AMC Update Wednesday 9/18/02

All My Children Update Wednesday 9/18/02

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Mia and Jake are laying together after they have just made love. They are talking about how happy they are that they have found their way back to each other. Mia tells him she needs to ask a favor.

At the hospital, Simone asks Frank if he would like to get a bite to eat with her. Frank tells her, "yes". They chat for a minute, when her dad Dr. McMillan (Torres?) comes in and reprimands him for being social.

Chris walks in on Erica and Jack. Jack realizes Erica's game (to make Chris jealous and come after her). Jackson gets angry that he fell for her games again, and claims it won't happen again. He wishes Chris, Good Luck.

David, Leo, and Greenlee are trying to stop Anna from leaving on a plane to get a divorce. Leo steps in and asks if they can discuss it, and she says no. Anna claims David has nothing to say in the child's life.

Erica plays innocent and that she is just mad at Chris for rejoining the Bureau. Chris tells her that he isn't scared of her games.

Jake tells Mia yes before she asks the favor. He thinks she wants to move in with him. She says that isn't what she was going to ask, she wants her job back. Jake says yes, but to remember what a great time they had tonight, and how comfortable she is in his home.

Simone talks with her dad and says she was going to call him. Dr. Torres(?) thinks she wants money. Simone talks about her job offer, but he is cold to her and mostly puts her down. Frank comes and tries to Console her.

Leo pleads David's case to Anna. Leo doesn't understand how she can walk away from David with a baby in the mix now. He pleads with her to do it for the baby.

Erica is still upset at Chris, but he is calm. She claims she thought she could trust Jackson as a friend, and wasn't trying to make Chris jealous. She claims she is upset with Chris for lying to her about joining the Bureau. She thinks it is his way to get rid of her. He reasons with her telling her it wouldn't make sense for him to risk his live just to rid himself of her. He wants to be with her forever. She claims that someday the Bureau will make him leave her. Chris tells her that it is all garbage.

Mia and Jake are getting ready to go to the hospital. Mia is discussing how she needs to live on her own. He tells her not to forget his offer to live with him. She mentions how much she will miss Colby, and how it reminds her of William. They talk about William and how it is a good thing that William's dad doesn't know about him.

Frank is getting ready to leave when an apparent drug overdosed patient comes in Emergency. He decides to take over since the EMT are almost writing him off as dead.

David and Greenlee are in the car waiting for Leo, and David thanks her for taking the time to postpone their trip to help him out. She has a little attitude toward him, and explains that what he did reminds her of the lies that almost kept Leo and her apart. He pulls out the sonogram. She tells him that if Anna gave him a sonogram, maybe there is hope, until she realizes Anna didn't give it to him, he stole it.

Leo pleads to Anna that David needs him. They debate the issue back and forth and Leo insists David is a different person now. Anna still insists that David won't go near her baby.

Dr. Torres rips into Frank for taking care of the patient (that lived) when he was off the clock and that it is a team there and he should have gotten someone else on the clock. Dr. Torres is very cold to him and angry. Frank stands up to him and says he did the right thing, he saved a life.

Chris and Erica argue about who is calling off the wedding. Chris tells Erica he loves her more than anyone has. He calls her on being afraid. He says he is sorry that someone hurt her so bad that she is bitter and asks who hurt her so much.

Greenlee asks David if he ever thinks before he acts. David tells her as much as Anna wants to fight him, she is not giving up on her. He talks about how he didn't have a father and won't do the same thing to this child.

Leo argues that David has rights. Anna tells him that he will have to find her, and that she won't be living here. She won't be reminded of him, but Leo reminds her that she will be reminded when she sees the baby.

Chris asks Erica if it is her father that hurt her so badly. He mentions it is Eric Kane's birthday today. He tells her that she should make peace with him, and offers to find him for her. Erica says no and that it didn't go very well the last time.   He tells her that was because she was alone, and this time he will be right by her side.  She can ask anything she wants to.

Frank demands respect from Mr. Torres. Dr. Torres tells him that he isn't exempt from criticism. Frank explains that he can't treat people that way. He tells him if he was his child, he would get as far as he could from him. (Jake sees most of this, as well as Mia). Simone goes to talk to Frank, Jake appears to go after Dr. Torres (or at least in the same direction). Frank makes some harsh comments about her dad, and she said she was thinking they were a lot alike. She tells him not to rush to judgment when she doesn't know what he has been through, and leaves. Mia comes in and talks to him for a moment. Jake comes in and sees them talking, and notices that they seem familiar with each other.

Chris makes some calls to find Eric. When he tries to contact Erica (who left 20 minutes or so ago) she isn't back at the office.

David and Greenlee go back into the airport, but Leo tells David that Anna left, he couldn't stop her. David goes to the desk and tries to get them to stop the plane.

Greenlee hugs David as he realizes Anna is on her way to get a divorce, and he can't stop her. Leo picks up the sonogram that he dropped.

Anna is on the plan crying and holding her stomach, telling her unborn child that everything is under control, and that David won't hurt either of them again.


Kendall tells Greenlee -- You left, and I took over

Trey to Loe -- Does this mean you will let me be Trey Kenyan one last time

Maria with Dr. Torres. I am MAUREEN , he says to her, is that who you WANT to be?

Jackson calls Anna, and asks what this means, she says she is resigning

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