AMC Update Tuesday 9/24/02

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/24/02

By Bridget
Pictures by Juanita

Nessa is telling Leo and Trey she had a dream and thinks she knows where Vanessa's hidden money is. As this is happening, Greenlee falls through the ceiling. The Police come in to see what is going on. At the same time Kendall is trying to come through the drop ceiling of another part of the building. Trey finds her legs hanging from the ceiling.

Anna tells Jackson that she thinks Maria will testify.

Maria has told David that she can't trust him. David again tries to plead his case. She tells him that she wishes he would have left her to die.  David tells her that she doesn't mean that. Maria tells David that she trusted him, and all he did was lie to her. David admits that he lied to her, so she would stay away, so he could protect his career.  He tells her that he used a drug that wasn't approved, and he couldn't have that come out. When he tells her he is sorry, she slaps him. David tries to make her feel guilty by telling her all he has done for her. He keeps playing the hero act. David tells Maria that she owes him.

Jackson congratulates Anna on her baby, since he hadn't done that yet. Her phone rings, it is Robin. Jackson starts to leave, but she asks him to stay, and tells Robin it is just a friend of his.


Kendall is still trying to make it to the floor. Trey pretends to be the guard, and helps her down. When she gets down she realizes this.

The guard tries to arrest Greenlee. Leo tells him to call Chris Stamp, and it will all be okay. Nessa tells Greenlee that she adores her, and that she belongs there with them. Nessa is very upset when Kendall comes in with Trey. She tells Kendall that she isn't to touch her son ever again, or there will be hell to pay. Kendall asks what her problem is. She repeats to stay away from her son. Nessa pulls Trey aside to talk to him. Greenlee asks Leo if they found out where the money is. Greenlee is not happy that Leo trusts Nessa. Greenlee and Kendall go aside to talk. Nessa is worried that Trey is hooking up with Kendall, or that he will.

Anna has told Robin about the baby, but not about David. Anna finally seems happy that she is having a baby. Jack asks Anna if she will go with him, and meet the love of his life.

Maria told David that he stole her life away. David still acts as if he did only good things for her. Maria said that he should have brought her back five years ago. David admits he didn't put her first, and he would do the same thing if he had it to do all over again. He is yelling at her, telling her that just because she feels her life is ruined doesn't mean that his should be ruined, too. She runs out.

David catches up with her and they go back. She asks him why everyone hates him. David says that they are jealous of him, because they have boring, dull lives. He claims he is superior. She asks him if he thinks that his life is more important than other people's lives. He tells her that destroying his life won't make her life whole.

Jackson takes Anna to meet his daughter, Lilly. One of the people at the place where Lilly is tells Jackson that she is a little sad because she is afraid she won't get a date to the dance that is coming up. Jackson goes into to see Lilly.  She screams when Anna's phone rings.

Nessa is still trying to get Trey away from Kendall. She is very serious about it. Trey says she sounds jealous. Trey asks her what has her so shaken up. She begs him to listen to her, and to get Kendall out of his life. Kendall overhears and tells Nessa that she has a right to talk about Trey. Leo jumps in to try to make peace. Nessa changes tunes, and said now she doesn't know where the money is, but she does have something that might help. She writes something down, and gives it to Leo and asks if it will help. Leo tells her it means nothing; it is just a bunch of numbers. Nessa says that Vanessa kept repeating them. Leo begs her to be honest, and asks if she has any more info. She apologizes, and says that is all she knows.

Jack gets Lilly to calm down. She asks if Anna is his girlfriend, and he tells her no, but the Chief of Police. Lilly then asks if he misses her mommy, and they both say that they do. Jack tells her that the dance coming up reminds him of his dance in which he was too shy to ask the pretty girl he had a crush on to go.  Every other boy did, too.  Because of that, she ended up staying home. He hopes get Lilly to feel better about not having a date. Jackson then asks if Lilly would go with him. She agrees.  Jackson has to go. He tells Anna about her Autism. She tells him she wishes David could be half the father that he is. They agree to go find Maria.

Maria tells David her whole life is like when you can't think of a movie or book you read.  David tells Maria that Maddie is a miracle baby. He explains that they didn't think Maria could have children so they adopted Sam, but soon after, Maddie came along. He asks what his point is, and he tells her that she isn't immune to miracles. David pleads that his child is depending on him, but she doesn't buy it. She tells him to give her one good reason to not get back at him, and he tells her that his unborn child needs a father, and this touches her. Edmund comes in, and sees Maria is crying.

Leo and Greenlee discuss the numbers Nessa gave them, and try to figure out what the 12-digit combination could be. Leo tells Greenlee he has a good feeling about this.

Trey remembers what Nessa told him about Kendall being poison.  Kendall tells Trey to quit messing with her, but admits it is tempting just to freak out his mother.

Edmund is mad, and starts to attack David. Anna and Jackson walk in, and break it up. Anna offers to take Maria to the station to file formal charges, but Maria looks unsure.


Chris tells Erica that he has found her father.

Aidan tells Brooke that he knows what she did to Maureen, and he doesn't have anything to say to her.

Maria tells Edmund that David is right, that keeping her away from everyone did them a favor.

Trey, Greenlee, Kendall and Leo are all together and Leo is holding a box and claims this is it right here.

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