AMC Update Monday 9/23/02

All My Children Update Monday 9/23/02

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Leo notices that he and Trey are being followed. He says someone is as anxious to see Vanessa as they are. They speed up, but Kendall, in the following car, speeds up as well. They follow Trey and Leo to a hotel, where Vanessa is being held. Trey and Leo go into the hotel, hoping to get Vanessa to tell them where she put the $10 million. Vanessa is happy to see them, and Leo gives her a big hug. She says this is the answer to all of her prayers. She wonders if David is there too, because that would perfect the reunion. Leo says David is not with them.

Greenlee and Kendall arrive at the hotel and are confronted by a security guard who is standing outside Vanessa's door. The women try to flirt with the man, but he threatens them with arrest. They manage to talk their way out of being arrested and walk away. Greenlee tells Kendall she knows Leo and Trey were in that room, she could just feel it. She tells them they need to stop wasting time.

Inside the room, Leo and Trey are doing their best to cozy up to Vanessa and get her to tell them where the money is. They tell "Nessa" to wrack her brain to determine where Vanessa could have put the money. Vanessa says that's blood money, and should stay buried. Leo says they just want to give the money to the police, and Trey says it would help clear Vanessa. Vanessa suddenly says she remembers where the money is. Just then they hear a noise from the ceiling. The ceiling falls in and along with it is Greenlee, who falls to the floor. She is coughing and covered in dust. Leo cannot believe his eyes.

Anna is talking with Maria on the phone, trying to get her to make a statement about David. Maria says she won't talk unless she gets to talk with David alone. She says as soon as Anna finds him, she should call her. Anna tells Maria that David is right there, and she puts him on the phone. Maria quickly tells David that he needs to meet her where they talked before then hangs up.

Edmund tells Maria he will not allow her to do this. Maria says if they are going to have a chance, she has to have her way on this. She leaves to meet David and tells Edmund not to follow her. On her way out, they find Brooke at the door. Brooke apologizes for being there. Maria says she's just leaving, and leaves Edmund and Brooke alone.

 "Welcome to our happy home," Edmund says sarcastically. He thinks Brooke is there because she couldn't wait to see how Edmund and Maria were doing. Brooke says she's there because Maddie called her and asked her to come over. Edmund tells Brooke that Maria went to talk to David. He talks about the frustrations he's been experiencing with Maria, who insists on being called Maureen. He wonders out loud what would things be like if Brooke got her wish -- if Maureen had stayed in Nevada. Brooke says she did an unforgivable thing, but wants to help him and his family in whatever way she can. Brooke tells him that he just needs to give it time, that eventually she'll remember. Edmund says Dr. McMillan has said she may never remember. She can't even find it in herself to be a mother to her children. "What kind of woman ..." his voice trails off and he starts to cry. A sympathetic Brooke puts her arm around him to comfort him. Edmund tells her he cannot do this, and Brooke says she should not have come. Just then Maddie runs in and hugs Brooke. She asks that since Angel Mommy can't live with them, can Brooke? Brooke tells her that she can't live there, but she will always love Maddie, and they can do fun things together. After Maddie leaves, Edmund thanks Brooke for giving his little girl something to hang onto. They talk about Maria and David, and Brooke mentions that David told Maria that she killed someone. This is news to Edmund. He asks Brooke how she learned this. She says Maria told her.

David tells Anna that he won't go anywhere as long as she is carrying his child. He leaves and Jack comes to Anna's door. Anna tells Jack she made a mistake by telling David that she terminated her pregnancy. She says it was cruel. She says she then threatened him with prison. Jack says that likely will happen once they get a statement from Maria. Anna says that Maria won't give a statement without talking to David alone first, and she is meeting with him now. Jack is upset, asking her what she was thinking. David is likely intimidating the only witness who can put him away. Anna says she could not stop it.

David and Maria meet at the mausoleum. David reminds her how he found her on the beach, and saved her. Maria notes that he used an experimental drug on her. He says it was the only way to save her life. He asks her if she would have preferred death. David tells her about Anna's pregnancy, and how she's keeping him away. He says they are both suffering, and he's still beside her. Maria has one question for him. Is he glad he saved her life, or does he wish he let her die. David tells her he's glad. She means more to him now than she did five years ago. He says she has to trust him. Can she do that? Maria calls him a "pathetic self-serving SOB." She says she'll never trust anything out of his lying mouth ever again.

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