AMC Update Tuesday 9/17/02

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/17/02

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Erica is in a really cranky mood.  She yells at Bianca about not showing up yesterday, and for lying about how long she would be gone.  Bianca tells her that Maggie was upset, and wanted to leave town.  Erica doesn't care about that.  Bianca realizes she can't reason with Erica, so she leaves to go to her own office.  Erica starts to chase after her, but Chris comes in just then.   She says he's the last person she wants to see right now, stunning him.  He asks what's wrong.  She accuses him of lying again.  He doesn't know what she means.  He is back with the FBI, she accuses, which he didn't tell her.  He doesn't know why this surprises her.  She is shocked that he would want to keep risking his life.  He says that's his job.  They argue.  Erica then says they should take some time apart.  Chris says that all he needs is her.  She says she doesn't want to make another mistake.  He asks her to tell him what's really bothering her.  He realizes she's scared, but she denies it.  She says she doesn't trust him, and that makes him angry.  She suddenly says she has to go, so she leaves, leaving him wondering what's wrong.  Bianca comes back in and tells Chris that Erica is not herself today.  She thinks Erica is worried that they will leave her.  She was testing them, and they failed.

Erica finds Jack at some restaurant and yells at him for not telling her about Chris returning to his job.  She gets upset, and says Jack is the one person she can count on, so if she doesn't have him, she has nobody. He doesn't know what she's talking about, and points out that she has plenty of people who love her.  Then he realizes that today is her father's birthday.  They sit down and he asks how long it's been since she talked to her father.  She says she doesn't want to talk about him, but says it's been 12 years.  They argue about Chris again.  He brings up her father again and says maybe she needs to talk about him, since she's so upset.  He says he's sorry that her father ran out on her, and broke her heart.  She denies that it left her "vulnerable" as he says.  He gets up and tells her not to bother him again, but then he comes back and hugs her.  Just then, Chris walks in and sees them. 


Anna visits Liza to ask about David.  At first she keeps it business-like.  She asks if Liza knows about David's connection to Maria, and asks about her business with David.  Liza won't discuss the terms of her business agreement without a lawyer present.  Anna wonders why he rushed over to see Liza right before he was arrested.  Liza is uncooperative.  Anna tells her that he lied to Maria, telling her that she was wanted for murder.  This shocks Liza but still she doesn't cooperate.  Anna pleads with her, saying she is just a woman trying to find out how much her husband has betrayed her.  They sit down and Anna laments about her marriage to David and tells Liza about the pregnancy.  Liza is sympathetic.  She holds Anna's hand, smiles, and says, "God help you".  Anna says that if David really just wanted a child to love, she would forgive him, but she worries that he just wants to own something that will carry on his legacy.  Liza is in the same boat with Adam.  They talk about Liza and Adam.  Anna asks why Liza doesn't just take Colby and leave.  Colby walks in, and asks Liza if she can go to the pool later.  Liza hugs her, and tells Anna that this is why she doesn't leave Adam.  They talk more about Adam.  Anna thanks Liza, and asks her if she's afraid of raising Colby in Adam's house.  Liza says she worries all the time, and tells Anna about how Adam just took Colby and left on a fishing trip for many weeks without a word.  Anna isn't happy with the answers she got and leaves.

David arrives at Dr. Clader's office, having gotten a message to meet him there.  Instead he finds Jake, and Jack.  They chew David out about breaking into Clader's office the other day.  David lies that he had a heart patient, who was pregnant, so he needed to check on her.  Jake knows that Anna's pregnant and he was checking on her.  Jack hands him a restraining order.  Jake is called away, so David and Jack argue about Anna.

Leo and Greenlee are in New York City.  They leave their hotel and spend the day in Washington Square park roller-skating, eating lunch, etc.  She gives him two one-way trip tickets to Paris, and says they're leaving tonight.  He is surprised and points out that he isn't allowed to leave the country.  She doesn't care.  He still wants to find Vanessa's drug money.  She asks how much longer it will take, and what if he never finds it.  As they walk around the park, she works on him, and finally he agrees to go to Paris.  They go back to the hotel.  Greenlee calls Revlon and tells them that she's transferring to the Paris office.  There is a knock on the door--it's David. He brought Leo's passport.  Greenlee expected him to messenger it, but he says he was invited to a conference there anyway.  Leo asks what's really going on.  David wants to talk about Anna, but sidesteps the issue of what he did to Maria.  Leo says they're going to Paris.  David begs them to stay and help him talk to Anna.  He tells them that she's pregnant, but still wants a divorce.  He needs Leo's help.  He reminds Leo that he owes him from when he got him the plane for his honeymoon.  Leo leaves it up to Greenlee, who reluctantly says they can stay.  They all leave to go back to Pine Valley.

Anna goes to the airport and buys a ticket to St. Justin's, so she can get a quick divorce.  She runs into Leo, Greenlee, and David as she is about to board her plane.  David sees that she is going to St. Justin's and realizes it's for a divorce.

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