AMC Update Friday 9/13/02

All My Children Update Friday 9/13/02

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Adam arrives home and hugs JR, then greets Mia and Liza, who is about as warm as an ice cube. "Miss me?" Adam asks her. "Like the plague. Where's Colby?" Liza responds. Soon, Colby rushes in to greet her mother, and Liza bends down to hug her. Colby says daddy told her that mommy was working and too busy to come along on their trip. Liza says this was Colby's special time with daddy, but she thought about her all the time. Liza takes Colby to bed. JR tells Adam that a lot happened while he was gone. Specifically, Liza and David are up to no good, he said. Liza returns and tells JR he didn't waste any time in ratting out his stepmother. JR leaves and Liza tells Adam that it's just the two of them now. She tells him that he's beneath contempt. He set her up to think she was losing her mind, she says. Adam condemns her for making him think his son was hurt so she could get some pathetic revenge. Adam tells her that he will agree to a truce, if she moves out tonight. Liza says she's not going to leave Colby alone with him there for one second. They continue to threaten each other as they fight over custody of Colby. Liza says she will fight him to her last breath. Stuart and Marian walk in, and Stuart announces that if Liza doesn't stop Adam, he will.

David asks Anna if she is advising him to jump bail. Anna tells him that if he leaves, she won't come after him. David asks why. Anna tells him if he stays there he's risking prison. She's giving him a chance, she says. David asks if she is trying to set him up in order to add a bail jumping charge. He asks if she hates him that much. Anna says she doesn't hate him. She hates herself because she doesn't hate him. She says she realizes that Maria survived because of his actions. David says if she believes that, there is no reason for him to go. Anna says that doesn't make up for keeping Maria hidden all these years. So she wants him to leave, but he must do one thing first. She hands him divorce papers. She says she is not asking for anything other than for him to pay for her trip to get the divorce quickly. David says he's not about to throw away their marriage just for her convenience. Anna is getting upset, and starts to faint. David catches her and gets her to the bed, where he takes her pulse. He asks why this would happen to someone as healthy as her. Anna says the reason she almost fainted is because of him. She says he makes her sick. Because of him, she doesn't eat or sleep. He's tearing her life apart, she says. She asks him to give her peace and begs him to sign the divorce papers, and get out of town. He agrees to sign the papers. He gets up to leave, telling her that he hopes this makes her happy. She throws the papers on the floor and cries. David goes to the hospital and asks a nurse for Anna's file. He thinks back to the time he asked Anna if she was pregnant. The nurse goes to get it, but returns and tells David he no longer has access to hospital files. David sneaks into Dr. Clater's office and looks on his computer. He finds Anna's ultrasound showing his baby. He smiles in amazement. "Oh my God," he says. "That's my child."

Aidan tells Tad that David told Maria that she was a murderer. That is how he kept her away from Pine Valley all these years, Aidan says. Tad says this information will help him nail David. Tad goes to Anna's room and tells her what he's learned. Anna asks what kind of a man was she married to? Thank God he doesn't know about the baby, she says.

Simone goes to the hospital to pick up a prescription for Myrtle. Frank greets her and wonders why she came to pick it up. Myrtle asked him to drop it off, he says. He figures that Myrtle is trying to get the two of them together. He says Simone has been hiding out on him. Simone says it has nothing to do with him, it's the way they met. He pumped her stomach. That's not the best way to make a good impression, she says. Frank says he always takes a second look before making an impression. He asks her if she wants to get together tonight. She mentions a science fiction festival she's been dying to go to. He says he's been dying to go to it, too. They agree to go together.

Opal tells Maria that she was a neurologist. Maria does not take the information well. Edmund approaches her and Maria tells him to get this crazy lady away from him. Opal apologizes for opening her big mouth and apparently telling Maria something she wasn't supposed to know. Maria sees from the reaction of others around her that what Opal is saying is true. She is angry that no one told her she was a doctor. She wants to know what other whopping story was withheld from her? Edmund tells her that Jake advised that she not be given too much information all at once. Maria, overwhelmed, tells everyone to leave her alone and rushes off. She runs to the park, where she is in disbelief about her being a doctor. Edmund is right behind her and apologizes for not telling her about being a doctor. He says he thought he was doing what was best for her. She's his wife, and he wants to take care of her. Maria tells him that his wife died five years ago in a plane crash. She says the only thing she remembers is the last five years. She says her only lifeline to the past five years has been children. Edmund tells her that children are in her soul. Maria says she always wanted to be with children, but pulled back if she got too close to them because it hurt. She says she didn't do enough for the children she was around. She wonders if she would have been better off if she didn't know any of what she knows now. Edmund tells her that she survived for a reason, but she says, what good is that reason if she doesn't know what it is? She says part of her wants what he wants, but another part wishes she would have never come back. Edmund tells her he wants her to feel safe and happy. He says he will do anything to help get them back together. He says anything is possible. They are meant to be together, he tells her. They take each other's hand, and Maria sheds some tears.

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