AMC Update Monday 9/16/02

All My Children Update Monday 9/16/02

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Jake finds David in Dr. Clader's office, and orders him to leave the hospital. On the way out of the office, David, who just learned he is going to be a father, sees a father holding a new baby. Jake sees Tad, and tells him that he found David in Dr. Clader's office. Tad realizes that David knows about the baby. Tad tells Jake that Anna is pregnant, and also that David told Maria that she was a murderer. Tad also sees the new father holding the baby, and it reminds him of the baby he lost when Dixie died. Later, Tad walks by the maternity ward, and stares at the babies.

David goes to see Anna, and has a smile on his face. Anna tells him to get out of her life. "It's not just your life anymore," he tells her. He tells her she was clever in trying to get him to leave town without telling him about the baby. He asks her to let the baby bring them back together. Anna tells him she can't even stand being in the same room with him. David says he'll do anything she wants. He begs her for a second chance. Anna tells him the baby will give her the strength to fight him. She says she is going to divorce him, and he will have no say over the baby. She insists they are over for good. David says it is not over and storms out.

Liza and Adam continue their bickering over Colby, while Stuart, Marian, and Mia stand by. Finally, Mia whistles in an effort to get them to stop. Stuart, who is trying his best to protect Colby, says this is why Colby needs him, Marian, and Mia. Marian tells Liza that she's made mistakes that have hurt her daughter. Liza counters that Adam kidnapped her. Adam says he only gave Colby five weeks of serenity away from her mother. Stuart quickly reminds Adam that he spent little time with Colby during their fishing trip. Instead of fishing with her, he was on the phone to his lawyers. "Whose side are you on?" Adam asks Stuart. Stuart says he's on Colby's side. Colby, meanwhile, is sitting on the stairs listening as her parents fight over her. Stuart notices Colby, and shushes Liza and Adam while he approaches her. She asks if they are fighting about her again. Stuart says sometimes big people make mistakes. Marian takes Colby out of the room to work on a water color. Stuart tells Liza and Adam that they are "fired" as parents. He says he's sending them to their respective areas of the house, and they are not to see Colby. Mia says it's the best thing for Colby. When Liza objects to Mia's interference, Mia says she's moving out of their house because she can't take their behavior anymore. Adam tells Stuart that they will be more careful when it comes to Colby, but Stuart accuses him of lying. After Stuart leaves, Adam asks Liza how they got in this position. Liza told him that she loved him. Loved, he asks? Liza says they can't have what they once had. Adam wonders if they ever really had it.

Edmund and Maria are in the park. Maria tells him she's afraid she won't be able to give him what he wants. She says she might not be the woman he once loved. Edmund says he's in love with a woman, not a memory. He says Maureen may be the same woman Maria was. He urges her to take a chance, but she tells him not to push her. Edmund urges her to go back to the hospital so she can complete her tests. She asks him what if she never remembers her past. He says she'll then be free to live the life she chooses. But he says he'll move heaven and earth to give her the life she wants. She reaches for his hand, and they walk off together hand in hand.

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