AMC Update Thursday 9/19/02

All My Children Update Thursday 9/19/02

By Bridget
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Kendall is looking through her apartment for the Proteus file. Trey walks in, and asks her why she is going through his stuff.

Leo and Greenlee are discussing David and Anna. Leo doesn't understand how Anna feels, and feels bad for David, that no one is there for him. Greenlee decides to go back to work. David promises that they will find their way to Paris.

Tad is banging on Jake's door saying he has been looking all over for him. Jake tells him it is his day off. Mia comes out, and it is apparent that they have been in bed together. Tad says they have a meeting with Jackson at the hospital.

Edmund and Maria are meeting with Dr. McMillan. Dr. McMillan says the test looks good, and Maria asks if she can be released. Edmund states that Maria isn't going anywhere until they figure out what is wrong with her memory.

Kendall makes an excuse as to why she is going through Trey's desk. Kendall leaves for work. Trey calls Leo and says he will be right up. Greenlee leaves for work.

Jackson is calling Anna trying to find her, and Tad and Jake walk up (with Mia who is working there now). Mia goes to talk to Frank and Jake sees this and asks if they know each other.

Jack and Tad discuss the charges they can bring against David. Jackson thinks David is covering up something, that is why he kept Maria hidden. Tad says it is HOW he saved Maria.

Edmund asks the doctor why Maria lost her memory. Edmund is very aggressive. Edmund asks if it is possible that she may never regain her memory. The doctor tells him it is possible. He tells the doctor that isn't good enough. Maria jumps in with, that isn't good enough for who, this is my life, not yours.

Mia tries to make up some story to Jake that they met at the hospital when she was there with Liza. Mia goes to work and Jake asks Frank if he interrupted something. Frank says no.

Tad tells Jack that he bets David was playing with his Chemistry set when he treated Maria. Jakes says if they compare Dixie and Maria's test results they might find a pattern. They discuss how they would need Maria's ok, and that wasn't going to happen. Tad suggests that Jackson leave the brothers alone, while they have a heart to heart. Jackson makes a call.

Anna has had something delivered to Jackson, and he calls her cell.  She tells him she is resigning.

Maria snaps that she can make her own decisions. Edmund leaves to give her time with the doctor. The doctor asks Maria what she wants. Maria says she wants a break.

Edmund is in the hallway beating himself up for pushing her, but Mateo doesn't agree.

Maria tells the doctor that she isn't Maria, she is Maureen Gorman. The doctor asks if this is who she WANTS to be.

Greenlee finds Casey and tells her she wants her job back, and Casey says it is hers. Greenlee says she will handle Kendell. Greenlee coldly demands that Kendall leave HER office.

Trey and Leo are trying to figure out where Vanessa is, and how they can get her away from the Feds. Trey tells Leo they might be able to go in front of the Court and challenge the Feds, but one problem: the attorney on record is Trey Kenyon and he is not Trey Kenyon.

Greenlee and Kendall fight over whose office it is. They find they have a mutual issue-Trey. Kendell tells Greenlee they need to team up to get him.

Leo tells Trey that not many people know he isn't Trey Kenyon. But Trey is nervous that Greenlee or Leo will rat him out. Leo says that the family all has to be there for each other.

Anna tells Jackson he should be thrilled that she is resigning. Jackson tries to get her to change her mind. He says that he needs her to nail David.

Jake and Tad go through the files comparing the results.

The doctor asks Maria who is Maureen. Maria has no answers. She tells the doctor that she was afraid of the police because she was convinced that she did something very bad. She says it is too late to regain what she lost. She says the first part of her life was wiped out by the plane crash, and the last five years were stolen from her.

Kendell tells Greenlee that Trey stole her lighter because whoever burnt Erica's house down was looking for the Proteus files. She says that Trey set her up. They decide to stick together to find the goods on Trey.

Leo says that Trey can be Trey Kenyon one last time, but he must promise that when they find the money they will turn it all into the Feds. Trey agrees.

Jake has compared Maria and Dixie's results. He said that the before and after of Maria's results show a change, and it compares to the change in the before and after (after being after David tried experimental drugs) of Dixie's results. Jake also says this blood profile matches the research David was doing. Tad and Jake discuss how it is proof that David used the same drug on both Maria and Dixie.

Edmund tells Mateo that Maria reached for his hand. Edmund promises they will get her back.  Mateo agrees to follow Edmund's lead.

The doctor asks Maria how her years were stolen. He asks her do you WANT to be Maria Gray. She says she doesn't know. The doctor tells her to decide who she wants to be. He also tells her it is time to quit running and deal with it.

Greenlee agrees to work with Kendall to bring down Trey, but once they do, it is every woman for herself.

Leo decides to go get some food and he leaves. Trey says that there is no way he will turn in the money. (but Leo is gone)

Anna calls Jackson and tells her that she does want to build a case against David. She tells him that she will be on the first plane back to subpoena Liza Colby.

Jake tells Jackson that he will be writing a report about blood irregularities in two former patients of Dr. Hayward. Tad says it is hard evidence that David experimented on Human Guinea pigs with an unapproved substance. They discuss that all they will need is Maria's testimony, which they think they can do.

Maria says she can't think about the future right now. The doctor tells her her session is over. She asks if she can go home. He says he will get her released. Edmund says they can go home now. Maria says she is not going to Wildwind. Edmund tries to convince her, but she says no. She says that Maria is not her name.

Next on AMC:

Leo tell Trey that for the first time he feels in his gut that they are brothers.

Greenlee asks Kendall if she is going to do this her way, or if she is going to have to kick her out now.

David ask Anna if she is still pregnant with their baby.

Maddie asks Maria if she is going to live with us again.

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