcy last week. They are all worthless.

Edmund again tries to talk to Maria. She reminds him again that she is not Maria. Edmund tells her about all the benefits he had for her that David was at (??) and he never said anything. She tells him that she may never remember, and that the pain they are all going through could be for nothing. Maria tells Edmund that David was right, that keeping her away did them a favor.

Chris tells Erica that she was supposed to come back to the restaurant 20 minutes later, and that was 29 hours ago. She tells him she had a business trip. They argue a little bit until he tells Erica that there are more important things right now, and tells her that he found her father. She gets very angry. Val brings her in flowers, and she thinks they are from Chris. Chris tells her that he didn't send them, she reads the card, and says they are from my father.

Edmund promises that it will be worth the pain to get her life back. Edmund says he will do what ever she wants. She asks him to call Aidan.

Brooke tells Aidan he is keeping Maria from her past. She tries to get him to back off. His phone rings, and it is Edmund saying that Maureen would like to see him. Maria apologizes for hurting Edmund, and says she should have made the call. Edmund tells Maria that he told her they would do it her way.

Leo screams that this is finally over.

Chris reads the card and sees that no one signed a name, but Erica says she knows they are from her father. Erica tells Chris to stay out of it.

Edmund announces that Maria stands by her decision. Aidan comes over. Aidan asks Maria if she is sure that she doesn't want to press charges. Aidan tells David to stay away from Maria. Aidan and Maria leave. Edmund wants time alone. David asks Anna why she can't forgive him when Maria can. Edmund starts throwing things as Brooke walks in, and Edmund runs out.

Greenlee tells Leo she thinks she lost her cell phone, and she will be right there. When he leaves, she calls Vanessa, and tells her that she knows Vanessa thinks she won, but she didn't. She tells Vanessa that they are going to Paris. Greenlee also tells her that she knows she is not Nessa. She tells Vanessa that she will lose Leo. After they get off the phone, Vanessa says that Greenlee will never take away her son, not while she is in charge.


Kendall tells Bianca that he knows who set fire to Erica's house.

David welcomes Trey to the family

Jackson asks Anna, what is David called right now and begged for one last chance, what would you say, and then the phone rings.

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